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Some Of The Best Online Welcome Offers

Online companies will often look to provide welcome offers to new customers to try and attract repeat business.

Competition for customers is nothing new in business, and drawing in new customers is imperative for running a company.

Identifying a way to stand out in a competitive market can be difficult without proper marketing tools.

Let’s have a look at what some companies offer as welcome offers and what is required.

online welcome offers for Canadians
Some Of The Best Online Welcome Offers in Canada come from shopping with your computer. Saving money and retaining customers is marketing 101.

How To Get Online Welcome Offers

The majority of deals and online welcome offers will often require registration or your email address.

A deposit is sometimes put into an account to return and build a relationship with the company.

In an online world, the experience the customer receives and the perks can attract new business.

Word of mouth is king when it comes to any business model since consumers rely on reviews.

A different approach requires customer engagement online through face-to-face or social media.

Customers enjoy online shopping with the ease of shopping from home and excellent return policies.

For example, Amazon Canada has a fantastic return policy where the window of opportunity is longer than in-store returns.

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Some Of The Best Online Welcome Offers In Canada

So, who’s providing some of the best online welcome offers? Let’s have a look.

Amazon Canada

Global shopping site Amazon is the biggest online retailer globally, with great prices and speedy delivery for Prime members.

It offers its customers physical products and online services such as Film and TV with Amazon Prime.

Coincidentally, as Prime members, we signed up for one month free of Amazon movies to see if we’d like it.

After the month is over, we get to choose whether we want to keep the service or disconnect it.

Amazon has become such a massive organization with its appealing welcome offers and continued perks for members.

By registering for an Amazon Credit Card with no annual fee, new customers with a Prime membership receive up to 2.5% on all, Whole Foods Market stores, grocery stores, restaurants and foreign currency transactions.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a local success story across the country and is quite diversified with business.

Their website has an estimated 25.50 million monthly visitors and over 500 retail stores in Canada.

Started in 1922 by brothers John and Alfred Billes buying and reselling tires, it has expanded into a company that sells auto parts and accessories.

Canadian Tire also has had quite an array of businesses over many years that consumers love.

  • Marks Work Warehouse
  • Sport Chek
  • Party City
  • Helly Hansen
  • Parts Source
  • Atmosphere
  • Canadian Tire Gas Bar
  • Trio Hockey
  • Hockey Experts
  • Sports Experts
  • Canadian Tire Financial including the Canadian Tire Triangle MasterCard (I own this and love it)

Besides an excellent return policy, shopping at Canadian Tire, you’ll find many products.

  • Mens and Women’s work apparel
  • Sporting Goods including bikes, excercise machines and weights
  • Toys
  • Tires
  • Repair and maintenance shop for vehicles
  • Garden Supplies and equiptment
  • Household Furniture and Lighting
  • Home Maintenance Items and parts
  • Baby care such as car seats
  • Grocery snack items including water and pop
  • Seasonal Decor and Outdoor Furniture
  • Kitchenware and small appliances

There is a wide selection of offers available for customers who create an account with Canadian Tire.

To retain customers, businesses are continuously offering personalized deals sent to members based on purchase history.

Hudson’s Bay Canada

Hudson’s Bay, often known as ‘The Bay,’ is an online clothing retailer with department stores across Canada and the Netherlands.

It is a thriving online brand specializing in handbags, women’s and men’s clothing, and homeware products.

With around 14.95 million estimated online visits per month, the online Hudson’s Bay is one of Canada’s leaders in fashion and beauty, with high-end goods for men, women, and the home.

Welcome offers include money off with your first purchases; this can often include a deal of $10 off your first $50 purchase for new customers.

Flash sales are often available with significant discounts and regular free shipping offers on orders over $99.

Their online offers are often better than in-store offers with $25 off $150+ purchases instead of $15 off $125+ in-store offers.

Costco Canada

Costco is one of the largest global organizations with an online presence and brick-and-mortar in numerous countries worldwide.

With their low warehouse prices on well-known brands, Amazon is a solid competitor with their diverse range of products.

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For Canadians looking for appliances to gift baskets, caskets to jewellery, office furniture to sports and fitness, Costco has something for almost every need.

With different levels of membership, new customers can get a range of various offers.

Executive Members can receive $40 off of a $200 purchase, while Gold Star Members can receive $20 off of a $100 purchase.

Each membership comes at a different price, but more and more offers are made available throughout the year once customers are registered.

With a wide range of companies expanding and offering a more diverse range of products and services, more competition comes with specialized businesses.

Big organizations like Costco and Amazon can offer new customers appealing offers and continued lower costs and regular promotions.

By encouraging customers to use their sites, they can now find a more comprehensive selection of products and services to avoid having to shop around,

This type of shopping experience caters to the modern customer who wants things brought to them.

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With online entertainment and gambling sites, companies such as DraftKings will need to attract players with appealing offers for membership.

With a wide selection of online providers, it can be difficult for a potential customer to decide upon a specific site without the offers that come with registration.

Ensuring the customer is then retained after the initial offers is the key to continued business.

Welcome Offers Are A Perk

Lastly, if welcome offers and member discounts weren’t a popular marketing strategy, they wouldn’t exist, but customers still buy them.

Why? Because the perks are fantastic, which is why I said yes to my Canadian Tire MasterCard years ago.

The just of the matter is when a business can give something away free, offer discounts or continuous online or in-store deals, it’s worth it for the consumer.

There’s no point leaving money on the table, especially at stores you regularly visit.

Discussion: Who do you think offers the best Online Welcome Offers in Canada?

Could you leave me your comments below?


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