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PF Weekly Grab A Brew 29: Breastfeeding in public and free pizza

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I don’t normally read breastfeeding stories but it was the breastfeeding in public and the free pizza title that caught my eye while reading my daily dose of Yahoo News.

We don’t have any children but that doesn’t mean that we don’t think about how parenting would affect our lives if we were to have a child.

I was a breastfed baby as was my siblings who later did the same with their children when they became parents.

Costs involved

There are benefits to breastfeeding although it was more about nutrition and money savings, my sister says.

In the UK I’ve seen a baby being breastfed many times and to me, it seems like a natural thing to do for a mother.

Granted they were always covered up which seems appropriate.

I don’t give too much notice to it though. I guess I have lots to learn if I want to be a father someday.

I have seen the outrageous costs of formula and baby diapers so stockpiling will be a priority for us if we do have a baby.

My sister told me that the cost of buying baby formula was so expensive that if she was able to breastfeed then she would and it was better for the baby as well.

Not all mothers can breastfeed or it may simply be a case where the child might not want to. It’s more of a personal choice for many and/or one they have no control over it (if they want to and the child doesn’t). One mother commented…..

I am still trying to accept breastfeeding in public. To me it is a special intimate time with your baby and I don’t want people around me when I breastfeed mine.

Breastfeeding in public

The Yahoo article was about a stay at home mom, Jackie Johnson-Smith who was out for celebrating her 33 rd birthday dinner at Fongs Pizza in Des Moines with her husband and 3 children (4, 3 and 12 months) when she needed to breastfeed her youngest before any fussing began in the restaurant.

She says that she heard good things about the restaurant and that it was family-friendly. The mother proceeds to cover up with a nursing cover to breastfeed her child discreetly.

Later she moves to her vehicle to finish breastfeeding because she noticed the waitress walking by her table a few times and was worried they were not happy about it.

I think what the mother did was appropriate and I know that some places even have breastfeeding areas on site as do many shopping centres.

I couldn’t imagine a mother having to go into her vehicle in the summer humidity that we have in Ontario so it might not always be an optimal solution.

Certainly I would not recommend it, ever unless the A/C was on even then, it’s just too hot inside of a vehicle.

I’ve never seen a mother just put it all out on display to breastfeed while people were walking by, then again many don’t see this as a concern.

I also wondered if there were any public breastfeeding laws around the world although I’m sure there are if I did a quick search.

Could a mother bottle breast milk to take while out on the town to avoid breastfeeding?

Don’t beat me down please, I’m just asking questions so you can all give some experienced answers.

Another option I read in the comments is that she could have potentially breastfed her child before she left. What happens if the child is not hungry though?

Baby hats for breastfeeding

breastfeeding beanies
Peaces breastfeeding baby hats

While on Facebook the other day there was a post I noticed (I notice the oddest things sometimes) that showed a photo of a mother breastfeeding with a yellow beanie hat on the head of her baby that resembled a breast (well it did to me).

I thought it was a brilliant idea and it seemed from the ‘likes’ on the photo that other mothers thought it was a great idea as well.

One mother even said she wished she had one when her daughter was born.

I did a quick search online only to find how popular these breastfeeding hats are.

You can buy them ranging in colour, size, and price like the photo above from Peaces on Etsy for $25.56 Canadian plus $8.52 shipping to Canada.

Keep in mind this is just one of many and you can find all sorts of prices on hats if you do a search. If you are handy or know someone who loves to knit you could easily make these at home for a fraction of the cost.

This breastfeeding boobie baby beanie hat is 100% handmade with ultra soft yarn that is super comfy for babies and children of all ages.

The rich color and subtle sheen of the yarn provides a clean and finished look with a bit of pizzaz

When her husband collected the bill to pay the pizza shop he noticed on the receipt that it read a note to him from the waitress that served his family.

I bought one of your pizzas, please thank your wife for breastfeeding

I can only imagine the waitress was happy that the mother fed her child but the mother thought that it is what she is supposed to do anyways, so it was nothing special. The waitress might have remembered a time when she was doing the same thing and may have suffered backlash for breastfeeding in public.

It seems like such a controversial topic for many people and with over 16,000 comments on this article I’m sure everyone has a personal opinion that differs from the other. What’s right, what’s wrong, who knows. I don’t worry about it.

It doesn’t seem to bother me although I don’t think I’ve heard any of my male friends ever making comments about it before. Maybe Fongs is a restaurant that is not opposed to breastfeeding in public and supports it which I’m sure many mothers would rejoice about. Who knows, but Jackie was a happy mother that evening.

I don’t know what it’s like to be a mother (obviously, since I’m a guy) but I’m sure with all the craziness after having a child, the costs involved and life changes as a parent, things can get tough.

Trying to adjust to a new life as parents is difficult enough then having to worry about being stared at in public, scrutinized and made to feel like they need to hide feeding their child by some people must be difficult.

What are your feelings about breastfeeding in public? Should people be more open-minded about breastfeeding?

Top Recipe

vanilla strawberry trifle

There was something about this Vanilla Strawberry Trifle that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

The Kitchen Diaries shared this on my Free Recipe Depot Facebook page this week and I chose it as my top recipe to share.

You can also find all of my recipes located in my new Free Recipe Index. 

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #29, breastfeeding in public and free pizza. Join me again next Friday when we do it all over again.


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  1. I am totally for breastfeeding and in public is great! I breastfed my child for a long time and mainly went to dirty bathrooms, dressing rooms, sat in the hot car in the dead of summer because I was so afraid that people would give me dirty glares. Never again will I do that and I encourage mothers to breastfeed wherever they are, when their child is hungry or wanting to suckle. No one should make a mother feel guilty for doing what their God intended.. Naturally feeding their children. No mother that is breastfeeding is trying to put on a show, it is the other person making it a show because they will not stop staring. This is why I hate the comment “Breastfeeding is okay in public, but I think she should be discreet and modest, or even cover up.” Really? Please put your glasses on if you are offended to see a nursing mother. I also hate the idea that society thinks we should exclude nursing mothers, and banish them to some “private room.” No way!!

  2. My wife usually would breastfeed our son in the car, so it didn’t bother others. She does have a cover up in order to do it and you can’t see anything when done right. The issue with babies is that they are hungry when they are hungry. You can feed them before you leave, but that doesn’t mean they might not get hungry again when you are out. It is either feed them or have them create a massive fit. Either way, something has to be done.

    Thanks for including my article Mr. CBB! I appreciate it and I hope you had a good weekend.

  3. I thought that was a great article, too! I would not feel comfortable with one of those hats on my baby, but I do think they’re hilarious. People where I live are so rude about breastfeeding, but more buildings are offering areas for mothers to go in private. I think it’s good to have options, but it also makes me very sad that something so natural is now so taboo.

  4. I was unable to breastfeed because of some medical complications after my daughter was born, but I am totally in support. I’ve had many new moms come in for an eye exam with their babies, and we’ve done the whole eye exam while they nursed. After you have a kid, at least for a while, you seem to have less inhibitions about things like that. If you’ve ever had a baby in a hospital, all your stuff is on display for everyone to see, so the modesty thing kind of goes away for a little bit. I think that’s why some moms have no second thoughts about breast feeding wherever. Your kiddo is hungry, you feed it. I do think it’s wise to be a bit discreet because people do stare, especially those who haven’t had the experience of having kids. It just makes it more comfortable for everyone if you use a blanket to cover up.

  5. I breastfed my first son and now my second son (5 months old). Its hard to say because there has been such a fight to help mothers see breastfeeding as a good choice – it wasn’t that long ago that formula was considered to be the ‘healthier’ choice for your baby. Many mothers just don’t go out because their worried about trying to feed their baby in public and depending on the age of the baby a bottle could be a very bad idea. Before the breastfeeding relationship is well established a bottle can cause ‘nipple confusion’ where the baby will refuse the breast. As well, some breastfed babies just won’t take a bottle at all, although the milk could be carried in a cooler with ice packs. However, a breastfeeding mother is supposed to pump when baby gets a bottle so there won’t be a decrease in her supply… A good ol catch-22 that one.

    Do I cover up my baby when he’s eating – sometimes. It depends where we are, who is around and how hot it is. Would you like a blanket over your head when its 40 degrees out? Even without a blanket a mother can be discreet with positioning of the baby and her shirt and quite frankly I’ve seen more ‘showing’ on magazine covers and movie posters than someone would see while I’m feeding my son (unless they get up reaaaalll close). However, we live in a very small town and it is different when you know everyone around you, as well as their opinions…. I try to show respect where I can, but make my baby comfortable as much as possible.

    Now I have to go see if I have the ingedients to make some Vanilla Strawberry Trifles! Wow those look amazing!

  6. I Think Its a natural thing. Today with costs & manufacturers adding things they think your baby needs in their formula ,not to mention the recalls on baby formula it’s a cheaper,safer& healthier milk for babies. A mother should”t have to feel guilty for doing what God intended her to do. The person or persons looking down on a mother breastfeeding are the ones out of place. Not the loving mother feeding a crying ,hungry baby. Breastfeeding is as natural as the sun comming up. The way it was intended to be. What better comforting security then for a baby nestled close to his mom feeding. No hard bottle with a hard rubber nipple. Warmth & love of a mother can’t be manufactured .Sociaty has caused many a baby to be denied this love. Mothers choose b
    bit to do it because of what people Will say or think. Next time you see a brave loving mom breastfeeding ,just smile & let them bond as God intended for them to do.

  7. I breastfed all 3 of our kids. I just didn’t do it in public. It can be done discreetly. I’ve noticed women feeding their child while out and about and it really doesn’t bother me. It’s certainly better than listening to a small child scream because they are hungry…. and with very small babies when they are hungry they want to be fed Now!!! Been there and done that!! You do what you have to do at the time and that is life…Breast milk can be frozen but it can also separate when it’s thawed….shake and serve. There are health benefits for both Mom and baby to nursing… Baby gets all of Mom’s antibodies through the breast milk, baby also gets them at birth but nursing will continue this. It stimulates things to contract getting the body back to normal and helps with the baby weight too by way of the extra calories Mom needs to feed the little one. Health benefits for Mom are apparently that it helps prevent breast cancer…… But it’s a decision every woman must make for herself for her own reasons. To each their own. If you can do it all well and good, but nobody should beat themselves up if they can’t for what ever reason…..
    That trifle does look good!!!! Have to look that one up!!!
    I see lots of good reading in my future with the blogs posted!!!!!!Have a good weekend!!!

  8. I think it’s totally fine, especially when 99% of mothers I see try to do it as discreetly as possible. I have had good friends who have breastfed their babies while we went to lunch or dinner, and I have to admit feeling a bit awkward, but that’s my problem, LOL! At that point I’m sure they don’t even really give a shit what people think. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I think breastfeeding is natural and cannot imagine why people would have a problem with it. I don’t see much of it in public here in Houston. It’s waaaay too hot to do it in the car here – for at least 8 months of the year. I like how you kept your post open for comment and conversation, CBB.

    1. Thanks Tammy,
      I always leave my posts open for conversation because I feel we all have a voice, an opinion and should speak it freely. I learn, we all learn from each other. That’s the way we grow besides from making mistakes and learning from them. Have a great weekend.

  10. Brest feeding is good for obvious reasons you listed, I haven’t see or very rare in public. My sister use to feed breast my niece (her daughter) at home. By the way the hats peaces breast feeding hats are cute and the strawberries look yummy, Have a great week end

  11. My wife breastfeeds our daughter but for the most part if we are going out we pack breast milk and take it along. I think the hats are cute and I am sure it the wifey saw them she would want some of them. You are killing me softly with these recipes Mr. CBB. That Vanilla Strawberry Trifle looks delicious. Will have to check this one out.

    1. It’s nice to hear what other men have to say, so thanks mate. The recipe is from a fellow blogger mate of mine. I post a recipe on the blog every Sunday only and a Top Recipe from my second Facebook Page The Free Recipe Depot every Friday..

  12. I am old fashioned and I know it. I grew up in the era where maternity smocks were used to modestly cover a growing baby bump. As such, I dislike the form fitting wardrobe today for expectant mothers.

    In the past breast feeding in public was not something I saw and I wish I didn’t see it now. I would never try to dictate someone else’s clothing nor their behavior, but I am entitled to dislike the direction that society has shifted… and I do.

  13. My wife breast fed all four of our children, sometimes she had to in public but not often. You can bottle breast milk and even freeze it, but if I recall it doesn’t keep for a great length of time. I guess it all depends on how discreet the mother is and where she does it. I had a high school teacher who opened up and breastfed right in front of us during drama practice. That was awkward.

  14. Those hats are adorable! Here women breastfeed anywhere, and nobody minds. In the bus next to you, in the shop while they prepare your order… it is nice that in an otherwise very macho country at least mothers are left in peace to feed their child, I have never seen a man look at it in a bad way.

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