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My Canadian Neighbour Paid Me To Walk My Dog ~ So Thanks!

When I started this blog I thought if I ever did any advertising I would be thrilled to make enough money for a case of beer a month.  I don’t drink often but in the hot summer I don’t mind a cold one or 2 out on the deck with me mates.

Although I love budgeting, quitting me day job to sit with you on a full-time basis is not yet a reality … although I’m optimistic.  Everyone knows Mr.CBB is a frugal young man who loves to save his pennies where he can.  If that means picking one up off the ground, ya damn right I will. Money is money even when it’s free money and every penny counts.

Last autumn we took a drive up to the local park where campers spent some of their summer. We were able to wander in free of charge as the sun was put away for another year. While walking round I poked my head in a bin. To my surprise I saw… yep you guessed it, “beer cans” and lots of them.

I normally keep a plastic bag in my truck so what began as a stroll in the park turned into “I wonder if I can get enough can’s to cover the cost of a case of beer”  ha!  You’re laughing I know but you won’t be when I tell you after one hour checking (every single bin in the joint) we managed to find enough cans to get 1 case of beer! That’s right folks 1 free 24 of BEER!

Now I”m not saying everyone should pop there head in bins looking for beer cans (unless you want to) but if it’s staring at you, grab it.  Although I wish I could go back once a week this was only a one time affair as the season was over like I mentioned earlier.

So what’s a man to do…..

I truly, could not believe how much Canadians throw away in the garbage, especially money.  I even found some wine bottles as well… you know you get money back for them too right?

Since buying our first home in Canada we have been walking the dog around the block 2 times per day once in the morning and once in the evening. The wife an avid couponer  (I assist) was always keeping an eye out for freebies in our neighbours  bins.

Once I started to pay more attention I started to notice…

You guessed it…

BEER CANS! lots of beer cans…. I thought my neighbours must be loaded (rich) to be able to toss them out! Who throws money away? I mean if you drink them you must go back to get more, so why are you tossing money in the bin?

Note** It may be a  by-law in some cities that people are not permitted to take from bins put out to the curb. If  it is a by-law you  simply could ask your neighbour if you can have what’s in their bin.  Call your local City as not all cities/towns have a by-law depending on where you live.

I’ve chalked it up to

1-Simply being lazy

2-The wife can’t stand finding the cans all over the house she just tosses them in the bin

3-Too drunk to organize them for return?

Yesterday for example I found a bin jam packed with cans and I mean jammed (though not all cans o’ booze).  I wasn’t sure that my bags would hold them all but they did.

I ended up with 21 beer cans and 2 wine bottles from one house! That’s $2.50 of free beer for me or money in my budget!

You can see from the picture above those are most of the cans I simply collected from a blue bin at my neighbours house while walking the dog. So I just wanted to write this and say, Thank-you to  my neighbour  for paying me to walk my dog!

You all make me so happy! 🙂



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  1. Many times after our tenants vacate, we need to clean the place.The amount of stuff they leave behind is unbelieveable.Coins scattered on the floor, canned food in the cupboards, recyclable containers, useful furniture. Sometimes it is the only rental arrear payments we get from them 🙂
    ..not to mention the hours and hours andhours of cleaning 🙁

  2. I cannot stand the taste or smell of beer, but my FH likes it. So, I usually recycle the beer bottles to quickly remove the smell from the kitchen. He usually only drinks about one beer a week so I’d be holding on to the bottles for a long time to merit a trip to the Beer store.

  3. I collect the emptys around here, we live near a hill that offers nice hiding from the local police for the little bugger brigade and you can walk up that hill on a Monday morning and find quite the pile of emptys. My younger son will walk home from church and walk in with a few that we toss in the laundry tub or a bag. If we go on a walk we take a bag. I’ve even picked up beer cans by the pizza place across the street when I go for a paper in the morning. A friend of mine takes in pop cans for scrap to help less fortunate and I told her about taking the beer cans in for refund and she does it now too. Adds that money to the money she gets for pop cans and uses it for a good cause. If you happen to live near a place where the kids like to hang out in the nice weather try checking the area out on a Monday morning……I figure if they are that bloody stupid the money is better in my pocket than theirs.

  4. One place I moved into university they’d left a ton of empties behind. So we returned them all and made some nice cash!

  5. You know, I’ve never thought about this. We recycle our cans, but never for profit. I just looked it up and there is a place pretty close to us that takes aluminum cans. Thanks for the tip–I’ll let you know how it goes.

  6. I’ve never looked in neighbours’ bins. Lived in the neighbourhood for so long I think I would be embarassed to have a neighbour see me going through their bin. I do however remember going camping in the United States every summer when my siblings and I were children and going around to garbage bins around the campgound collecting all the pop and beer cans so we could cash them in for some extra spending money.

    1. That’s how it all began for me, looking at the park. We don’t do this when it’s broad daylight, well around 7am or so..although I don’t really worry if someone sees me taking beer cans.. I think it is what it is. I think they are just jealous because I’m getting paid to walk my dog and they aren’t lol.. Cheers and thanks for your comment. Mr.CBB

  7. My hubby has soooo many empty cases in the basement! He could probably get 2 cases with what’s down there!! They’ve accumulated over the winter and during the holidays when friends would visit they’d leave their bottles behind! I just wish hubby would get them out of the basement!!

  8. My hubby returned the beer cans and bottles he’s accumulated over the winter last weekend and made $32.50! lol

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