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Today marks the 7th year that GivingTuesday has become a day for all forms of giving and volunteering around the world.

How will you get involved?

Find out what GivingTuesday is all about and ways you can give back to your community.

Giving Tuesday Origin

Giving Tuesday Dallas Texas

I had never heard of GivingTuesday until I received an email for CBB to get involved with this global generosity movement.

My way of giving back is by using my online presence to help spread the word of GivingTuesday.

What started as a day in the U.S has quickly spread to over 60 countries and billions of dollars raised around the world.

There is a wealth of information online about the GivingTuesday campaign which is held once a year.

We have two days that benefit the economy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday and one day that impacts generosity, GivingTuesday.

The “Opening day of the giving season,” it’s a time when charities, companies and individuals join together and rally for favourite causes.

This day of generosity is called, GivingTuesday and this year it falls on December 3, 2019

By participating in GivingTuesday we hope that it inspires you to give not just on this day, but every day.

GivingTuesday India
GivingTuesday India

What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday is part of a global awareness generosity campaign.

This movement is to spread the word about giving back whether it be with time, money, donations or voice.

“GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good.

It has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

This is a ritual we especially need today when so much attention is given to what divides us, because generosity brings people together across races, faiths, and political views. – ASHA CURRAN, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER, GIVINGTUESDAY

What Will You Give For GivingTuesday?

givingtuesday highlights

One of the most important parts of starting the Canadian Budget Binder blog was to give back to the community with nothing in return.

I didn’t want my readers to pay me for any of the resources I was offering them to learn how to become debt-free.

When I started blogging I didn’t realize it would turn into a small business but that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I love, sharing, helping and giving back.

Sharing our journey with the world was our way of giving back in hopes of inspiring others.

My voice on CBB although written has brought forth people who have shared their financial stories with me.

I’ve sat back and smiled because I’ve received a thank-you email from a reader for helping them get back on track.

This is part of the CBB GivingTuesday movement but for us, it’s a year-long event because money can impact all aspects of life.

The only thing money can’t take away is LOVE and that love becomes a generosity that spreads.

Ideas For GivingTuesday

Man Hugging a Boy

Everyone has something to give.

GivingTuesday is nothing more than taking the time out of your day to help a neighbour perhaps shovel their driveway.

You might make someone smile by sharing a joke or using their name while thanking them for their service.

GivingTuesday is about giving some of what you have to those in need.

Identify your gifts or what you are good at and find a charity or someone to share it with.

If you are good with conversation visit a retirement home and volunteer for the day or sit with the seniors and chat.

Give What You Can To The Causes You Care About

GivingTuesday Canada

Feel great about giving on GivingTuesday with simple acts of kindness that will go a long way for someone.

Below are the ways you can give back for GivingTuesday in your community and on social media.

GivingTuesday Campaign Ideas for Individuals, Groups or Families.

1. Give Time

Volunteering is a great way to give back especially to those charities that are dear to your heart and costs you nothing but time.

You can also volunteer without a charity by helping out friends, family, and neighbours.

2. Give Voice

If you love to talk perhaps you can set up small seminars with local businesses about the GivingTuesday global movement to help spread the word.

You can also spread the word about GivingTuesday at church, schools, work or any other place you feel your voice will be heard.

Another great way to help spread the word of being giving is on social media.

Just as I am today blogging my voice about this global movement you too can by sharing this post, hashtag #GivingTuesdayCA or following the movement on social media.

The more people that hear about GivingTuesday the further it will spread.

This movement is far more lucrative than Black Friday and Cyber Monday because love trumps all.

3. Give Dollars

Send personalized gift cards to family, friends, organizations or surprise someone.

You can also donate to any charity in your local community by giving a donation.

4. Give Goods

Fundraising for charity is always a great way to give back and they are always in need of help.

Organize a donation drive in your neighbourhood where you collect food, books, clothes, and toiletries for a local non-profit charity in your community. 

Another idea would be to set up a donation centre with a school in your neighbourhood where parents and students can donate.

Our neighbourhood school collects kids’ winter clothing as well as canned goods all to be donated.

They also participate in sponsoring families for Christmas and ask for any donations to the families.

If you have extra clothing around consider donating it to a non-profit charity or church in your community.

Home Depot Canada and The Orange Door Project

The Orange Door Project is The Home Depot Canada Foundation’s response to one of the most urgent social issues facing Canadians today – youth homelessness. 

Every community has homeless people whether you see them or not.

I can walk downtown at any time of the day where we live and there are homeless youth and adults on the streets.

In some communities, they have found tent cities set-up in the forests where the homeless people live.

Giving back to your community helps everyone so head over to Home Depot Canada and donate $2 for homelessness.

From Dec 3-22, customers can donate $2 at the checkout in their local store or on OrangeDoorProject.ca to support local youth through 121 charity partners, with one hundred per cent of donations staying in the local communities they were raised.

More than 200 Toronto associates will also participate in volunteer activities at 10 charities to give back in December through the company’s associate-led volunteer force, Team Depot.

As one of the fastest-growing segments of the homeless population in Canada, this is an issue that exists in each of our communities.

The Home Depot Canada Foundation has pledged $50 million by the end of 2022 to improve housing options, support life-skills development programs, and invest in research that ensures funding is directed to the most effective solutions designed to help youth build brighter futures.

Spread the word about GivingTuesday

You can visit the Giving Tuesday Canada Website for Charity Toolkits, Individual Toolkits and lots of resources to get you started.

If you are interested in finding out who is participating in GivingTuesday in your community you can do a simple search using this tool.

If you weren’t able to participate this year perhaps getting a headstart on next year’s 8th GivingTuesday campaign is a great incentive for you or your business.


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