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10 Years Of Canadian Budget Binder: Saturday Monthly Review #2

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Happy tenth-anniversary Canadian Budget Binder! 10 Years of blogging still blows my mind.

P.S There’s a contest below.

In January 2012, I decided to start blogging about frugal living and finance.

At the time, I knew nothing about blogging, nor did I know how to make money blogging.

I was just a guy who really wanted to become debt-free and thought documenting the journey would be motivational.

When I started the blog, we still had a $265,000 mortgage that we wanted to get rid of as fast and van payments of near $500 a month.

You can read about how we became mortgage-free before the age of 40 to learn how we did it.

Burning the mortgage papers was a time of celebration, but it also fueled my desire to help others reach their freedom.

I’ve never looked back and wished I hadn’t started Canadian Budget Binder.

However, I’m thankful for having the opportunity to blog in 2022.

There’s always something to blog about, personal, fan experiences or news around Canada.

I’m not going to write a long post about the Canadian Budget Binder today, but I want to say thanks.

Don’t forget there is a contest below.

blog anniversary
10 Years of Canadian Budget binder

10 Years Of Learning To Blog And Still Learning

Many of you have participated in nightly chats, left comments on the blog, or are hiding in the background.

When readers contact me to tell me how my blog has helped them, it motivates me to continue.

As you all know, the blog’s title came about on the kitchen floor while brainstorming after I read Blogging For Dummies.

If you haven’t read the book Blogging For Dummies, I suggest you grab a copy if you plan to blog.

I’ve made many blogging mistakes; however, I would have made more if I had not done my research.

method mapping
Note-taking method mapping for the creation of The Canadian Budget Binder Blog in 2012
Note-taking method mapping for the creation of The Canadian Budget Binder Blog in 2012

I was on the right track doing some research about blogging. However, I missed the chapter where it said I could earn money.

With a full-time career, making money from home with a blog was nowhere in my mind.

When I return to my first blog post, I cringe at how awful it was because I was a new blogger.

I’ll admit I want to hide my head under a pillow when I look at the early posts of CBB.

Please don’t look unless you want a good laugh, even though there is excellent info in each blog post.

Even now, if I open a blog post that I haven’t standardized for my audience, it forces me to do so.

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a perfectionist when creating blog posts that are easy to read.

10 Years Of Building My Blogging Business

Over the last few years, I’ve been happy to hire Sara from Moonsteam Design to help guide me with her experience.

Once you start earning money with your blog, it can become a business as CBB has.

At this point, you might consider looking for help as there is SO much to get done.

New Blogger + Money Expert = Blog Designer Help Sara.

I learned about blogging the last ten years, but don’t ask me to fix blog issues.

Not only did she design CBB she has put up with my whining over the years.

If you think about starting a blog with no experience as I had, you’ll find it easy on

Using the free WordPress platform is a breeze, especially with the help of their Happiness engineers.

Making Money With Your Blog

Although when you transition over to the paid, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Buying your blog’s domain name is a must, even on the free WordPress.

Once you do that, you own the name and pay a small yearly fee of around $25 in 2022.

When it came to finding a host, I started with Blue Host and transitioned to Big Scoots.

When you start a blog with, you’ll need to set up a hosting company after picking your domain name.

highly suggest BigScoots because I’ve been with this company for years and, they have surpassed all expectations of a hosting company.

Seriously, sign up for Big Scoots; you won’t regret it as they are a very efficient company.

If you’re looking to keep the blog bills cheap, opt for a host such as Blue Host.

Once you start blogging, you’ll learn just how impressive Blue Host is.

Most importantly, a new blogger who is not yet earning money from their blog will appreciate the low pricing.

You can’t beat $2.95 a month for web hosting your blog, and the introductory price through my link is incredibly reasonable.

10 Years Of Learning How To Blog

I won’t get into all of the details about making money with your blog, but I had missed opportunities.

Working full-time and having a family and blogging was super challenging and still is.

Sometimes I don’t know how I made it through the fire as I had, but I never gave up.

I’ve thanked all of you many times for your readership and for allowing me to continue doing what I love.

Starting Canadian Budget Binder was a dream and still feels like it 10 years later.
If you want to do something bad enough, you’ll find a way.

10 Years Of CBB Contest

The contest ends Sunday, February 13th, 2022.

This contest is NOT sponsored by Facebook, where I will also post the contest.

All you have to do is subscribe to Canadian Budget Binder and comment below that you’ve done so.

For those of you who are already subscribed comment subscribed with the email address you subscribed with, I can look it up.

Lastly, head over to this post on my Facebook page and give it a LIKE and comment on this blog post.

I will be giving away $10 gift cards to 5 lucky Canadian Budget Binder friends.

Good Luck, and thank you again for your support on CBB!!!

P.S- Don’t be afraid to tell your friends, families and social media strangers about CBB.

Much Love,



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One Month of CBB Blog Posts

If you missed one of my blog posts, look at what I wrote in January 2022.

New On Canadian Budget Binder

I worked very hard to put together The CBB Emergency Binder, free for all subscribers.

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet and want to learn more about frugal living and finance, sign up below,


Subscribe To the Canadian Budget Binder And Get My Exclusive CBB Emergency Binder FREE!

CBB Thoughts Corner

Don't give up your dreams to wait for someone else to finish theirs.
Please don’t give up your dreams to wait for someone else to finish theirs.

I often motivate myself to get things done in my day-to-day tasks, but sometimes I get tired of people who think blogging is not worth the time you put into the blog.

Not many people know I blog or what my blog is about; they know I do this as something I dreamed about.

Helping people is what I feel inclined to do because he didn’t get this type of education. growing up

Keep pushing for your dreams, be happy and smile.

Funny Words People Use To Find CBB

Kermit the frog Search terms Canadian Budget Binder
Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder
  • Real Good Foods At Costco – Ha! It’s funny yet smart at the same time looking for feedback on what is popular to eat at Costco.
  • How much should my realtor spend on a gift for us? – Not all realtors offer a gift to the seller and some do. For that reason there is no monetary limit if they do decide to buy a gift.
  • Is Rabba expensive- I’m going to say yes unless we find it on sale. The cheapest I’ll pay for it is $1.99. A bunch of Rabba also known as Rapini and easy to find at every grocery store.
  • What happens when you get caught shopplifting and let you go – Run like hell and don’t look back.

That’s all for now, friends.


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