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Happiness Is A Habit Not Cultivated By Money : The SWR #321

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Happiness Is A Choice No Matter The Situation You Find Yourself In

When we are young we are told to clap our hands if we were happy to create that inner feeling of confidence.

How we took something so simple and tied it in with money happens to be the very reason for sadness. 

Happiness and appreciation for what you have happens when you are young and manifests with financial freedom. 

For example, our son was riding his scooter to school that we paid $5 for at Value Village. 

As our son made his way into the parking lot where I would take over because he had to line up one boy shouted, wow he has a scooter. 

He was smiling from ear to ear and wanted to try it but we weren’t allowed to do so. 

Adult Happiness With A Shovel Or Smile

How many of you have that one friend who is always smiling and happy? I’ve always wanted to be him and am always working on myself. 

As adults, we do the same thing draining our happiness by cultivating a mentality of financial freedom. 

In other words, it’s easy to compare what you have to what others have and pass judgement. 

For example, how many of you feel that you would be happier if you had more money to pay the bills?

Probably all of you and I bet you’re smiling right now because the thought of it is a cultivated habit.

By this I mean we put emotions on one side of the playing field and our livelihood on the other. 

There’s always someone who has to be bigger, better, and more powerful, and with that comes the desire for more. 

Happiness Built By Money Or Habit

 No matter if you still live at home or left home when you were young you had to start somewhere. 

As time went on you may have rented a room or apartment which was a big deal and still is today. 

You’re probably pretty excited and work as hard as you can to earn money to pay the rent.

Furnishing your apartment came from second-hand shops but you made each piece fit perfectly. 

Your friends who collect Ontario Disability Program or Ontario Works money would love to cultivate your freedom.  

Life Can Be Taken Backwards

What had me thinking about all of this was a poem if that’s what you want to call it, on Facebook. 

Give it a quick read. Have you done anything like this before? 

Cultivating Happiness From A Seed (Habit)

This is just an example and people skip steps but at any time on your journey where you angry that you weren’t at a different step. 

Some people are unhappy because someone is doing far better than they are. 

They have a habit of being miserable unless they are the King in the room that is one step ahead. 

Personally, anyone who can make happiness a habit no matter what step they are at or who else is in the room understands how cultivation works. 

A seed is planted, taken care of every day, and even the littles of the seed sprouting the gardener smiles. 

As the flower begins to grow it gets bigger and bigger and the gardener remembers when the flower when it was just a seed. 

The happiness of the seed growing into many colourful flowers motivates the gardener to plant more seeds. 

As the seeds grow so does the gardener’s smile because his/her garden is flowing with many varieties of flowers. 

The point is that if you want happiness you have to cultivate your love for gardening whether the seed grows or not. 

Had the gardener given up on the seeds because they never grew he may have never made it to the next step? 

The same goes with life.  

Filling Your Pot With Happiness

If we rely on comparing what everyone else has we lose our happiness along the way we will never find financial freedom. 

Build your financial happiness as if it was a seed just as the Loonie Budgeting Challenge that I started in 2021. 

For those of you participating the loonies are your seed and each time you drop your coin your happiness increases. 

By the end of the year, you’ll have 52 loonies to do what you wish with and you’ve created a habit of saving. 

You can garden with flowers and you can save with money no matter how much money you have. 

 Whether you get to the next step could take months or years but keep planting the seeds of happiness to get you where you want to be. 

Don’t lose your happiness, build up because at any time your life can go backward. 

  • Sleeping in your room with your parents paying rent
  • Moving into your first rental apartment and working to pay for it 
  • Buying your first condo
  • Finally, you could afford your first townhouse
  • You put an offer on your first home and it was SOLD to you
  • The time was right and you sold your first house to buy a bigger house
  • Your health is declining so you sell your house and downsize to a bungalow
  • Taking care of chores and house maintenance becomes too much so you sell and move into an apartment
  • Renting and paying the bills are overwhelming so you move to a retirement villa
  • You Die happily ever after. 

That sounds like a straightforward real estate timeline of lifeline but in between the story is missing. 

You may not have liked staying with your parents where the comforts of a home would bring happiness to their soul.

Discussion: How do you keep happiness a big part of your life without comparing yourself to what others have?

Drop your comments below and tell me how much money affects your happiness?



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Pasta ricotta

Like most people do during the winter months I crave meals that fill me up such as pasta, stews, and casseroles. 

One of our favourite pasta recipes has no sauce at all and it seems Katia from The Clever Meals does too. 

Her 10 minute Easy Lemon Ricotta Pasta recipe really does take minutes to make and it’s delicious. 

Ricotta is a low-carb, keto cheese that we mix with NuPasta along with a squirt of lemon, parsley, and Parmigiano Cheese. 

In my original Spinach and Ricotta pasta recipe on the blog, I didn’t add lemon but I agree with Katia, it needs that acid. 

If you have a Costco membership you can buy a small bucket of ricotta for under $5 and it’s good. 


When you do something and already know that potential outcome this is the basics behind this quote of mine. 

For example, if you have $100 for groceries and decide to use $50 for Bingo in hopes of winning, but you don’t. 

Now, you knew if you didn’t win you’d only have $50 for the month or week to buy food for your home. 

This is about taking risks with little money to back up just in case you fall.

You can’t cry about something you already knew might happen. 


kermit the frog

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog.

I get quite a few of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • 99 retirement tips for seniors- How many of you would read all 99 tips if you’re retired? Exactly.
  • Smart mindset rich wealthy – You’re right it’s a mindset or habit to reach your goals. 
  • Sample Letter To Complain Bell Canada- You suck. I’m leaving. You’re Not listening.
  • Is Kim Chee good for Keto?- I probably would have sounded kimchi out like that. ha!

Thanks for your continued support of CBB and for listening to me ramble about our financial journey.


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