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Paid by Cash In Canada- New Home,New Baby,New Garage Door Openers!

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I’ve started a new Category devoted to my FANS who send me emails about how they paid cash for items they needed.

Our first story today was submitted by Amanda Kosher who  lives in Ontario. She tells us her story which is both inspirational and touching. Saving to pay for what you need in cash keeps you away from the dreaded evil credit monster.

Thanks Amanda for sharing your story with the Canadian Budget Binder community!



Here’s Amanda’s Story:

We sold our house in last year and purchased a bigger one in Ontario,Canada. The house we sold had all the bells and whistles. We lived there for more than 15 years so we had updated everything.

We built on a deck added garage door openers, put in a skylight, a hot tub, you name it, that house had it all. Our new house was a newer built 3500 sq ft estate home, which the original owners began to upgrade but ran out of money.  Although the home was new, big and beautiful, it had no deck, no garage door openers and no landscaping.

Our situation not being like it was 15 years earlier where we could just do what we wanted when we wanted (meaning we were childless), we now had 3 kids and one on the way, and with maternity leave around the corner, not a nickel to spare.

At work, sitting in the lunch room, one of my co-workers was explaining how the payroll clerk deposits her pay into 2 accounts, one for saving, one for bills.  I went to see her and said “I just happen to have an old account sitting dormant, could you take 10% of my pay every pay period and deposit it into that account?” She agreed and we started this in February 2011.

My goal was to have enough to buy and have installed 3 garage door openers by December, when our new baby would be born. I didn’t want to have to bring her out into the cold when we went on outings.

I went to Home Depot and priced the garage door openers. I was told it would be just over $1000 for 3  garage door openers installed, so that was my goal. I was able to save the $1000 by the end of October that same year.

I  went back to Home Depot, Paid CASH and had the garage door openers installed two weeks later as an early Christmas gift to my husband.

It felt so good to know there would be no credit card bill! Made the wait well worth it! Now, I’m saving again for a deck!


Amanda Kosher

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  1. Your house looks lovely!!!! I think if we ever moved from here I’d be digging up plants all over the garden so I could take them with me. That would help out my landscaping but I think it’s great that ypou got the garage door openers the way you did!! Enjoy!!

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