Budgeting for Love on Valentines Day

Like most men, I wonder what I should plan special for my wife on Valentine’s Day. An automatic Day where love is in the air,  but seems like every other day to me. You ask any man and he is terrified about not doing enough for Valentine’s Day or getting the right gifts for her. He wants to make sure everything is perfect!

I ask myself…..

  • Do I love her more today than I did yesterday?

Romantic Valentine’s Ideas come to mind but at what cost?

  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Candlelit Dinner
  • Dozen Red Roses
  • Box of the best Chocolates
  • A beautiful card that says I love you!
  • A date she will never forget

Men save your dollars for today is the day, you WILL break the bank or potentially break her heart. According to Global TV News men spend an average $158 and women $75 on Valentine’s Day.

  • Planing ahead and budgeting for these expenses are simple.

Did you know that “Rose’s” are most expensive on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year? Learn how to save money on Rose’s and why Red may not be your first pick.

Whether you are dating or married you should budget in the “Love” if that’s the kind of  spender you are.

My Valentine’s Budget Category suggestion;

  • “Love  Bucks” section of the budget which you could use for all special romantic occasions. Average out what you would both spend on each other for gifts throughout the year example: $200
  • Divide that number by 12 and save that monthly in your budget as a projected expense ex: $200/12=$16.66 a month
  • If you have separate bank accounts you can also stash it away in there. This allows you to take out cash when you want to spend it on each other without having to justify it as you’ve already budgeted the money.

It is for these days your heart is filled with romance and your pockets filled with a hole. Be Prepared! For my wife today on Valentine’s Day I give her my heart, my love, my forever like every day of our lives. This my friends costs you $0 but time, invest in it, nurture it and Say it like you mean it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!

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  1. I like roses as well as the next girl but I like mine to still have roots and to actually smell like roses should thank you!!!! Save the money, after 36 years I’ll take my flowers in May so I can plant them in the garden and enjoy much longer!!!

  2. We have a low-key Valentine’s celebration. I’m the budgeter in our household and I clearly state long before Valentine’s Day that I don’t want hubby buying overprized roses, I love chocolates, but they don’t have to be in a heart-shaped box, if hubby’s smart he will have purchased the chocolates on sale after Christmas. 🙂 I make a special dinner at home and will splurge a bit on something that we might not normally have but its still much more inexpensive than eating out. We do exchange cards, which I think are over-priced but hey you have to weigh your options and a $7 card is still cheaper than roses and dining out. 🙂

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