How to Host a Community Garage Sale this Summer : The Saturday Weekend Review #175

  SELL YOUR STUFF WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR GARAGE SALE!   Last week we received an email from our neighbourhood group about organizing a massive community garage sale this summer once again. Hosting a garage sale is a great opportunity to shed some excess weight of stuff collecting dust around the house. My wife and I often joke about how our home has become filled with so much stuff especially since our son was born almost two years ago. Before then we moved into this house with the clothes, an air mattress and a dining room table and chairs. That’s it! Oh and our computers and a treadmill. There wasn’t much to our move from a basement room we rented to our now quiet haven since we couldn’t stash too much stuff. In no time with our passion for second-hand shopping, garage sales and people gifting free items to us we’ve got too much stuff. Our basement is just over 1000 square feet and it’s full…and I mean full. To be fair it’s not all junk and stuff it’s mainly renovation materials that we purchased before our son was born such as bathroom vanities, mirrors, […]

VarageSale App Is The Newest and Safer Way To Garage Sale

SLEEP IN WITH VarageSale AND SMASH THE WEEKEND GARAGE SALE CLOCK ON THE HEAD BECAUSE YOU CAN SHOP FOR BARGAINS WITH THIS COOL APP!   It was late last year when the VarageSale App started popping up in my Facebook feed and I was intrigued to find out what it was all about.  I had heard a few people in my circle of friends chatting about this new App which you can use on your Smart Phone. VarageSale is FREE to use at, and the mobile app is available on IOS, Android and Kindle devices. Since I don’t own a cell phone I had my wife download the VarageSale App from Apple iTunes to her iPhone so we could check it out. My wife and I and are huge savers when it comes to buying second-hand treasures or even brand new with tag items that people sell. One of the best places for us to find these super saving deals are during the summer months at garage sales. Sadly in Ontario not many people hold a garage sale during the winter unless it’s an indoor garage sale so there are about 6-7 months each year that we were left […]

Why your Facebook feed is flooded with a lucrative gift card offer

FREE DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN FREE   I know many of you who are on Facebook may have noticed a spike in Facebook fans sharing posts about how they managed to grab a $500 Costco gift card by sharing. Sounds lucrative and typically these types of advertising schemes on social media are too good to be true. Pop-ups suck! Why? Many are just hoops, read on!   What is the easiest way to make money? Work for it! Yup, I know it’s hard to swallow but that’s life. If you were one the many people who thought that internet money was going to fall into your lap with 5 easy group shares you’re not alone. I can’t even begin to tell you how my Facebook feed was flooded with Facebook fans who were sharing a giveaway not sponsored by Facebook or Costco in any group they could find. Ads on Facebook plague social media users on a daily basis and many people have thrown in the towel moving on to other platforms because they simply can’t handle how Facebook has become such a showcase for money grabs. Then again what comes free such as the Facebook platform means that the company […]

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