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How To Make The Best Of Your Netflix Subscription

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Are you looking for some Netflix hacks to power up your experience? Then look no further!

As the price of the subscription service climbs—it has nearly doubled in the last decade—everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck.

Today we have some great tips to help you get much more from your Netflix subscription and customize it to suit your needs hassle-free.

Netflix Hacks
Netflix Subscribers Only

Clear Your Netflix History to get More Recommendations

Knowing how to delete Netflix history is a handy Netflix hack everyone should know.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of the algorithm constantly giving us recommendations based on something we started to watch and found out we hated.

By clearing your profile, you have the opportunity to reset your recommendations and better tailor them around things you will actually watch instead of what they pushed based on faulty data.

All you need to do is head to the account section on the homepage, open your viewing activity, and clear the list of things you don’t want to see anymore.

Voila! A clean slate to find new favourites. This is also a fantastic tool to use if you’d rather hide your more embarrassing picks from the rest of the users on your account, too.

Finding Random Shows On Netflix

Are you happy with the algorithm picks but want to find exciting new options?

If you’ve gotten sick of scrolling and can’t pick anything, then just click the new ‘play something’ feature on Netflix.

However, this feature hasn’t yet been deployed to desktop and mobile devices.

If you watch from those devices, fret not; several external sites will help you pick a random show or movie instead.

It’s time to find something new and dazzling you wouldn’t have tried for yourself!

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Unlock Extra Genres

Did you know that those tried-and-trusted genres like action and comedy, which you see displayed, aren’t the only options on offer?

Netflix actually has hundreds of genres to choose from. It just sticks to the top picks for mass display.

You can manually search each subgenre they offer—we promise there are tons—by entering its subgenre code, which you can easily find online.

Laptop users win here, as there’s also a Chrome extension you can use to search these genres.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Netflix

Another excellent feature for viewers who watch Netflix on their laptops or desktops is that Netflix lets you use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your viewing experience.

There’s plenty out there, but here are a few that we’ve found most helpful:

  • Arrow Keys: Skip ahead or back 10 seconds by tapping or holding to skip in 10-second intervals. Up and Down will raise or lower the volume accordingly
  • Enter or Spacebar: Toggle, pause, and play.
  • S Key: Skip the intro
  • F Key: Toggle your screen off or on
  • M Key: Mute and unmute

Skip the Binge

Part of Netflix’s success has been the implementation of the binge-watching model.

Where once we had to wait a week for releases on broadcast TV, a model many streaming services have kept for their brand new series, Netflix has always allowed access to even the newest content in a glut.

That’s great if you’re tucked up in bed on a rest day or sick, but not so great if you find it’s cutting into your productivity or becoming a problem. And the fact they autocue the next show and start it automatically is hard to break away from.

Simply head back to the Account page, open playback settings, and head to the autoplay options for the user you want to limit.

Uncheck the autoplay box, and you’ll have removed the temptation entirely. Because this can be done user by user, you can control your own account and leave others alone—or incentivize problem family members to get off the couch and start helping instead.

Skip, Skip, Skip!

This Netflix hack will help you banish those tiresome previews of shows and movies they want to push on you but which you have no interest in watching.

You will follow the same steps we outlined above to turn off autoplay, go to the account, click the account settings, and go to playback settings. This time, you will uncheck ‘autoplay previews’ instead and save the setting you just changed.

Now you won’t have to see annoying previews when you open Netflix.

Plus, it will also turn off the previews when you mouse over shows in the selection menu, freeing up some time and reducing annoyance too.

Find Things Faster

Choice paralysis is real with Netflix; there’s just so much to get through. It’s a vast catalog, only made more complex with the addition of new shows.

Luckily, several third-party sites online (like JustWatch) offer a faster and better-categorized search experience and highlight new and popular choices. It’s a great way to skip choosing and dive straight into watching instead.

On the Go

Last but certainly not least, our favourite Netflix hack is to use the ‘on the go’ function to pre-download series and movies for occasions when you’re on mobile data or making a long trip.

Think of it the same as downloading offline maps with Google Maps.

The data will be pre-stored on your device, ensuring you can access it without the need for network traffic at the time.

This will help conserve data when running without a solid connection and improve your viewing in poor signal areas. A great way to make your commute less dull!

With these simple Netflix hacks, you can power up your user experience and watch this popular streaming service your way, instead of in the cookie-cutter manner they expect you to.

Discussion: What other ways can you think of to get the best of Netflix?

Please leave me your comments below.


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