Simple Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam (Low-Carb and Sugar-Free)

PACKED WITH FLAVOUR AND LOADED FULL OF NUTRIENTS THIS STRAWBERRY RHUBARB CHIA SEED JAM DELIVERS   Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam comes packed full of nutrients, vibrant red in colour, tart yet sweet and perfect on its own or used as a topping or sauce. Close your eyes right now and imagine a stack of your favourite pancakes dripping with sugar-free syrup and Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam. Delicious right? I don’t have to imagine because we’ve tried it and love it! We’ve also made homemade ice-cream with the jam then topped it off with even more of the preserve. It’s all around easy to make and deliciously healthy. What I love about this jam is that you don’t have to slave over the stove nor do any fancy work to get it done. Essentially this is a refrigerator or freezer jam which means you can store it away and enjoy without canning. The process takes about 30 minutes from start to finish but keeping it in the refrigerator over-night is the key to its success. All these years we’ve had this amazing rhubarb growing in our back garden which we presume made its way into the ground about 20 […]

Rhubarb Cherry Applesauce

NEW WAYS TO USE RHUBARB   Although this Rhubarb Cherry Applesauce is unique compared to traditional applesauce I will say that the change in ingredients tastes great. If you love the tartness of rhubarb and the sweet taste of cherries and apples this is an applesauce you will want to try. I’m always trying to come up with recipes to use the vast amount of rhubarb our one plant gives us every year. I don’t know if it’s because it was planted practically under the downspout on the side of our house or it just likes its home but it sure does give us an abundance of rhubarb without fail every year. It got to the point where our freezer was starting to fill up with bags and bags of frozen rhubarb which I promised my wife I would make something with. Well 2 years later we still have beautiful rhubarb waiting to be used up plus the new crop we get this year. Since the birth of our son we have started making our own fruit puree and it wasn’t until my mother was here that the idea of making Rhubarb applesauce came to my mind. I haven’t had […]

grocery game monthly challenge

How to budget groceries for visiting out-of-town guests: The Grocery Game Challenge #4 May 25-31, 2015

FOOD FOR EVERYONE   As you may know Mrs. CBB and I have out-of-town guests staying with us for 3 weeks. My parents are visiting from the UK which means our lovely grocery budget of $235 a month may just take a beating. Setting up the guest room and bathroom was the easy part. We cleared out the closets, put fresh linens on the bed, dusted and cleaned both rooms so it was ready for our guests. When we created our grocery budget we never thought much to having guests staying over at our house or to factor that in. If you are having guests stay over for a few days it likely won’t impact your budget much at all but if it’s for weeks or even months you may want to consider how you can budget the extra expenses into your grocery budget. Eating out is convenient when you have guests staying at your house but if you are anything like us YOU will pay the bill not your guests. That can get pricey if you start to eat out often so we opted to buy good food and cook it at home. The great thing is that my […]

Classic Rhubarb Pie with Meringue Topping

THE BEST RHUBARB PIE   Since Spring has sprung I’ve decided to make my Classic Rhubarb Pie with the perfect meringue topping. I know many of you may think my Rhubarb pie should be topped with a lattice or a crumble topping, but not necessarily. Those are both 2 delicious ways to top off a Rhubarb pie but I also like to top my pie with a delightful meringue. Meringue also makes the pie very light and fluffy. I also make my lemon pie with meringue at the same time since I make a large batch of meringue. It seems the Rhubarb pie is ALWAYS the first to go. If you enjoy strawberries you can also add some to the pot and make a Rhubarb Strawberry Pie which will add a bit more sweetness to the pie as Rhubarb is very tart. Some people like to eat Rhubarb with a bit of salt and sugar for the reason of it being so tart. Don’t believe me? Take a bite next time you have some Rhubarb and you’ll see. When I was younger I used to pick my moms fresh Rhubarb from the garden, wash it and then dip it straight […]

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