Sticky meringue roulade with honey cream stuffed with cranberry and raspberries

A LIGHT AFTER DINNER CAKE   Everyone likes something sweet once in a while and this treat is sure to please even the finicky dessert eater. We all love to eat at Christmas time and if you are anything like me you love the variety of  desserts generally available at many gatherings. The problem I have is when I have eaten turkey and all the trimmings that I am sometimes way too full to be eating anything else. To end your meal with something sweet I am sharing with you today a light alternative to your other heavy on the stomach Christmas desserts. Today I have a roulade recipe called a sticky meringue roulade with honey cream stuffed with cranberry and raspberries. The roulade is also known as cake roll recipes or simply rolled that can be created with various flavours and fillings which can be sweet or savory.   What is meringue?   A wonderfully frivolous thing a meringue recipe is made with using just the egg whites of an egg, sugar and an acid such as lemon or vinegar, cornflour which is corn starch in Canada then whisked until soft peaks are formed–light as air, sweet as honey […]

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