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Crispy Fresh Spring Rolls

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Crispy Fresh Spring Rolls

You may or not have seen my drool worthy Crispy Fresh Spring Roll pictures on Mr CBB’s “What’s for Dinner” Facebook post last week and they are as good as they look.  I thought I would  share this delicious easy spring roll recipe with all of you. The best part about my spring roll recipe is all the fresh ingredients that I use with it.

We don’t go out to eat often as we find eating in vs eating out is much cheaper and it gives me the opportunity to create new meals for my family. When we make homemade Chinese food we always have leftovers in our house. Since meal planning is important to me I thought whilst shopping to buy Chinese Food ingredients that I would pick up some extra ingredients to make fresh spring rolls with the leftovers the next day.

There are different types of spring rolls depending on what culture makes them. I’ve tried fresh spring rolls from our friends who are Filipino as well as Indian spring rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai spring rolls and they are all delicious little bundles of love all wrapped into a two-bite snack.

There aren’t many Asian recipes that I don’t like but I also enjoy creating my own to keep our family tradition going. One of the most popular spring rolls is the Chinese spring roll because many people order them with their Chinese takeaway.

Egg Roll wrappers

Spring Roll Pastry

I don’t know how to make spring roll wrappers or spring roll pastry but I’m sure if you have the time they aren’t too hard to create in the kitchen. You can try this easy flour and water spring roll wrapper recipe if you don’t have a local Asian shop that sells wonton or spring roll wrappers.

For this spring roll recipe I simply purchased pre-made wonton wrappers which are fairly reasonably priced. Some people may use wonton wrappers for egg rolls but if you want a thinner pastry you can shop around for actual spring roll wrappers. I typically find them in the produce section but don’t be shy, ask if you don’t see them.

minced carrots and onions for spring rolls

When you chop up your carrots and onions make sure that you mince them up into bite size pieces as they will cook faster and make it easier to eat.

Types Of Spring Rolls

This spring roll recipe includes pork meat but if you like veg spring rolls simply leave out the meat to create the same spring roll recipe just without meat. You also don’t have to make pork spring rolls you can easily substitute the meat and make turkey spring rolls, chicken spring rolls, beef spring rolls. You can roll just about anything you fancy.

Now you all should know me by now I like to experiment and I had just cleared out my spices and put into new jars and a new place in my kitchen. This is when I thought it good to make sure my spices were still okay as they can go stale if not stored properly.

I don’t know how many calories in spring rolls but they are deep fried so keep that in mind. We generally enjoy this recipe with an easy spring roll peanut sauce for dipping. This would be so good with a nice light chicken n sweetcorn noodle soup which will be coming to the blog in the next couple of weeks so watch out for that.

How to Fill and Roll a Spring Roll

How To Make Fresh Spring Rolls

Have a look at the photos above for close up of the exact way I made these spring rolls. It may help to see the photos.

Yield: 20 approximately

Difficulty-Easy to Moderate

Time: 1 hour prep and cook time

Spring roll ingredients

Spring Roll Ingredients

  • Ground Turkey or Pork
  • x4 Spring Onions
  • x1 Carrot
  • x1 bag Bean Sprouts
  • 1/3 tspn Nutmeg
  • 1/3 tspn Ginger
  • 1/2 chicken stock cube
  • 1 Teaspoon  corn starch
  • x1 pack wonton wrappers
  • 1 Teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Making The Spring Roll Mixture

  • Firstly chop your spring onions and carrots into small pieces
  • Now in your hot pan put the EVOO and then break up your ground pork and put into pan also till they just start turning brown
  • Now add your spring onions and carrots and mix well
  • Add your spices and sprinkle the corn starch onto the ingredients and mix adding a tablespoon of water to the hot pan.  Wait until this has disappeared  before adding the bean-sprouts.
  • Now there should be just a touch of gravy in the pan but not swimming. If you find there is you added too much water just add a little at a time it should all just melt away in the pan!
  • Now transfer the mixture out of the pan into a dish to cool a little so its easy to put into egg roll pastry.
  • Once mixture cooled add around enough to cover middle of egg roll pastry (pastry should be at room temperature) around one tablespoon but no more or it wont fold.
  • Fold it up by taking up the bottom of the square, then taking in each side to meet in the middle.
  • Then gently roll the spring roll up and set aside.
How To Deep Fry Spring Rolls

How To Deep Fry Spring Rolls

  • Now either deep fry at (350) or shallow fry in the pan. I use Vegetable Oil for this.  Make sure your fold is face down in the pan or in the fryer basket or it will open.
  • They will float to the top of the fryer once ready around 5 mins each side or until brown.
  • Once brown on both sides they are cooked
We like to serve our spring rolls with egg fried rice and we dip our spring rolls in  soy sauce or a sweet n sour sauce which we purchase at the grocery store. If you want the recipe for my egg fried rice you will have to wait but it’s coming soon. Make sure you subscribe to Canadian Budget Binder so you don’t miss a blog post.
So, there you have it my friend, easy crispy, fresh spring rolls made in your kitchen. Who needs takeaway?

Contribution By: Nicola Don

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  1. Making your own spring rolls are awesome. We do it on occasion and they are always tasty. I usually just fry them in a pot of boiling canola oil – no fancy basket here. Just chopsticks…

  2. These looks delish Nicola!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!!! Your meals always sound so yummy!!!

  3. Will return with back-up tonight, we (my out of town guest) they loved your site and we shall return. Need Great Recipes for tomorrow, Thanks 😉

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