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The A-Z Of Saving Money E-Book-A to Zero Excuses!

A-Z Saving money e-book

When Glen who blogs at Monster Piggy Bank emailed me about this new A-Z e-book project he wanted to start working on I thought it was a great idea. Glen had also asked me if I was interested in contributing to the e-book along with many other personal finance Bloggers and I was honoured that he had asked me. I had thought about writing an e-book last year but I was nowhere near that stage in my blogging hobby to even attempt that. I just knew that one day I might want to take everything that I have learned and put it into a book that everyone could easily read. At that point though I was still learning about blogging and networking with many Bloggers whom I consider good virtual friends today. I’m not kidding when I say I read over one hundred blog posts every week and can’t get over how friendly the personal finance Blogging community really is.

Canadian Budget Binder

When I started to brainstorm for Canadian Budget Binder I knew that I enjoyed talking about saving money and finance but I was far from a finance professional. I’m just a regular guy with a dirty little secret, I have a thing for numbers. I was hoping that maybe I could share what Mrs.CBB and I did in order to save money over the years and what we still do today. Looking back I don’t think I was ready for the Blogging world as I was hit with so many personal finance blog posts that I couldn’t stop reading. I had to set the PVR to tape all my favourite television shows although I hardly if ever watch the television as much as I used to. I was learning so much from other personal finance Bloggers about the best ways to save money and their personal experiences that it was easy to see that there were others like me. You know when you think you’ve done it all or heard it all, well that’s not true.

A-Z Of Saving Money E-book

I realized over the course of last year that all the Bloggers that I follow including all of whom have contributed to this A-Z e-book were all unique and had something special to share with the world. I wasn’t the only budget nerd out there and we also weren’t the only couple that didn’t have kids nor understand how to invest on our own.

As you read this A-Z Saving Money E-book you will notice that it is full of money-saving ideas ranging from stories that will not only warm your heart but also put personal finance back into perspective for you. If you find you are spending more than you earn or just don’t know how to find frugal bargains you will find it all in this e-book.

Every letter in the alphabet has been targeted from A to Z with no stone left unturned. There is everything from dating to babies (not how to make them), Frugal Living to Weddings, Rags to Riches and Teaching Kids about Money and so much more. Best of it is you are not only getting this E-book for the low price of only $14.99 but you are getting the perspectives of many personal finance Bloggers all wrapped into one book. That’s why I decided to contribute because I knew that not only would I be sharing my stories I would be working alongside some of the best personal finance Bloggers out there today.

Contributors to the A-Z E-Book

Below is a list of  the Bloggers that have contributed their stories for this e-book. If you follow Canadian Budget Binder you have heard me talk about or read blog posts of these fine Bloggers on CBB or in social media.

Order Your Copy!

If you want to learn more about personal finance tackling everything from the letter A to Z this may be the e-book for you. I know that when it comes to personal finance there is no last chapter until life ends only zero excuses. There are no right or wrong answers there are only answers that are right for you. I hope you enjoy this e-book and I’m sure you will be able to take something away from it that you didn’t know before you read the first chapter like I did.

Get your copy of The A-Z e-book today for only $14.99 and if you are a Blogger or own a website and are interested in becoming an affiliate there is more information by clicking the above link under the affiliate tab.



You could Win either $250 Cash and a copy of the A-Z of Saving Money E-Book! Click HERE to enter now!

Contest open to everyone around the world. This contest runs from March 18th 2013 to April 1st 2013. At the end of the contest a winner will be randomly drawn to win a free copy of the e-book titled – “The A-Z of Saving Money and $250 cash”.

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  1. I am new to you…older to some..but I am very excited to follow along and learn some new ways to save money. I don’t know where I am going to find the time to do all the reading I need to do, BUT, i need to do it. So, please lead me in the right direction so that I can win this book AND the $250. Also, maybe a hint on WHERE to start reading…I would like to find my way so that I can start being in the grocery challenges as well. I am a 50% only shopper and about the only things I pay full price for, are milk and eggs…Nice to be part of this group, thanks for having me. Marj

    1. Hi Marj,
      If you read the blog post you will find all the information you need in order to enter the giveaway to win a copy of the book and teh $250. I just posted the new grocery game challenge for this week today which you can find on the home page of the blog our under the grocery game category. You can also read the rules for the grocery game challenge by clicking on the rules page. I would suggest just having a look around the blog for now and familiarizing yourself with it so you know where everything is. I am also have the site redesigned so it is much easier to navigate. If you need anything please feel free to contact me via email or on Facebook where there is also a forum you can chat to me at . Please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog that way you get my blog post each day sent to your email address! Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. No groceries from Mr. CBB? Say it ain’t so!!!! It seems like you all had a great time writing this book. What a labor of love!

    1. No kidding I thought for sure I would get that letter but it wasn’t me. Maybe I’ll write my own ebook one day all about grocery shopping and add it to my skills and abilities on my resume ha! In all honesty it’s amazing what I’ve learned about the industry, marketing, coupons, labels etc. Cheers mate

  3. With all those fantastic PF bloggers contributing to this book it must be the No.1 Saving resource on the net. I entered the raffle on another site! Closing in on 1800 entries, very impressive!

  4. Well done! Glen sent me a copy to review and I was really impressed. You all did a wonderful job and covered so many important topics.

    1. Honestly I have no idea, I presume that would be up to Glen who spearheaded the entire book. What is an epub platform? I don’t use any fancy gadgets to read books or iphones etc so I”m not up to speed with what’s out there.

      1. epub is actually a file format, that ever e-reader device, and pretty much every store other than Amazon uses these days. It is the native format for B&N, Kobo, iBooks, and Sony, which comprise of close to 10% of all ebook sales (and Amazon has nearly 90%), Which leaves pdf files with not much room at all.

  5. Definitely glad to be taking part in this with you Mr. CBB! You’re right, I read a lot of posts each week, and saw very quickly that I do not know everything and that there are many great ideas out there.

    1. Good point.. I could have added that lol..well it wasn’t groceries thank goodness I probably would have talked forever and happy people running for the hills. I did home improvement and buying new vs second-hand.

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