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How I Made My First $1000 Blog Income

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Making my first $1000 worth of blog income was incredible, and I’ll share with you how I did it.

I’ve been pouring our lives and those of others into Canadian Budget Binder for nine years.

We live in a 1996 cookie-cutter home in a tranquil area just outside of the city.

When you walk in, you’ll notice we have a lived-in look, and nothing matches.

Our carpet needs to be ripped out, and there are broken tiles in the entryway.

Nothing about the way we live screams wealth or millionaire lifestyle because we’re not.

As we are into our 40’s now, there has been no desire to buy a bigger or better house.

I’m not sure if anyone else is the same but paying higher bills for more space doesn’t work for us.

How I Made My First $1000 Blog Income on Canadian Budget Binder
How I Made My First $1000 Blog Income

Earning A Blog Income Was A Dream Come True

I never dreamed that sharing my life experiences on a Canadian blog would become fruitful.

Heck, my first $100 blog income deposited into my PayPal account was worthy of a song and dance.

What you don’t want to become as a blogger is a money hoarder or, like I call it, money-obsessed.

My first piece of advice is that anything you need to pay for about blogging, you can find it online for free.

Whether it’s a budget or printables, or advice on fashion in an e-book, I won’t pay for it.

The more I’ve learned, the better I get at the blogging game, which is why I suggest borrowing or buying Blogging For Dummies.

Even the public library has lots of books about blogging, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Sure, I could earn even more blogging, but I don’t have a blogging course or a book.

When you start charging for courses and books, other bloggers offer affiliate programs.

Affiliate Income

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is where you share a product that you’ve used or recommended on your blog.

This is one of the top ways bloggers earn income on their blog, along with sponsored posts and ads.

If a user clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a small income.

Be Wary About What You Buy To Learn About Blogging

Some of these links may offer the reader a discount if they buy their buddies course.

Now it becomes a game of who can sell each other’s blogging courses to earn extra income.

I’m not here to sell you something that you can find online for free.

There is a game between bloggers who will convince you that you NEED to buy a course to become blog wealthy as they are.

This becomes a virtual marketing system where they promote each other often without even buying the course themselves.

I once fell into this trap with a blogger who assured me the course would teach me something.

She told me the course was worth it, so stupid I bought it for $132 (around there).

I was excited because she earns millions each year, and I wanted to know the magical secret.

It turns out there was no magic and nothing I didn’t already know as a blogger.

Some professional bloggers have legitimate courses, but that doesn’t mean you will do as well as they have.

I felt that the marketing was sketchy yet backed by all these bloggers who want to become just like her.

How could it be wrong? Well, it wasn’t a good fit, and she knew it when I had asked her if I’d gain anything from it.

It seems almost like a following of believers who don’t want to step out of line. Fake as it gets.

Playing games to get rich or show off wealth is never something I want to do.

Be A Teacher First

When I create something on the Canadian Budget Binder, I offer it for free.

I am a finance teacher and also learn from the readers of my blog through their experiences.

Allowing yourself to listen to what your readers are going through and that you’re helping them means the world to me.

This is what I love to do.

Just A Blog About Budgeting

This blog was never meant to be my full-time income, and it can be risky if it’s treated that way.

Of course, the millionaires who have already stashed their cash don’t care.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that blogging isn’t scary, and anyone can make money with time.

You can read blogging success stories online for free, but that won’t make you wealthy.

What you can learn is what they’ve done along with what worked and didn’t work.

That’s sort of what you will be getting from me. I hope you don’t mind and enjoy it.

Blog Income Is Not The End Goal

Putting a blogging plan into motion and becoming a product takes time.

From there, they have a few people who read the articles, and they continue to get shared.

Blogging should be about life experiences and how things were handled and not a money-making machine.

I was once told that the money would come as long as you love what you do.

The full-time job I have outside of blogging I love, and I enjoy blogging.

Some bloggers are raking in cash, and that’s all they care about.

Talk about a boring life, oh but they have money, your money.

Blog With Integrity And Care For Your Readers

My advice is never to change the person you are when you blog because people notice.

Living on a blogger’s salary is possible as long as you are committed to your blog.

It also depends on where you want to live and the type of lifestyle you desire.

You can blog anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and, of course, a blog.

I think of a blog as a bloggers diary of what they’ve learned about in life shared with the world.

There are some bloggers I have connected with from a financial standpoint, and that’s all I need.

Earning $1000 Blog Income In One Year

How I Made, My First $1000 Blogging Income over a year was moving for me.

I was doing something I enjoyed doing and earning a bit of money on the side.

The best part has always been connecting with the fans whether they struggle or have struggled before.

One year in the middle of a winter storm, we made a pit-stop at a CBB reader home to deliver a $100 gift card.

She has always helped me with the blog whenever I needed it, and she is still reading today.

That’s what I call a blog friendship worth hanging onto.

Unfortunately, she was not home, so Mrs. CBB gave the Christmas card to her son.

Friendship is fantastic when you are a blogger, but lots happen to earn blog income behind the scenes.

At first, I earned a small income on WordPress dot com, and then I moved to WordPress. Org.

This blog has been designed and redesigned three times in nine years and is worth every dollar.

Typically a blog overhaul can cost over one thousand dollars or more based on need.

Positive Affirmation Helps Blog Income

If you’ve ever heard the expression that you need to spend money to make money, it’s true.

However, spend your money wisely when it comes to blogging because not everything is as it seems.

I don’t have any favourite blogging courses because I’ve only bought one, and it was far too essential for my experience.

In truth, I made a couple of blogging friends and read the book Blogging For Dummies.

Here I am today, earning far more than $1000 blogging each month without the help of any course.

I did write a 10 Step Mini Budgeting Course, but it’s FREE.

If you are considering starting a blog, a bit of advice is to believe in yourself and not compare.

  • Be Funny
  • Don’t buy silly gimmicks to help your blogging income increase
  • Read for free online about blogging and ask questions
  • Don’t argue with other competitors in your niche because it won’t solve anything.
  • Be truthful and if you fuck up, so be it. You start again or change the way you approach blogging.
  • Allow other bloggers in your Niche to share their story on your blog
  • Build a network of bloggers who you can relate to
  • Don’t become greedy if you start to make big money. Just be you.

Tools I Use To Earn Blog Income

To be successful on Pinterest, I use Tailwind, which helps me create new pins for Pinterest and saves me time. Use my unique affiliate link and get $15 free.

Pinterest drives a good amount of traffic to CBB because it’s a search engine, not a part of social media.

This blog fits perfectly with BIg Scoots hosting, as the guys have indeed been the best to me over many years. Seriously if you start a blog, go with BigScoots Hosting.

I use Mediavine full-service ad management as my publishing company, and I love their customer service and money-making opportunities.

Mailerlite is the email service that I currently use to send my blogs to all subscribers, including my bi-weekly newsletter. Again, their customer service has been exceptional.

If you’re like me and not confident with designing your website, you can hire someone to do that.

I also use FIVER if I need a logo made or other blogging services done cheaply.

Get a beautiful customized logo today with!

Fiver also helps bloggers with the following services almost all I’ve used for CBB.

  • Graphics & Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business Consulting
  • Writing & Translation
  • Digital Marketing

Canadian Budget Binder can’t live without Grammarly Pro, and since I’ve ordered it, I promised it could stay forever.

I realized just how awful my grammar was after using Grammarly, and I’m working on it.

Again, Grammarly is a MUST for Canadian Budget Binder, so I suggest checking it out for your blog.

Grammarly is the best Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker that I’ve tried online.

You can find all of the blog tools on the Canadian Budget Binder to earn a blog income.

I’ll talk about Search Engine Optimization and Plugins I use on the blog in an upcoming post.

Blog Income Report 2013

I planned to share my blog income report with you to get an idea of how much money CBB earns.

There is a specific financial threshold you must meet that you need to get a business licence.

I’m not there yet but getting close, so any income that I earn must go on my income tax return.

Related: Self-Employed Guide For Business Owners In Canada

Although I don’t have data from 2012, it won’t matter because I didn’t earn even a penny,

In my second year, you can see I earned a cozy $692.27. However, my blog expenses were $457.00

$692.27- 457.00 = $235.27 was my income for 2013.

08-May-13E-Book Sale$3.37
31-May-13Word Ad’s (Word Press)$102.22
31-Jul-13SheKnows Canada$130.00
26-Nov-13Visa Mastercard Post$200.00
02-Dec-13Marketing Services for Text Link$125.00
03-Dec-13E-Book Sale$1.68
25-Dec-13SheKnows Canada$130.00
2013 Total $692.27
Yearly Blog Income 2013 and Expenses
12-Feb-13Domain Reg 2012$25.00
11-Mar-13Engine 1 Media$250.00
12-Dec-13Domain Reg 2013$26.00
25-Dec-13Paid Writer$25.00
Yearly Blog Expenses 2013

Moving Forward With Blog Income

It wasn’t until about four years ago when I learned the art of affiliate income, sponsored posts, social media and extensive SEO (search engine optimization).

I’ve been working hard to build my email list with mailerlite and adding more freebies to the blog.

Until 2014, I earned the most I had ever made in a year, $2113.55 minus blog expenses.

As you can see, my hard work was paying off, and I had met my goal within two years of blogging.

When I do another Blog Income Report, I’ll do a catch-up showing you 2014-2020.

I’ve been amazed at how fast you can earn a blog income with lots of effort and a fan base who believes in you.

If there is any other information you’d like to know about blogging, send me an email or comment below.

Social Media Counts

Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Flipboard and Tumblr.

If you haven’t joined any of my social media pages, please do.

I’ll update the numbers during my next blog income report or How to Blog Post.

  • Twitter 6605
  • Pinterest 11,500 I love Pinterest but it’s a search engine and not social media.
  • Flipboard 1755
  • Tumblr 26 (I’m not on this as much but working on building it now)
  • Instagram 455 (This one is important to me although I might hire help for it) Interested? PM Me.
  • Facebook CBB 9886
  • Facebook Free Recipe Depot 3330
  • Blog 1511 plus I lost almost 1000 when I integrated from to Mailerlite. That’s fine as we will keep working on spreading the news about Canadian Budget Binder.
  • Bloglovin 531

Organic Traffic Is King

Organic traffic comes from online searches and is the king of earning income for many bloggers.

For example, if you type Canadian Budget Binder in Google, it will populate a list and perhaps photos.

Hopefully, you’ll see CBB at the top since that’s what you’re looking for.

Another way is if you are looking for the Scanning Code of Practice, you’ll find CBB on the first page of Google.

The more blog posts you write that can make it to page one of Google, the better your blog will be seen.

Organic traffic is highly based on SEO, so read Blogging For Dummies if you aren’t familiar with it.

Tik Tok Your Way To More Blog Income

Tik Tok is a great way to stumble into more money for a blog income if that’s your thing.

I haven’t ventured to TikTok yet, but I plan to tie up some loose ends with the blog first.

That’s all for this session of How I made my first $1000 on Canadian Budget Binder.

Most certainly, hit me up with any questions, as I mentioned above.


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