7 Reasons People Think You’re Flat Broke When You’re Not : The Saturday Weekend Review #190

DON’T GO FLAT BROKE TRYING TO LOOK RICH WHEN YOU’RE NOT.   You’re not looking for sympathy or hand-outs when people think you’re flat broke when you’re not. It’s their perception and not your influence that guides their belief and how they choose to act around you in regards to financial status. This isn’t a bad thing if you don’t want people to know about your oversized bank account and investment portfolio. One thing we don’t typically do is talk about our finances with family, friends, employer, co-workers or strangers. They don’t need to know how much money we earn, where we’re spending it and how much we’ve managed to accumulate in the bank. Have you ever heard of people who become rich because someone in the family passes away and leaves them part of a fortune in their Will which no one knew about? It happens because not everyone shares their success with the world and not everyone values money the same either. Then there are hopeful people who think they are going to become rich because Grandma Suzie was loaded only to find out she was skint and left them a family heirloom instead of money.   Money […]

Dark alley soft chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Spell Love I love chocolate chips cookies and I’ve created chocolate chip cookie recipes many ways by adding bananas to make banana chocolate chip cookies, walnut chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate chip cookies because the variations of making cookies is endless. Forget about buying cookies in bags at the grocery store or from the bakery department as it’s cheaper to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch then it is to buy them pre-made for you. Once you understand the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe you can create recipes for homemade chocolate chip cookies and add all sorts of ingredients to jazz the cookie up so you aren’t always having just chocolate chip. I’m no pastry chef but if you know me you know I fancy cookies and brownies because they are dead easy to make. It’s also and a great way to involve the kids in the kitchen to teach them a lesson or two that they may teach to their own kids one day. Baking with kids Since we don’t have any kids my best friend came round with his daughter and we (well I) asked her if she had every baked before and she had […]

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