How To Make Quick Money From Used Goods

TURN USED GOODS INTO OPPORTUNITY EVEN AFTER YOU’VE USED IT.   When opportunity knocks there are people ready to jump on the financial bandwagon to make quick money even if it means picking up stuff for free. It may be bad etiquette to re-sell free stuff but it happens and it will continue to happen because money is opportunity for anyone who has a financial mindset or a need to survive. Your empty beer bottles, cans or anything that you would consider garbage or junk may be a gold mine to someone who is ready to turn dust into diamonds. Basically, if you’re not looking at everything you buy whether it be new or second-hand as a money-making opportunity someone else will. At least once a month or more if we can Mrs. CBB and I make a trip to the second-hand shops in town to see what new stuff is on the shelves. If you haven’t been it’s a money pot for anyone who is shopping for quick money purposes. The minute we walk through the doors of any second-hand shop we instantly have our money monitor turned on looking for the next opportunity. In a way it’s like […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Jan 6-12, 2014 #2: Does a product name entice you to buy?

COOL PRODUCT NAMES ARE CATCHY   Normally on a standard shopping trip we are fairly pre-set to buy only what we went in for unless there are reduced items, in-store unadvertised food sale or super special deals on offer. Just lately I’ve started to notice products or rather the product name that are either funny, weird product names or just plain hopeful.   Funny product names   There are probably a lot more products out there than what I’ve seen, but one particular product name got me thinking about others. This creative name is “Anti-Monkey Butt” and pertains to a powder and fights friction. I didn’t read too far into what it was for or how effective it is, probably because I wasn’t suffering from a bad case of monkey butt. I have previously seen “Butt Paste” which I think is for nappy rash or diaper rash for those of a North American discipline. Maybe it’s that old British sense of humour or just the double entendre (or double meaning) that I read into things that’s making it seem funnier than it really is.       Weird product names   I haven’t got any pictures of bizarre product names that don’t really describe […]

Christmas Countdown: Traditions for a lifetime of memories

WE ALL COME TOGETHER FOR LOVE   December is here and with that the countdown to Christmas has begun. Christmas traditions are something that many families carry on to make Christmas a special and memorable time for their loved ones. Mr.CBB and I recently had a brief conversation about Christmas this year and how I will not see most of my family. He made the comment to me that the older you get the weirder life gets and weird would be an accurate description of my first thoughts about how Christmas will be this year. As families grow and many want to start having their own Christmas morning with their kids in their own home, things change and this is why Christmas traditions become so important. Some traditions may not be able to continue forever but can certainly make some memories that can last a lifetime. Spending time with family and friends and helping those in need is more important to me than any gift my kids and I may receive. It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialization of the holidays and forget the true meaning of Christmas but that doesn’t mean you have to celebrate like Scrooge. […]

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