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Being Budget Savvy with the Guest Room

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Being Budget Savvy with the Guest Room

One of the things many of us with financial problems dread most is having guests. Yes, believe it or not more than the tax man, more than a blind date, and more than going to the dentist hosting others can be a major headache.

It’s not that we dislike people but a strange feeling comes over us that although our homes are the perfect setting for us they aren’t the best match for guests. We worry our humble abodes don’t have what it takes and as a result creating a setting for friends or family is too pricey a venture.

This, however, is far from the truth.

Much of what it takes to establish a modest guest room can be done on a simple budget and in most cases once it’s set up maintaining it is easy.

That being the case, with the summer vacation season fast approaching here are a few tips for designing a guest room on a budget in time for the summer guests.


Guest rooms can be in just about any space in the home as what matters most is how you intend to use it. For instance, if it’s just for one person an oversized closet can do the trick but if you’re counting on hosting your parents, an aunt or uncle, close friends and their baby or the in-laws you’ll need a regular size bedroom. If you want to create an outdoor feel an enclosed porch may work or if you’re looking for a room with a view there’s no better place than a finished but unused attic.

Either way, picking out a locale comes at no cost. Time is the only thing spent when contemplating which room to convert into a guest room.


After the location is decided upon the next step is clearing out and fixing up the space. At the very least paint the room from floor to ceiling so it’s not full of dull colours from thirty years ago. Doing so is an easy remodelling job that usually completely transforms a room and doesn’t require hiring a painting contractor. Furthermore, wash curtains, clean window panes, make sure the floor (whether its linoleum, carpet, stone, or any other material) is clean, change the ceiling light cover and put a clock on the wall.

Altogether these are things that will make the space inviting and are all minor expenses. Even hiring someone to install a ceiling fan is worth the money as they use far less electricity than air conditioners and depending on your region it could pay for itself in one season saving lots of cash down the road.


Filling the guest room with appropriate furnishings is probably the hardest part of the project because you can easily go overboard spending lots of unnecessary money which is what we’re trying to avoid.

Keeping this in mind some of the essentials for the guest room include a bed with bedding and linens, a dresser or closet, a night stand with a night-light, and a small table with a chair. Included in a second tier of items can be a shelf with books, a magazine rack, a small refrigerator, and possibly a couch.

When considering any of the above guest room decor there’s no reason to purchase them new. Since you still have a little time as the paint dries and the room is aired out search for them at thrift stores, list serves, and with the warmer season here at yard sales. Another great place to find furnishings for the guest room is with relatives who may be willing to pass on a bureau or chest of drawers they no longer need.

Either way, making the guest room a special place for any guest can be done on a simple budget and should no longer be a problem. It can be maintained easily for when anyone needs to stay the night and setting it up now means you can probably use it for the holidays later this year and on.

Contribution By: Jakob Barry is a home improvement journalist for Networx. He blogs about re-purposing and reducing debt for pros across the U.S. like Tacoma, WA, flooring contractors. All photos are copyright the contributor.


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