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Are Second Hand Shops Worth Buying Clothes At?

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Many second hand shops offer new or gently used clothing, furniture, toys, accessories and other household items for a fraction of what consumers would pay retail.

Who wouldn’t want to shop there first, right? Wrong!

Do you shop at second hand shops?

Embarassed To Buy Second Hand

I know some people who are too worried about if someone they know sees them shopping at second hand shops.

They will take it as far as going incognito so no one will recognize them. Swallow that for a moment.

Myself, I waltz right in as I prefer second-hand shops and the bargains that come along with them.

If you’re too worried what your neighbour or friend might think of you because they see you in the store I want you to consider this. 

If they see you in the second hand shops, then you must see them.

The stigma put on second hand shops by society is that they are for the poor or for low-income students which is false.

Second hand shops such as Value Village, The Salvation Army Thrift Store ( Sally Ann), Talize, Bibles For Missions and other closet and vintage shops have grown in popularity over the last decade. Why?

The answer is easy many people now see the value in second hand shops and the items they sell.

Consumers also see the savings and understand the cost to the environment and the re-use value which is vital.

Most clothing if not donated ends up in clear bags stuffing our landfills to the point of no return.

Some recycling facilities will ship clothing to third-world countries, but not all.

Canadians need to cut down on landfill waste and recycle more and donate what they can and pass the benefits on to someone else.

If you want to find a book or a piece of furniture visit community second-hand shops first which is what we do.

I have even refinished some furniture and we now use it in our home. 

Online Second Hand Shops

Alternatively, you can try to find a bargain on Kijiji or Freecycle at a fraction of the cost new or even FREE.

I started visiting second-hand shops a long time ago, actually, my mum and dad were avid thrift shoppers and still are today.

Typically, I only buy t-shirts and work clothes where the pay-off has been huge whether it be brick and mortar or online used items.

I go through t-shirts at work like nobody’s business and they are trash by the time I am through with them.

There really is no point in buying new clothes for work when I will only dirty them.

On occasion, I will ask my freecycle friends if they have any used t-shirts they no longer wear.

I don’t care what color they are or what they say on them as long as it’s suitable for work.

The people in the freecycle community are very welcoming to everyone and if you need something with-in reason, you most likely can find it.

Second Hand Shops Are For Everyone

Yesterday I picked up a couple of deals while shopping at Value Village during their 50% off sale which happens on a rotating basis.

Basically, the entire store is 50% off the listed tag price or it may be a specific event where only clothing is up for grabs.

I love surfing, skating and snowboarding so naturally when I noticed a mint condition REEF T-shirt for $2 I grabbed it.

Check it out below,what do you think?

These t-shirts can range in price close to $50 Canadian unless you snag a good on-line deal.

I also picked up a couple of tank top t-shirts for work and Mrs. CBB picked up a brand new blouse with tags for only $2.50.

I’m sure the regular price was far more than that so we get the savings and keep another shirt out of the landfill. 

All of these frugal items fit nicely into our monthly clothing budget too since we have a set amount we can spend if needed.

At the end of the day, thrift stores are great if you know what you are looking for.

If you carry a smartphone around with you Google a product or price while you are in the second hand shops to see if you are getting a deal or not.

Even if you don’t know what you are looking for it’s worth popping in to see if you can snag a bargain and in some cases a rare antique worth lots of money.

Have you ever watched the tv program Storage Wars on A&E, some of the finds would blow you away.

At least I was stunned to see what they find locked away in a storage unit.

You never know what people throw away, donate or will give to you for free.

It could be worth nothing to them but worth millions to you even if it is a t-shirt!

So to answer my question:  Is it worth it to shop at Second Hand Shops?

You bet it is as long as you know your prices!

Discussion: Do you believe it is worth the money to visit second-hand shops? Leave me a comment below as I enjoy your feedback.

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