PF Weekly Grab A Brew #26: School is out for summer


No Need To Sleep In When Summer Is Here

When is school out? School is out for summer in Ontario starting today although I’m not sure these days if they are singing the praises of Alice Cooper, but I’m sure they are happy to leave the books behind. With Canada Day just around the corner we are gearing up for fun in the sun and plenty of activities for both adults and children.

A few of our friends who are teachers are in class today just to sort out final paperwork for the school year. When that’s done it’s home for a few months of volunteering, summer vacation and getting ready for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic term beginning after Labour Day in September.

I often remember when I was a child (who doesn’t) when life was easy, we didn’t have to worry about paying the bills, budgeting or who was going to make sure the bread and milk was stocked in the kitchen. Nor did I have to worry about planning my day, but that was all about to change one summer. As an adult I’m a planner, I always plan my day but sometimes I realize that doesn’t always work the way I expect it to.

Crack of dawn

Come summer one year my dad was working like he always did and my mum was a stay at home mother who would wake us up in the morning, not always but most days, early. There was no time to sleep in she would say as there was plenty to get done. I thought, how is that fair that all my mates get to stay up late and sleep in during the morning, yet I have to be up with the roosters?

My mum and dad loved taking us on holidays and day trips especially in the summer to embrace the beauty of life around us, mostly culture and history. I went on as an adult to travel to many places around the world and I still get the itch to go now that I am living in Canada.

Not all parents were like my parents and I had to accept that my folks always had to teach me a lesson. I wasn’t deprived of anything as a child but I was also taught right from wrong and encouraged to make my own decisions based on my parents words and my own daily life experiences. This would later help me to make my own choices as an adult.

Asking questions

I never questioned my parents about why they did what they did, I just followed their instruction because I trusted them. I trusted that they knew what they were doing yet I didn’t really know why they would do what they did, unless I asked. I was the child that drives most parents up the wall asking a myriad of questions about anything and everything, but only when I felt it was necessary.

How come this, or how come that and it was only because I enjoyed learning about life. I wanted to know why people did what they did or how come my toy comes apart and can I put it back together again if I take it apart? I was a curious kid but I also knew that with my summer freedom attached to it was a bit of elbow grease called work.

My mum would have us in the garden with her early in the morning to water the plants and pick the weeds. It’s probably a reason why I do that now as an adult. She easily could have done it on her own but my mum enjoyed teaching us about flowers, mainly the names and how to care for them.  My mum loves to read and can read a book a day if you let her and could take me down in a game of scrabble any day of the week.

If there is anything I can’t stand it’s weeds in a garden, especially when they are on our property. My mum would say that one day when you have your own house you will understand why you need to get things done and not sleep all day. Like any kid I nodded and accepted her knowledge as wisdom that she wanted to impart onto me. I took that as a sign that hard work means that I will reap the rewards of beauty in the garden and for many other reasons potentially success, money, health and love.

My summer job

With that lesson came my paper route which I had all year-long but in the summer I had the luxury of choosing when to deliver the papers because they would often get dropped off early in the morning before the sun would rise. When I was in class I had to wait until late afternoon when I would get home. I would run inside have a glass of milk and a biscuit then be on my way.

It was great exercise and I enjoyed meeting my customers and seeing them smile when they saw me coming up the drive to hand them their newspaper. I didn’t know what was so exciting about the paper back then but I knew that whatever it was meant that getting the paper earlier might make them even happier. I’ve always been a guy that enjoys seeing people smile and I am that way today.

It wasn’t long until I realized that my mum was teaching me how to be an adult and that although I was still a young boy it was all about a lesson of what might be ahead for me. We all need some form of structure in our lives even if it’s getting up with an alarm clock so we get to work on time. For others it might be making their lunch at night instead of in the morning.

My mum used to say, do you think you can just show up to work any time you please when you have a job? That makes sense because during the school year it wasn’t like I could waltz into class when I felt like it. I wasn’t really gaining anything by sleeping in anyhow. I went to bed most evenings by 10 pm so who wants to sleep all bloody morning anyhow? The weekends I could sleep in if I wanted to but I really had no inclination to do so.

We didn’t have the internet or video games and the television was turned off at a certain hour each night. The reasoning for this was because my parents wanted to encourage us to be active rather than sit in watching the television every night. Each bedroom in our home didn’t have a television like most kids have today.

I had a bed, night table and a wardrobe and that was it apart from a lamp and other bits and bobs. I would always have books to read and toys to play with but I enjoyed reading and tearing things apart over playing with action figures.

Growing up

That summer I decided to do things differently because I knew that if I took control I could easily get things done faster if I planned my day. I took the opportunity that was before me to spread out my activities during the day by helping my mum and dad first then delivering papers and hanging out with my friends. It made more sense to go to bed at a reasonable hour and get up early to get what I needed to done so the rest of the day was mine to do what I please.

I did so much when I was a kid and like any other boy I came home with scrapes and bruises, but when all was said and done those bruises would only make me stronger. I knew that even though school was out for summer I was growing older and with that comes responsibility. That child that I once was, slowly was becoming a young man with dreams.

Without my parents guiding me towards the future because they are one step ahead of  me I may have walked blindfolded into walls. Funny thing is we have to do that sometimes in order to learn and we will for the rest of our lives but we don’t have to hit all the walls. If our parents aren’t there we do the best we can and pick ourselves back up and walk through the mistakes learning from them and trying not to make them again.

Summer was a great time for me as a child and I hope many kids who go to summer camp, deliver papers or have chores to do realize that each lesson or step we take as children is a path towards life as an adult. We might not understand that when we are a child but little by little, it all makes sense or at least it did for me. Enjoy the summer with your children, you are all blessed to be parents.

What does your child do when school is out for summer?

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Today the top recipe goes to Chin Deep for this brownie recipe (although I still think I have the best brownies on the planet *wink) with fresh strawberries and whipped cream layered between two brownies. It’s a perfect treat for Canada Day as well with the red and white. Thanks to all the foodie pages that shared a brownie recipe at The Free Recipe Depot yesterday. You can follow Chin Deep on Facebook as well for more delicious recipes.

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PF Weekly Reading Line-Up

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Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #26, school is out for summer.


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  1. I think it’s so important to have kids get a job while they are still young and impressionable. I had my first job when I was 16 and it taught me so much about being responsible! Your parents were definitely doing the right thing! That brownie sandwich thing looks incredible……yum!!!!

  2. Mr. CBB, you are so blessed to have such wonderful parents. They are exactly the kind of parents we hope to emulate: teaching and loving on our kids, always putting in the time to help them grow and learn responsibly. LOL, BTW, if you saw our garden right now, you would completely freak out. It looks terrible! Totally neglected the last 10 days due to storm cleanup. It looks more like a patch of grass than a garden. 🙂

    1. Thanks Laurie, they were and still are great parents. They call me every couple of weeks to chat. Hey..there’s always an easy fix… rent-a-goat! lol.. I’m sure you will get caught up my friend. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I read this last night and so enjoyed the language, writing, and stories, but I couldn’t think of anything relevant to add. This morning CJ and I were talking on our walk about the heat and how getting out and hitting the pavement is the best way to start our day. My day is so much better because I’m up and at ’em.

    So often it seems that getting up early and getting things done may be misconstrued as boring, mundane. For me, it’s quite the opposite. It’s so pleasant and enjoyable that I can’t imagine just sitting around. Getting myself going creates the energy I need to fuel my day! In addition, I see squirrels, birds, small lizards, and the occasional armadillo all in the 4th largest city in America!

  4. I was always asking questions as a kid. I hated doing things without knowing why. I’m the same way now. I want to know the big picture for everything!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a job until I graduated high school, but that was because I was playing sports and had other activities. I honestly wish I would have gotten at least a summer job, though. Actually, I did have one under the table when I was 14!

    Thanks for the shout out as well! 🙂

  5. CBB! Summer has always been a wonderland for me. Even now as an adult, summer somehow seems magical despite not doing much different from the other seasons. In Houston, where we live, if you are not on your morning walk/jog by 6:00 a.m, you will pay a terrible price at the hands of the summer sun. As a child and teen, I did not ever rise early, save a bagel baking summer job. As an adult, I am up at at ’em every morning though. My productivity has shot through the roof since I began rising early. Better late than never I suppose!

    And a jug of Hoombah Juice for you CBB, for mentioning out latest post. Tom Hanks BIG thanks to you!

  6. Busy day, I’m late getting to the blog… I was an only kid and had to help around the house a lot as a kid. All the ‘girl stuff’ in the house and groceries I helped Mom with. When that was done I got the ‘boy stuff’ to do like mowing the lawn, shovelling the driveway, and such. When I got a bit older I started babysitting the local kids and the daughter of a woman Mom worked with. With my kids, my daughter started getting paid to babysit around 12. Before that all 3 kids were helping around the house with dishes and such as well as helping to clear the driveway. We have lots of shovels for that…..enough to go around. With three kids and me on the shovels things got cleared out fairly quickly depending on how much snow there was. We usually tried to have most of the driveway cleared before hubby (who worked nights for years) pulled in, mostly because it’s so much easier to shovel without having the vehicle there. Our older boy has been known to joke that some day he’s going to make some one a nice little wife!!!Lol!!!

    1. You know what Christine, if I had a child who made the comment your son did I would be proud. I would be proud to know that my son feels that the lessons that I am teaching him will carry on in a positive way for him in his future relations. You are doing it right Christine. Keep smiling.

  7. Awe thanks for the honor of top story! This must have been the post you were referring when you commented on mine! Holy god that brownie looks delicious. I’ve had a major sweet tooth today! When I was younger I was jealous of the boys who had paper routes. For some reason I really wanted one…but never did it. They just seemed so independent of cool! Thanks for sharing your youthful summer memories. You can come clear out the weeds in my garden any time you like!

    1. For a second I thought I read that I could come clean out the weed in your garden. I thought it was one of those typos you spoke of in your interview at FP lol… ha! You should see my Pinterest.. I’m brownie obsessed. If I have a sweet tooth.. if.. I mean, when I fancy brownies.

  8. I had a paper route growing up too. My parents definitely encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit in me, which I’m trying to do with my girls too. There is great satisfaction in earning your own money and seeing how you can make a difference in someone’s life. I think learning that early is so important. I see so many parents just give their kids everything, which is great for the kids, but I think they are missing out on some important life lessons. Often times that becomes more apparent when they get older and nobody gives them what they want any longer. They are ill prepared to function in the real world. Great post, Mr. CBB. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Well said. What I grew to understand was that my parents wanted me to be able to function on my own without being given anything. I earned my money and I worked hard to learn about what I needed so I could do things on my own around the house. I think it’s a perk my wife finds sexy about me 😉

    1. You’re welcome Melissa and thanks for sharing your recipe on my new page yesterday. I share one recipe each week from all that is posted at The Free Recipe Depot and/or Canadian Budget Binder Facebook page so make sure to keep sharing! Mr.CBB

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