Why Secondhand Fashion Is Becoming Normal

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What Keeps You Away From Secondhand Fashion Shopping? 

I wanted to write about how secondhand fashion and other products that we’ve bought from the thrift stores helped us save money. 

We’ve heard it all about secondhand shopping but you know what? We don’t care and frugal living will be around our house for a long time. 

When people ask if we have a mortgage and I say no the first thing they ask me is how did you pay it off so fast?

It’s not just one thing that helped us burn our mortgage it’s a mixture of frugal living strategies.

Every bit of money that you can save in your budget means you can direct it to another debt you need to pay if you have any. 

Secondhand Fashion Is The New Normal

My wife has been laughed at for shopping secondhand fashion because they think we shouldn’t need to shop there. 

These are the people who are probably deep in debt and do nothing about it.

Well, we don’t sit around for money to fall in our laps to score some secondhand fashion and just about everything we can find thrift shopping. 

One of the main reasons that secondhand fashion is becoming the new norm is less money.

  1. Not enough money in the budget
  2. Covid-19 has had a major effect on the Canadian industry which means less income. 
  3. They finally figured out that secondhand fashion is great.
  4. Financial Education is all about saving money, making money, and learning how to build their income
  5. They enjoy shopping secondhand fashion even though they can afford retail. 

Secondhand Fashion To Save Budget Money

Used Fashion savings

Why Should You Buy Second-hand Fashion?

I’m 110% in agreeing that Canadians should shop at secondhand clothing shops for clothes and household items, beauty, etc.

If your budget is too close for comfort and your running short you must reconsider trying to rework your budget removing or lowering costs in other categories.

Is second-hand fashion booming?

With so many people not working, laid off,  low-income, or even people with high income are on board for the environment and to save more money. 

Anyone can shop at secondhand stores and I bet they would find something they never thought they’d find so cheap. 

I know I’ve done that a few times with t-shirts as I only buy them second-hand as I never can find jeans that fit me. 

For those, I will shop at Marks Work Warehouse as they typically have jeans on sale which is perfect for me. 

Name Brand Clothing vs. No-Name Brand

used clothing for sale

Every time we find brand name clothing that still has the tags on or in fabulous condition for $5 compared to $30 we won’t walk away.

When we go second-hand clothing shopping we all look for something that we require for less than retail.

All three of us like second-hand stores especially when we find deals as if we were on a scavenger hunt. 

On the secondhand, it doesn’t just have to be name-brand clothing as we’ve bought many no-names without issue. 

The idea of looking for secondhand fashion is to inspect what you are buying from top to bottom. 

Not all thrift stores will allow a return such as the Goodwill but Value Village will.

This is a huge perk for most people going to Value Village as they will offer you in-store credit. 

That’s good enough for me especially since I buy clothing for our son and sometimes it does not fit him. 

Environmentally Savvy

Buying secondhand fashion is earth-friendly keeping as many clothes out of the landfill in your city. 

Each time we visit a second-hand clothing store it’s like going on a hunt for some amazing deals. 

For us, both the environment and finding an awesome deal is what it’s about.

Secondhand Fashion Clothing For Kids

secondhand boys shoes

Since our son was born we always bought his clothing at secondhand fashion stores because he grows like a weed. 

Although we were given used baby clothing from friends it wasn’t much as there was no baby shower for my wife.

We’d buy his shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, jackets, and shoes and outdoor and indoor secondhand fashion we found. 

I’d definitely suggest for parents to check out secondhand fashion before buying new. 

Charity Donations 

Not all secondhand stores give to charity but for those that do, we often look through their store first.

Sometimes you have to do what you need to do for your family whether the store gives to charity or not. 

For example, Value Village and Goodwill often offer 50% off day which is a huge saving if you have the time to stand in line.

The point of being frugal with budget categories is to save you money which should be your primary concern. 

Once you are debt-free you can still shop at secondhand fashion stores as we do. 

It’s important to first make sure you have all of your expenses written down in a budget.

I haven’t bought clothing at a retail store on my own in years and that’s the way I like it. 

Popular Second-hand Clothing Stores In Ontario

Value Village

Value Village Secondhand clothing shop is our favourite store to go to even because the prices are right.

Taking a pit stop at Goodwill is also normal for us for the same reasons but their prices are far less than Value Village.

We also visit the other shops only because they are close to us and going downtown is a misery. 

Value Village how value village works

Thrift Store – The Salvation Army

We haven’t been to the Thrift Store for a while but we also take a trip to see what we can find for clothing. 

The Salvation Army in Canada owns and operates all Salvation Army Thrift Stores and has done so for more than 100 years. 

In urban communities across Canada, the majority of Thrift Stores are overseen by The Salvation Army National Recycling Operations (NRO). 

Those not operated by NRO are overseen by Salvation Army ministries such as the local church or Family Services.

By shopping and donating at The Salvation Army Thrift Store, you help give and support The Salvation Army’s programs, services and emergency relief efforts that nurture the capabilities, skills and strengths of our neighbours and friends. 

Our son is growing tall so fast and he’s in and out of clothes in a couple of months. 

Since he’s so tall there are clothing that fit him and others that are too short so second-hand clothing shops offer the best deals. 

The Salvation Army, General Booth responded to social concerns in the 19th century by creating an organization designed to meet the needs of all humans without discrimination. In response to the need for jobs and affordable merchandise, coupled with the fear of disease and a desire to preserve the land, 

Goodwill Secondhand Clothing

At the Goodwill the last time we were there we were told there were no returns available but that might have changed.

I can’t find any info on their website that they have a return policy but if they do send it to me and I’ll update this. 

Of textiles donated to us, we estimate less than 5 per cent finds its way to a local landfill, the remainder are sold in our Thrift Store or recycled with ethical recycling suppliers with proceeds supporting those in need. These suppliers are able to recycle the textiles to be used carpet padding and even upholstery stuffing. 

As frugal living shoppers, we can say that the Goodwill has some of the best deals or  Mission Thrift Storees

Missions Thrift Store

You’ll find some great deals at the Missions Thrift Store including manager deals and you can now shop online. 

Missions Thrift Store is a volunteer-driven, non-denominational Christian organization that currently operates more than 50 thrift stores across Canada.

These secondhand fashion and household items along with just about everything to fill a house with decor all at fabulous prices. 


This was a secondhand clothing store we found while we were in Hamilton and every time we go we visit Talize

The store is immaculate and clean and they have daily  manager sales which we love. Bibles for Missions does this as well. 

Talize is a proudly Canadian owned and operated for-profit retailer.

We’re passionate about Sustainable Fashion because we know the best things in life are special, loved and reused!

That means offering unbeatable prices on brand names, designer fashions, accessories, leather goods, footwear, housewares, books, toys and more – all while contributing to the health and sustainability of our planet.

Talize was the only secondhand clothing store that I easily found a Talize return policy where the others I did not. 

Church Community Offerings

I’m sure there are more out there especially second-hand clothing stores that are smaller and independent.

Consignment Stores are sill happening where you offer your clothing and it sells you get a portion of the sale.  

If you’re short of money you can find out which churches in your community can help you with clothing. 

Online Secondhand Clothing Shopping

Online thrift shopping

Two days ago I found out that Goodwill and Talize are now online selling items due to Covid-19. 

At first I thought that was great and my second thought was holy smokes the charity shops are loaded with items. 

In addition to selling items in our Goodwill Community Stores, Bookstores, Boutiques and Outlet, bargain hunters can find several specialty and unique items available through our online listings and auctions.

I feel that online shopping is the first place most Canadians are going to because of Covid-19 and most brick and mortar stores are closed.

It was pretty cool to see that Goodwill and started online shopping to keep the window open for people who rely on secondhand.

Discussion: Why else would people shop for secondhand fashion instead of retail? 

Leave me your comments below.

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