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How to Check if a Game Discount is Worth it

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Every gamer likes a game discount, but is it worth spending the money?

According to research firm New Zoo, 85% of gamers in Canada and the US love video game skins.

For the uninitiated, skins are cosmetic add-ons that improve the visuals of video game characters, weapons and cars.

Major video game franchises make money by selling video game skins, battle passes, and other add-ons.

People love these add-ons so much that there’s a new booming industry centred on trading skins.

This article will discuss how to spot good gaming discounts for skins, weapons, and battle passes. Ready? Let’s get started.

If you are a gamer you know the value of money when it comes to a game discount, on skins, add-ons and accessories, but are they worth it?
IIf you are a gamer, you know the value of money for a
game discount on skins, add-ons and accessories, but are they worth it?

Spend The Money Only If You’ll Use The Product

Do You Want the Product?

When you first come across a gaming discount, you should ask yourself whether you want the product.

Let’s say Fortnite has a 25% discount on all its skins.

Fortnite is a huge video game for sure. But are you a fan?

When was the last time you played Fortnite?

If you’re a big fan of Fortnite and want one of the skins at a discount, you can buy it.

However, If you’re not sure you like the video game title, don’t waste your money on the skins, no matter how big the discount is.

While at it, also prioritize products that can bring you long-term joy.

If a game discount applies to a product you can use only for a couple of days, it’s probably not worth it.

Game Discount Vs. Regular Price

How Much Does the Item Cost without a Game Discount?

The easiest way to determine whether a discount is worth anything is to check a product’s original amount.

Maybe a video game normally charges $1 for a decent shotgun.

But then there’s an offer to buy the same shotgun for $0.95.

It’s an offer for 5-cents, which isn’t a big deal unless you plan to buy game weapons in bulk.

Checking the original prices for products on offer also helps you create priorities.

Most of us are willing to allocate cash to excellent gaming discounts.

Although, if an offer isn’t worth it, you can use your savings to purchase more important stuff.

Is The Game Discount Worth It?

How Big is the Discount?

Gaming discounts aren’t created equal. Picture this example. One Canadian casino offers to match your first deposit 100% up to $200. Then there’s a site with a 25% discount worth up to $200.

The two gaming discounts involve making a deposit. However, one of them doubles your deposit amount.

The other one offers a quarter of your deposit amount if you read it carefully.

You ought to compare offers to determine which discount is best for your gaming needs in light of that information.

Game Discounts Terms and Conditions

While in the process, take note of the terms involved.

Most operators have rules about who can claim a discount and how to use it. If it’s related to slots, poker and blackjack, also beware of wager requirements and game weighting.

Strict terms and conditions can hinder you from making the best of your gaming discount.

They could also help you decide whether the bonus is worth your time or not.

Create An Entertainment Budget Category

What’s Your Budget?

Let’s face it. There’s a gaming discount somewhere every day. If you had a limitless pit of cash to spend, you could buy daily video game skins, and battle passes on value.

In reality, we all have to operate under a budget that can include entertainment.

Perhaps you have a $50 weekly budget for video game purchases. But then there’s a new title coming soon that costs well over $50.

The intelligent thing to do would be to save up and buy the game the following week if the discount still applies.

If it’s a limited offer, you can go out of your way to buy it if it’s essential to you.

Otherwise, spending beyond your budget is never wise for non-emergency situations like video games.

If you like a new game, characters and weapons but can’t afford them, don’t make a purchase.

Grocery Shopping For Game Discounts

Are You Saving Money?

Sometimes discounts aren’t discount. Developers and publishers can put products on sale and add a discount tag to attract people’s attention. It’s not illegal, and it’s also not correct.

But since it happens, you need to be cautious not to spend on items that don’t help you save money.

Take time to search around for the actual price of PUBG skins after you spot discounts at your favourite skins trading apps.

If you can get the same skins at a different site for an equal or lower price, there’s no need to purchase them because of a discount.

It means you can grab the decorative features later on at the same price.

Buying From A Reputable Company

What’s the Company’s Reputation?

Video game discounts can be a hit or a miss. Take loot boxes as an example. Some of them are great—Overwatch. Others are terrible—most EA games.

Against that backdrop, it’s essential to know whether a gaming publisher has a history of giving out useful freebies or not.

With video games like Overwatch and Destiny 2, you can risk discounted loot boxes because they have great loots.

Unfortunately, some games are known to scam people with loot boxes.

So, even if they have an offer to buy some of their loots, it would be unwise to purchase them.

What Value Does The Product Offer You?

As we’ve already mentioned, video game skins aren’t just cosmetics.

They’re worth money. And being rare in nature, the value goes up with time.

Owing to that backdrop, a gaming discount might be worth grabbing even if you don’t need it immediately.

You come across the CS: GO Stat-Track at a 50% discount.

If you have the money, buying the skin would be a no-brainer considering it costs thousands dollars.

In other words, any skins worth good money are worth buying when offered at a discount.

The discount acts as a way of purchasing the items cheap. Then you sell them for a profit once the game is no longer in circulation.

That said, learn how to buy skins with great demand, and you could earn a good profit.


Gamers range in age from school-age children to an adult of any age and like reading a book it gives them pleasure.

Do you have a gamer in your house who purchases accessories such as skins or character upgrades?

Please leave me your comments below.



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