Sweet Peach Crumble Bars

FRESH PEACHES NEVER TASTED SO GOOD   If you love peach desserts with fresh peaches I’ve created these gorgeous, sweet peach crumble bars for you that will take your mind off of anything that is bothering you while you sink your teeth into one of them. Although these peach crumble bars are perfect as a fall or winter treat they will also make a great peach dessert for your Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner. What I like about having easy desserts in my recipe repertoire is that I can turn to them in an instant to create something that tastes like a bakery made it. I’m a big fan of bar recipes because they are easy to eat and transport as a snack for work or for those who go to school. My coconut cherry pie bars are one of my favourite but I am also passionate about these peach crumble bars that are sweet and hit the spot.   Peach Varieties   In Ontario we are lucky to have delicious home-grown peaches in many varieties and produce 82% of the national production according to Ontariotenderfruit.ca where you can learn all about Ontario fruits including availability, storage and handling and some […]

Milk Toffee the Scottish Tablet only 4-Ingredients

TRADITIONAL SCOTTISH TABLET   I was in the mood for something sweet so I made this creamy milk toffee which is a popular sweet in Scotland also called the Scottish Tablet. I picked this milk toffee recipe up from my mum and it’s my go-to recipe which reminds me of sweet moments when I was a little girl. This Milk Toffee recipe is also called Sucre Creme which happens to be my husband’s favourite treat and he asks me to make it at least once a month. The interesting part is that you can’t really get Milk Toffee in Canada unless you know somebody who makes it. Oh, wait a minute I do and now so can you. I just so happen to have my mum’s recipe to share with all of you today.   What is Milk Toffee?   Milk Toffee is a bit like Dulce Leche which is a toffee made from simmering condensed milk where it changes the flavour and colour of the condensed milk. It is also comparable to fudge. Milk Toffee although is sweet and hard but not as hard as a caramel toffee. If you are staring at a can of lonely condensed milk […]

Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake

ENJOY THE SIMPLICITY   This is the best no-bake cheesecake you will ever make because it takes almost no time at all and tastes delicious. Instead of getting frustrated in the kitchen you can focus your efforts on something else rather than dessert. Easy desserts are not hard to come by these days as you can surf the web and find just about anything your tummy or mind desires. The minute someone who doesn’t fancy baking reads how to make a cheesecake they turn the page because they think it’s too difficult. I’ll say that cheesecake is a delicate recipe if you make it the traditional way but the no-bake cheesecake is really a no-fail recipe. If you aren’t someone who enjoys baking and want to whip something up in a flash no-bake recipes are the way to go. It’s also great if you don’t have an oven where you live but still have a sweet tooth you want to satisfy. Unlike Mr.CBB’s Cherry Cheesecake and Blueberry Ricotta Cheesecake recipes you will find this one different because for one you aren’t baking it and I don’t use a traditional graham cracker crust. For those of you that don’t have graham […]

Jam-filled Oatmeal Squares

OATMEAL ANY TIME OF DAY   Jam-Filled Oatmeal Suares are a popular homemade snack at our house. If you have kids like I do why buy granola bars when you can make them yourself? I don’t know about the rest of you but it seems that foods we eat everyday just experienced another spike in grocery prices at the supermarket. Every week something goes up in price and we have to adjust our budget accordingly. Okay it may only be cents but every penny does count especially if you are on a tight grocery budget. The products that I found which escalated in price were granola bars. My kids love granola bars but not so much my purse strings. What is granola? Good question because all granola really consists of is rolled oats, nuts, honey, dried fruits and brown sugar. Granola is most often used for snacks or cereal.   Oatmeal squares   I tend not to buy granola bars unless I have coupons as it’s classed as a luxury food in this house. The reason is because I can make granola bars myself although they are moist as the Jam-filled Oatmeal Squares have a layer of fruit in the […]

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