Budget-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Home

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christmas ball on a plate
Christmas ball on a plate

Budget friendly Christmas decorations can easily be accomplished with a little imagination when creating a holiday theme in your living space. One of the best parts of Christmas has to be walking into a festive and warmly decorated home. Along with a little music and the right lighting, the atmosphere is set to make this holiday season a memorable one.

The personalization behind homemade holiday displays provides a nice touch and eliminates the need to buy costly decorations. Be sure to borrow the following budget-friendly Christmas decorating ideas for your home.

Start At The Entrance

Christmas Door Wreath
Christmas Door Wreath

Since Christmas begins at the front door, here is a lovely entrance decoration that is easy to put together for next to nothing.

Collect some fragrant greenery such as holly, spruce, or eucalyptus and bundle it together with floral wire. Then tie a few ornaments onto a wooden floral pick, and push the pick tightly into the greenery boughs. Finish the arrangement with a satin ribbon, and hang it on the front door for a simple and elegant Christmas look.

Wine Bottle Candle Holders

wine bottle candleholders
wine bottle candle holders

Candle holders can be a great way to add a warm handmade glow to any household. Begin by removing all the labels from a few clean, empty wine bottles and then apply a band of silvery wrapping paper around the middle of the bottle. Finish them with a green ribbon tied into a bow and find a thin candle that will easily fit into the bottle’s mouth. It’s guaranteed to look Christmas-chic for the holidays.

Save Your Christmas Cards

Martha Stewart cards on mirror
Martha Stewart cards on mirror

Some Christmas cards are just too pretty to throw away. As you receive some each year, save your favorites and turn them into a homemade display.

Not only will the people who gave you the cards be happy to see you cherishing them, but they will also serve to bring up sweet memories. Christmas cards are one of the best and easy budget-friendly Christmas decoration ideas for any home.

Angels In Your Home

Paper Angels
Paper Angels

These lovely paper plate angels are easy to make using either paper plates or white card stock. Place them on mantles, or set the table with them during holiday dinners. For the later, you can even invite your guests to take them home after the meal.

Light Up The Wall

Christmas Light Wall Tree
Christmas Light Wall Tree

Perhaps you don’t have the extra space (or money) for a Christmas tree. With a strand of lights, you can still create the same effect on a blank wall.

Create the tree’s frame using adhesive hooks – four along the bottom and one at the top. Drape lights around these hooks to form the tree’s shape, and add a few elements like white felt stars to finish off the look. This Christmas decoration idea is especially ideal for a kid’s room as it lights up the place with minimal fuss.

What To Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper

Hanging Christmas Decoration
Hanging Christmas Decoration

It’s always a shame to throw out those little bits of beautiful wrapping paper left over after all the presents have been opened. To salvage the paper (and do the environment good by re-using it!), glue small circles to thicker pieces of card stock, then align and attach these circles onto a long section of string. Hang a few of these Christmas decorations alongside one another in front of a window or mirror for an inspiring look that is sure to grant you a couple of well-deserved compliments.

Presents On The Wall

Wall Present
Wall Present

Lastly, for anything hanging on your walls, such as a framed picture or a mirror, wrapping it like a Christmas present is also a neat way of decorating the house without breaking the bank.

What budget friendly Christmas Decorations have you made for your home?

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