Do You Have Your Garage Sale Permit? : The Saturday Weekend Review #261

YOUR GARAGE SALE REQUIRES MORE THAN JUST A SIGN, TABLE AND MONEY   Just when you thought you knew it all about garage sales you find out there are laws governing them in just about every city and town across Canada. I honestly had no idea that there were garage sale by-laws and in some cases you must obtain a garage sale permit before you can even host one. Over the past few years I’ve been researching garage sales because we love to venture out on a Saturday or Sunday morning to see what bargains we can find. Hosting a garage sale is a great way to re-use or re-cycle products by having someone else buy them thus keeping them out of the land-fill. The great thing about a garage sale is the prices but for a homeowner who doesn’t follow city or town by-laws it can become costly. Let’s not forget that Health Canada also regulates what you can and cannot sell at your garage sale so there definitely is some homework involved before saying yes to a garage sale. Not only do you need a garage sale permit in some municipalities you also need to abide by garage […]

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