Dundurn Castle: The Best Shortbread Cookie Recipe

THE EASIEST BUTTERY SHORTBREAD COOKIES   Earlier this year when my parents came to visit we made our way to Hamilton, Ontario to enjoy a tour of Dundurn Castle among other things such as the Royal Botanical Gardens which are beautiful this time of year. Dundurn Castle is considered a National Historic Site in Canada and I thought it would be a great place to tour along with the Hamilton Military Museum which is on the grounds. The great part about the museum is you get to dress up in clothes from that era so you really get a feel for what it was like. When you first walk through the doors of the Dundurn Castle you enter at the side where the workers would come and go. It certainly is an eerie feeling and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I felt like eyes were watching me. You just get this feeling that the house is haunted or you start to envision what had happened when the castle was up and running. If you live in the Hamilton area you may notice many couples choose to hold their wedding on the grounds of Dundurn Castle as well having […]

St. Patrick’s Day: Mr.CBB’s Custard Coffee Cookie Trifle

I made this Custard Coffee Cookie Trifle in single serve glasses mainly because I really wanted English custard and because I thought it would be unique to serve as an ending to a good meal. Since today is  St. Paddy’s Day I thought I would green up my custard dessert to celebrate the festivities. Tonight we are having green beer (I just add food colouring) as our beverage of choice and on the menu we have crock-pot Beef stew. I may even try my hand at making homemade soda bread which seems easy enough. We do need something to soak up all the fine juices in the stew. I’m not Irish but I am British and both cultures love custard, in fact I grew up with traditional English Custard being a go-to easy dessert recipe for my mum when she wanted custard to add to her cakes , bread pudding or simply having custard and fruit to end a meal. ( I know I was lucky, I admit it) St. Patrick’s Day   “Saint Patrick’s Day or the feast of St.Patrick is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17th to signify the arrival of Christianity in Ireland”. Green is where it’s at […]

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