Lemon Coconut Macaroons

FOR THOSE TIMES YOU CRAVE SOMETHING SWEET   Not only are these lemon coconut macaroons budget-friendly they are also super easy to make. Those who enjoy these little treats will be amazed by the simplicity of making them yet revel in the fluffy coconut center and decadent outer chocolate flavours. Don’t panic if you’re not an of lemon either because you can simply eliminate the citrus and add some pure vanilla extract for more of a  traditional coconut macaroon. Sharing cookies is a great way to say thanks to neighbours, friends and family without breaking the bank. I often bake cookies to bring to our neighbour’s house just to say thanks for being a good neighbour and friend. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to make someone smile. While reviewing recipes for lemon coconut macaroons on Google and Pinterest I noticed that many bakers said that their mixture was too runny. I wanted to see what problems other people were having with their recipes so I could perfect my own. When reading over some professional chefs recipes I found that they too don’t go into much detail about how thick the lemon coconut macaroon mixture needs to be […]

No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

FOR THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS   I’m a big fan of truffles and chocolate but when you combine peanut butter with chocolate, even better. When you make this easy 4 ingredient chocolate peanut butter truffle recipe the people who sample these treats will be begging for the recipe. I’ve made truffles for a while now and although they are easy many people tend to shy away from them because the name “truffle” sounds posh and must mean they are difficult to make. Hardly the truth as you will find out today. If you are in a pinch and need an easy treat to bring to a gathering you can whip up some truffles in no time. Even dipping the truffles in chocolate is not that time-consuming. You can use the same chocolate dipping process as Mr.CBB does for his peanut butter balls.   Easy dessert recipes   Most people unless they are passionate about baking don’t want to spend any more time in the kitchen baking than they have to. Creating simple recipes is part of what I do because although I love to bake there are times when simple is best. You will see with this truffle recipe that it’s […]

Jam-filled Oatmeal Squares

OATMEAL ANY TIME OF DAY   Jam-Filled Oatmeal Suares are a popular homemade snack at our house. If you have kids like I do why buy granola bars when you can make them yourself? I don’t know about the rest of you but it seems that foods we eat everyday just experienced another spike in grocery prices at the supermarket. Every week something goes up in price and we have to adjust our budget accordingly. Okay it may only be cents but every penny does count especially if you are on a tight grocery budget. The products that I found which escalated in price were granola bars. My kids love granola bars but not so much my purse strings. What is granola? Good question because all granola really consists of is rolled oats, nuts, honey, dried fruits and brown sugar. Granola is most often used for snacks or cereal.   Oatmeal squares   I tend not to buy granola bars unless I have coupons as it’s classed as a luxury food in this house. The reason is because I can make granola bars myself although they are moist as the Jam-filled Oatmeal Squares have a layer of fruit in the […]

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