Why Your Next Computer Should Be A Laptop

In recent years, the constant advances in computers and technology have seen massive price drops in all mobile devices, including a laptop.

We’ve exclusively done away with the traditional desktop computer in our family, and each owns a laptop.

Where once buying a laptop often meant sacrificing power or storage, these portable machines are now rivaling (and, in many cases, exceeding) the capabilities of their desk-based counterparts – and all at a fraction of previous prices.

If you’re looking to buy a new computer without breaking the bank, below are just a few reasons why you should consider a laptop over a desktop.

Why a laptop might just be the better choice over buying a desktop.
Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy A Laptop Instead Of A Desktop


It should go without saying that a laptop is considerably more portable and manageable than a desktop.

Still, as mentioned, this portability often resulted in reduced processing power or storage capacity over time.

However, as tech has continued to improve, particularly with the advent of cloud computing services, even the lowest-powered device can pull on the resources of vastly more powerful, remote machines to perform complex tasks.

As a result, cloud services empower laptops and make them equally capable and capacious as desktops (if not more so).

Price Of A Laptop

The cost of portable computers has dropped sharply in recent years and today’s laptops come in all shapes and sizes that can be tailored to your price point.

Taking a quick check online will let you find the right business laptop deal, perfect for your particular computing requirements and budget.

Working Remotely On The Move

Company networks have changed considerably over the last decade, with more and more firms outsourcing their digital services to cloud-based companies.

Coupled with online project management apps, video conferencing, and messaging software, there’s now really no reason why employees should still huddle under the same roof in the same workspace.

Indeed, the lockdowns and isolation measures imposed by the recent Coronavirus only served to highlight just how far this tech has come with the remote-working concept widely adopted through the pandemic.  

I’ve spent over a year working remotely from home using my laptop, which has helped me continue earning an income from my employer.

With many industry experts now suggesting home and mobile working will become the norm rather than the exception, having a sufficiently powerful laptop will help you embrace this new shift in working practices.

Add-Ons And Extras

There is now a vast range of external add-ons and extras available for laptops.

For example, suppose you prefer the functionality of a traditional mouse or keyboard over the slightly smaller form factor of a laptop’s keyboard or trackpad. In that case, you could quickly hook up a wireless keyboard or mouse instead.

Also, if you find you need more space than your laptop has built-in, you could invest in a portable external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to pick up the slack.

This is what I’ve done, especially for blogging, because of the sheer amount of images and the sheer amount of documents.

Solid State Drives (SDDs) tend to be more reliable as they have fewer moving parts than traditional spinning disk devices.

Laptop Looks Better

From basic ergonomics to form factor, screen size, and even touchscreens, mobile computing devices have come a very long way in a short time.

Indeed, most of today’s machines look substantially more desirable than their desktop tower rivals – plus feature the convenience of having everything included in a small form.

Discussion: Do you own a laptop, and why do you prefer it over a desktop

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  1. Hi.
    I have to disagree with you about Laptops. Plus you have left out many security issues that people need to look at when using a laptop “Out and About”.
    A Desktop computer is much better for use.
    Desktops are connected to a larger screen. Which puts less strain on your eyes and body .
    Desktops are less likely to be damaged by coffee, and objects.
    Laptops are not as fast and reliable as Desktops. Laptops have heat issues.
    Laptop keyboards can be a pain to use. If you are going to keep “Adding” item’s to make using a laptop easier to use . Use a desktop. You can also lose that “Extra hard drive” at the coffee shop, or park or beach! Loaded with Company information .

    Have a your own Laptop to take “Out and About ” to use at the local coffee shop, the beach or Park not your work supplied one.
    Using a Desktop at home in your office shows your employer that you are working for them. “Yes” employers look at the background and where you are.
    Your home Desktop is better secured. People do their banking on the best secured computer( Which I hope they do)
    With the many threats of Ransomware out there. People need to be extra careful.
    A good thing to mention to people if they are going to use a personal computer to log-in to that Zoom meeting, and they forgot the fully secured work computer at home that they should take it to the IT Dep’t and ask them to look at it , to see if it fully protected to Log-in. Ransomware gets in very easy with a simple mistake from one employee.

    1. Hi Robert,
      You bring up some excellent points about security and the laptop that I never considered so thanks for sharing your expertise. I agree with you to not use a work laptop outside of work or your home. I’ve never needed to do anything like that. At work, we have desktops in our offices. Thanks again for sharing. MR.CBB

  2. Hi Mr CBB
    I’ve had a 17″ laptop for 4 -5 yrs now, bought for portability within the home but SO appreciated during COVID, when we were “Zooming” meetings from our homes & even at the workspace, to be safely socially distant.

    1. Hi Laura,
      I am a huge laptop fan as well I have a desktop in my office for zoom meetings with the organization I work for. The smaller devices just don’t cut it when you have business to take care of. Thanks for your feedback Laura, I appreciate you stopping by. MR.CBB

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