Do you need financial motivation?

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Financial motivation doesn’t normally just jump into your head when you wake up in the morning.

Motivation for many typically happens because something is either wrong or you want to make changes to your life.

Some people need personal motivation to get through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks and if that’s what it takes, go for it.

Asking for help is not easy to do especially if you are a strong, independent person who struggles with showing weakness in any form.

I know plenty of friends especially my male friends who won’t even ask for directions because they don’t want to look like they don’t know where they are going. These days we combat that with the GPS but there’s only so much a GPS can do.

The same goes with letting our finances ride out on their own. You can’t expect to see optimal growth in your savings account if you aren’t focused on growing it.

Same goes with paying your bills on time and earning enough money to pay cash for something you want rather than putting it on credit.

Motivation to have patience and wait until you have your feet on the ground financially before jumping into any big decisions is something that many people seem to toss aside unless they are forced to think about it.

Many people rush out and buy a house with a small down-payment and nothing in the bank for an emergency.

What happens if you need a new roof and have no way to pay for it? Asking for financial help is not a bad thing whether it be buying your first house, getting OSAP for your education or learning how to do something financially that you aren’t too sure of.

The person who fails to ask the questions are the one’s who fail to get the answers because they fear failure.

Don’t let that be you. Failure happens because you let it happen. You let the world take over your life and you wallow in the memories of what you should have done or should not have done.

Move forward. Ask for help. Don’t back down.


Personal motivation


How to motivate yourself?

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself but sometimes starting with a pen and paper is a good start. I know that sounds old-fashioned but writing something out might hit home rather than typing it into a word document.

The written word for me has always carried strength because it’s your own handwriting. I know this may not work for everyone but do what works for you.

I have people searching this blog for motivational quotes all the time and that tells me people want to either encourage themselves or others.

If you really want to succeed at motivating yourself you have to be dedicated to the mission. Whether you need financial motivation to get out of debt or motivation to start something new and see it through to completion the puck is always in your court. If it’s not, then find a way to get it there.

When I moved to Canada as a permanent resident I needed financial motivation especially when it came to finding a job. Being new from the UK didn’t help my cause because I didn’t have any Canadian working experience.

I wasn’t old by any shot but I certainly wasn’t young and had to make the decision to go back to school.

It was a financial motivation for me because I knew I needed some sort of skill to get me the career that I wanted in Canada. I achieved that by never giving up on my dream of becoming who I wanted.


Words to motivate


Sometimes keeping motivational words that are positive in nature such as determined, focus, success, opportunity etc. on your radar is important.

Positive motivation gets people through all sorts of events in their lives whether it be an exam at University, a job interview or getting their finances on track.

Keeping a positive mind-set can not only change your outlook on life but the way you move forward with tasks that you might be afraid to tackle out of fear of failure.

No one likes to fail but if you don’t start, how do you know if you are going to be good at it?


Financial motivation


I find when I talk to some fans who email me or even people in my circle of friends who have financial difficulties that motivation is lacking.

There are typically more excuses then there are reasons why they should make changes to their finances. You may be able to talk to someone about their finances but never can you make them change the way they execute their spending habits.

They are the only one’s who can challenge themselves to make better choices and to spend less than they earn. When we started using the excel budget we designed it was new to us and something we had to get used to.

We weren’t sure how it would affect our life but we certainly didn’t back down because we feared the outcome. We wanted to see those financial numbers month after month and find out if our efforts were being realized.

Sure enough a few years later and we are still budgeting our money because we have seen the positive impact that it has had on our finances.

Personal motivation will always be the hardest of all but it doesn’t have to be unless you let it become a fear in your life. Just like we need motivation in the workplace when we do a good job or excel in what we do, the same is needed in our personal life.

The problem is sometimes the only form of personal motivation comes from with-in. If you know someone who needs some financial motivation, share this post with them.

What are some ways you personally motivated yourself financially?



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