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PF Reading List #13- Good Friday And Food For Easter

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Jesus Crucifixion

Today is Good Friday, a religious holiday for many Christians which is celebrated the Friday before Easter Sunday all around the world.  It’s a time to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Since we observe this holiday, along with an afternoon mass we will be serving this day as a day of fasting eating one full meal and 2 smaller meals which are normally light meals. Others will be celebrating Easter this weekend with family traditions and lots of  Easter Chocolate and egg hunts.

Easy Good Friday Meals

Good Friday Fish with Rice and Lentils

Tonight we will be making a meatless meal which will be a lightly fried fish served over lentils and rice a tradition we started last year and hope to continue each year. Another great meal that my friend Megan at Cooking Whim’s posted is a lentil Sheppard’s pie which is another easy frugal Good Friday meal to make for the family. I’ll be posting my version soon but check hers out it looks delicious!

Lentil Sheperd's Pie

You could also go modern and try my meatless lentil Sloppy Joe recipe for some new and exciting at the table that the kids might just love. Come Easter Sunday if you want to hang out with your friends and family instead of hanging out in the kitchen you can throw together this frugal recipe Easter Dinner in the Crock-pot!

Meeting Gail VazOxlade

Gail VazOxlade and Barb

No, I wasn’t the one who met Gail Vaz-Oxlade but maybe one day her and I can meet up for coffee and talk Money since we both love helping others save money (wishful thinking). Unless you live under a rock you already know Gail is a personal finance icon in Canada.

She has been welcomed into many homes in order to help people kick-start their budgeting journey. I’m sure you’ve all watched Princess and Til Debt Do Us Part and now her new show Money Moron is about to blow us all away in April.

I’ve read all of her books although I have yet to get my hands on a copy of Money Rules as I wouldn’t mind giving it a read. Everything that Gail says is pretty much easy peasy for us but for others it’s life altering. We all have to start from somewhere though.

Learning how to manage money while managing a relationship can be tough going.

When I started Canadian Budget Binder it was because I had this inherent desire to share with people how we were able to get ahead by planning and later using a budget spreadsheet that we designed “The CBBS” we call it.

That is “The Canadian Budget Binder Spreadsheet” and not only has it helped us it has helped one CBB fan get her family finances back on track. It’s nothing fancy because a budget doesn’t need to have all those confusing gadgets, bells and whistles, just a basic budget that keeps us on track.

Budgeting is not rocket science,“It’s not about how much money you make, it’s how you save it“, in other-words  spend less than you earn. My mate Johnny talked about life and living like we are in a recession and in a way he’s right but we can also do that and enjoy life along the way with proper planning.

A budget really does work especially for those that need the discipline when it comes to dipping their hand in the candy jar or shall we say money jar. I could never use the envelope or money jar budgeting systems because I have a tendency to spend more when I have cash but for those that need a starting point it’s a great first step in the right direction. You need to find the way that works best for you.

There’s no two ways around it, budgeting helps us realize our goals and for some it’s getting out of debt first, then save.

Although our budgeting system is far different from Gail’s it’s has the same premise behind it, document your expenses, budget your net income, invest and spend less than you earn.

Gail has helped so many people in Canada get back on track and saved their marriages with those relationship rescues. I also believe money is the leading cause of divorce and it will only get worse if we don’t take control, now.

Canadian Budget Binder is not just about budgets it’s about everything that’s inside that budget…. life! We see those families on the shows and wonder if they keep on budgeting and whether they were able to stay on track using the money lessons they learned.

I’m sure Gail will agree that no matter how you do it, what budget or plan you use, start today! Sometimes an early start makes all the difference down the road.

One of my awesome CBB fans met Gail a few days ago at Seneca College and she was thrilled to announce it on the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook Page. I was amazed at the joy that someone can bring to another’s life just by reaching out, talking, motivating and helping them. Gail you are a true inspiration to so many people.

I also enjoy seeing people smile and why I love to motivate others about money and finance even though I’m no star like Gail just a regular guy who just happens to be a budget nerd.

So don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to everyday life, think positive, be positive and you WILL make positive changes.

Here’s what Barb posted on my wall and what Barb had to say about meeting Gail in person. Oh, and Gail if you do read this, a big hello right back at ya!


Listening To Gail Speak

Last fall for a college English assignment, I chose to write a proposal about why the college should include a personal finance course as part of the standard curriculum. As an accounting and payroll student at Seneca College I have learned about the financial practices of business’s but have received no guidance in regards to managing my own money. 

As a mature student, I have learned many lessons from decisions I made as a young adult and only wish someone had taught me then what I know now.

So when I saw a post on Facebook from Gail Vaz-Oxlade in regards to her upcoming tour, I jumped at the chance to see if maybe, just maybe, she would come to Seneca to talk about her new book “Money Rules-Rule Your Money of Your Money will Rule You.”  

What started off only as a possibility became a reality yesterday when I was able to meet Gail Vaz-Oxlade and listen to her share her knowledge with the standing room only audience of my fellow classmates and Seneca staff.

Gail is an amazing woman.  Her passion, energy and laugh fill a room. I had both the honour and privilege of spending some time with her before the event and I can truly say that she is a woman of inspiration.

I was personally touched by our conversation and am grateful for the “light bulb” moments that will guide me in changing my life!

Here are several of the messages that struck a chord with me while listening to Gail speak:

  1. Have a spending journal which has your bank account balance in it and after every purchase you make or cheque you write, deduct it from the balance. That way you always know exactly how much money you have
  2. It is imperative to live within your means and don’t fool yourself otherwise. The millionaires with the fancy homes on TV are not the “Jones’s”, so unless you are making the same money as them, don’t try to keep up with them
  3. Pay with cash as you have an emotional connection with it (anyone who’s ever experienced the joy of making a special purchase or the remorse of a bad choice will understand this one)
  4. You work hard for your money, so make your money work for you
  5. Make sure you have a financial plan, savings, RRSP’s, insurance, will and power of attorney
  6. Buy life and disability insurance when you are young so you can get it cheaper while you are your healthiest
  7. Don’t buy insurance from banks and never buy mortgage life insurance
  8. Live your life fully, stand by your values, and do what makes you happy

I encourage everyone to check out Gail’s new book and her new show Money Moron airing April 19th.

On a final note, on March 26 Gail posted the following message : “Believe that you CAN.  Believe with all your heart.  Then watch you go!”  …. I believed

Barbara Foster

Thanks Barb for sharing this with us here at Canadian Budget Binder and I’m sure Gail will be thrilled to read how she has inspired and touched your life with her actions and words.


Quote-Budget and Money

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  1. I enjoy Gail’s showes, especially the princess one. I like how she gives them a view of how much money they would have to make to continue the lifestyle they are living. It’s usually way in the six figures and the person usually makes around $20K. Maybe you could get a show like that some day. You could put people on a budget and show them how to cook. It would be fabulous. Thanks for the mention. I hope your weekend is grand.

  2. Hi Mr. CBB! Happy Easter to you & Mrs. CBB – I was trying to comment from Google Reader yesterday and was not able too from my phone just wanted to say I really enjoyed this post and reading about Gail as I had never heard of her but would say her strategies our very on par from what I have been learning from you since I ran into you and started reading your blog I know for over a year I feel like longer! I so enjoyed this post! 🙂

    1. That went through ok Karen!! I don’t know what might have went wrong. Thank you so much for the kind words Karen, I’ll let you pay me back with a home cooked meal from your Lil Suburban Homestead one day hahahah… Cheeky I know!~ Happy Easter my friend.

  3. I plan to read Gail’s newest book as soon as I finish the one I have from the library, one of her earlier books… I know they have it so once I get finished what I have I’ll request it and get on the waiting list for it….The reading list looks like I’ll have some nice reading ahead of me…. Happy Easter to everyone!!!

  4. Thank you for mentioning the post on my site Mr. CBB! You rock and I hope you have an awesome weekend.

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