The Saturday Weekly Review

The Saturday Weekend Review February #6~Well Behaved Kids Score Their Family A Dining Discount!

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Weekend Review

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You never know where or when you will get a discount, even on your restaurant bill as one family received from Poulsbo, Washington. This has to be one of the most unusual of Yahoo articles I’ve read in a while and I really wanted to share my thoughts on it.  

Competition for business especially in the restaurant industry is tight-fisted but for this owner the kids struck a chord with him. A family of 5 was eating at a little Italian Restaurant called Sogno Di Vino and because Laura King’s children were so well-behaved during the service they were rewarded with ice-cream, but that’s not all.

When Laura received her receipt for the dinner she noticed a $4.00 discount for “Well Behaved Kids”.  She posted the photo on her blog and she shared this dining experience with the world.

What a lovely gesture on the part of the restaurant owner, Rob Scott to recognize his patrons this way. He went on to say in the article the children were well-mannered saying “please” and “thank-you”. It’s spread like wild fire and was a great PR move on his part if you ask me.

When I hear about business owners taking a vested interest in their customers outside the “plate of food” it makes me happy to know there are establishments that take pride in the overall experience while taking it to different levels.

We tend to stay away from establishments with the production line mentality, get em in get em out, there’s a line-up after all. It’s not always just about the money, word of mouth goes a long way just as in this case.

The personal touch is always so welcoming when you have staff who genuinely care about your dining experience.

It’s not everyday you hear stories like this so kudos to Mr. Scott and to Laura and her husband for teaching their children the importance of good behaviour and manners.

At the end Laura offers some tips for eating out with kids such as making sure your kids are well rested, have had a snack and to make sure you are giving them your full attention while dining out.

It’s also important to “notice your surroundings”, she says. Although we don’t have any kids I’ve seen my fair share of kids that misbehave but I’m not one to judge as we never know if there is an underlying problem or concern.

I wouldn’t expect something like this if we had kids and went out to eat but once in a while it’s nice to hear of someone doing something special for their patrons.

I wonder if he will start a trend now and up the playing field for bigger restaurants to give back to their customers even if it is an ice-cream cone. Maybe a “Well behaved Discount Card” for restaurant and retail shops?

Has anything like this happened to you while dining out or in another situation?

How do you teach your children about their manners?

receipt well behaved kids discount

Photo Credit: Reddit

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder?

Now that the happy part of this post is done, let’s move on shall we to the part where my water softener decided to crash on us. I’m moaning about it because the bloody things are not cheap but I’m getting a discount (of course).

Who pays full-price for anything these days, not this guy.  I did a bit of research the past few days and will be sharing this expensive experience with all of you in an upcoming blog post.

Other than that I’ve been shovelling for the past few days. All I’m going to say is thank goodness I did winter maintenance on my vehicle as it was some rough driving yesterday morning.

The New Website is almost completed and will be up and running very soon, exciting, you bet. Andrea is just fine tuning it because she’s thorough that way and doesn’t like to put out anything but her best work.

That’s when the real magic happens and when all the great people that have surrounded themselves with CBB over the past year will be rewarded.

 I’ve been branching out and connecting with other Bloggers around the web and it’s been fun getting to know other site owners who share a passion for helping others like I do. It’s amazing just how many personal finance sites there are and I hope to feature some new sites for all of you in the upcoming weeks.

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web search terms

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder:

Search terms really help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder! Any typos below are simply how the person who searched typed it in search, or me ;-) There were thousands of searches this week.. but not too many juicy ahahaha ones.. so I picked out some of the best ones for you.

Top Pick: What will housing prices to in the year 2016 in BC?- One sec, let me grab my crystal ball… 

  • Horrible Credit Want Mortgage– Say that 5 times… although there are such things as Bad Credit Mortgages.
  • How can you make a woman from Canada love you– Hmm, buddy I’ve learned you can’t make a woman do nothing! If she doesn’t love you for you why would you even want to try and “make” her.. silly.
  • Do I have to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day?– You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. People that date each other buy gifts, go on dates but it doesn’t mean they are “IN LOVE” with the person.  Chill out!
  • Trick, keep a bottle of Vaseline In your pocket.. that will- That will WHAT? Then again, do we really want to know, lol?

It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Mr. CBB! We too, get comments from others when eating out about our well-mannered children, and it’s nice – a huge self-esteem boost for the kiddos. But we’re still waiting on that “well behaved” kids discount. :-). Have a great Sunday!

  2. Once again we get our weekly chuckle with the search terms….. Good thing I went to the bathroom earlier. That is quite something with the article about well behaved kids. We never had that kind of luck but the kids were expected to behave when out or they’d be experiencing the wrath of Mom!!! I’m sure you will have some interesting comments on the water softener affair, can’t wait to hear them….

    1. Hi There Christine,
      yes the water softener will be a bit of a job but it’s not that hard and certainly I wouldn’t pay the installation fee they are charging.. more on that later. Hope all is well mate.. the search terms give me a laugh nightly.. you only get to see weekly haha.

  3. Vaseline in your pocket? Man, you have some really cool search terms. Mine are all so boring!

    What a sweet gesture from the restaurant! 2 weeks ago, boy was flying home from spending a full day in Winnipeg and he dropped by to get some take out for dinner around 9 or so. He went to our favourite donair place, placed the order, but forgot that they only did cash or debit. He had neither so went to cancel, but they told him to just come back with the cash. He was so touched and is a sworn customer for life!

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