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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, Mr. CBB! This is a great post, full of great info! (And I love the the Fan Brag – Jen scored some great garage sale deals!)

    “Owning a house is far more expensive than renting an apartment…” – truth!!! If I could go back in time, I would have rented far longer than we did – and saved tens of thousands of dollars in the process. We bought our first home with too little down, too early in life.

  2. Wow CBB

    That is a seriously meaty post. Thanks for including me in this installment. That’s a great idea you have there showing the funny searches people make when finding your blog.

    “How to make money FAT in Canada”

    That’s actually no laughing matter though because I just checked. You are #3 when I search the correct spelling in G, competing with over 20 million results! That’s an excellent key have and would be a real traffic win for sure. Unbelievable work you’ve done.

    I’ll be going dark on Twitter for a few days because I’m travelling down to Idaho for a nephew’s wedding. I’ll be Tweeting again later next week.

    Thanks again – I’m a rank beginner with actual real blogging in a community, so your support this week was HUGE.


    1. Thanks for stopping by mate to participating in the Making A Difference networking series. I hope you find some new readers at your great blog.

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