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  1. This is really impressive Mr.CBB. Good luck with 2013, i’m sure you will increase your worth by even more!

  2. Looks great. Mr. CBB. I must admit I’m starting to think about sharing my own numbers..perhaps I’ll see how we’re doing and go from there. 🙂

  3. It’s looking very good there…… It’s going to be so nice to have the mortgage paid off!!! I’m trying to get the grocery bill down and keep it there, the sales the last couple of weeks have helped so far. Combined with coupons so far so good. Just ordered a bunch from P&G Brandsaver, plus the insert coming soon will be helpful….

      1. We’re almost caught up on our TFSA, 2013 financial goals to come, work to do there 🙂 As for the RRSP, we optimize this account and don’t max it out on purpose. I don’t want to pay back all the deferred taxes when I am older 🙂

        RRSPs are great, but since they are tax-deferred and not tax-free, I don’t max it out.

        Good luck with the advisor, I’d be curious to what products they advise to you.


    1. You have and I’ve answered you and I’ve written it in my posts so others will understand. The money is there and we WILL pay off the mortgage once we move the money. Hope that helps. Mr.CBB

  4. Nice progress Mr CBB! Is your UK account showing here? and if so how often do you update the rate? I have a three currencies NW and always get big swings when updating the rates.

    1. Hi Pauline,
      Yes it is in the net worth although I don’t talk about actual number thus why you will see fluctuations depending on the exchange rate. I try not to reflect on the fact that is was ONCE $2.35 and is now hoovering around $1.60… sad really.

  5. Mr. CBB – just out of curiosity, why would repayment of a loan owed to you make a difference in your net worth? Had you written it off? If not, then why hadn’t you kept track of it in your asset column as something that was owed to you?

  6. Good numbers, Mr. CBB. Looking forward to that “We paid off our house” post. Thanks for all your help with kicking me into lowering our grocery budget. If I can stick with the plan it should save at least $2400! Probably more because I never tracked it carefully before.

    1. Thanks Kim. That’s exactly it and really it was tracking our expenses in the budget along with the grocery game that helped us in 2012. You have a healthy net income and you can make magic happen if you both stick to it! Here’s to a great 2013!

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