Our Family Budget

Quickie Contest Winners! Reading Our Bills!

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Quickie Contest- How We Designed Our Budget Step 9- Reading Our Bills!

Thanks to everyone who played tonight it’s been fun! Congratulations to everyone who found the LOVE FERN picture.. it was hidden in the post

“Driven to Quit Challenge Has Ended -A Lifestyle Change For Love,Health and Money”

Our Winners tonight are :

  1. Coupon Prize Goes to…..Jen Peacock #19 for  Jen Peacock – already subscribed to the blog!
  2. Coupon Insert Winner-Joanna Cheevers #10 for  Love Fern Location: Driven To Quit Smoking Challenge Has Ended- A Lifestyle Change For Love,Health,Money

Please send me your address !

Thanks again to Zayba Ramoutar for donating tonight’s Prizes!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


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