Save Money Buying International Groceries

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Canadian grocery savers tend to skip the middle aisles and miss valuable savings on international groceries.

Sticking to the perimeter of a grocery store definitely can save you money, but there are hidden gems within.

You’re missing out if you’ve never taken the time to investigate the array of international groceries at the supermarket.

Let me explain what I’ve learned from shI’veng at Canadian grocery stores about saving money on international groceries.

Save Money Buying International Groceries
Save Money Buying International Groceries

Traditional Canadian Grocery Stores Are Changing

Traditional grocery stores are evolving because they try to incorporate everything to entice customers from diverse cultures and one-stop shopping.

  • Convenience food
  • Health foods,
  • In-store bakery,
  • Deli,
  • Fish counters,
  • Fresh produce
  • World-wild International Foods Aisle
  • Health and beauty
  • Garden Centre
  • Clothing
  • Floral
  • Alcohol

Add in the electronics, house and home, clothing, etc., and you have one colossal store to shop in.

These days I find that I am stopping more and more in the organic aisles of the grocery store just to be nosey.

Occasionally we have bought something from the organic section, such as flax seeds or yogurts, all with pink sticker discounts, of course, as organic prices are still very high.

Essentially the organic section is a mini health food store to keep the customers happy all under one roof.

Finding Products At The Grocery Store

Some grocery stores should have a grocery store aisle map available to the customer when they walk into the store to tell them where everything is.

You know, the same type of map you’ll find when entering a mall, yes, that’s it.

Look at the Real Canadian Superstore (RCSS) now, and upon entering, you begin to consider how you’ll maneuver around the store.

Many stores have giant visible grocery store aisle signs that are hard to miss and easy to find what you need.

I think the grocery store aisle map is a brilliant idea because it helps the customer solve a grocery-related question without finding a staff member to do the same.

Even better would be a computer or gadget you can talk with to find what aisle certain products are in.

Technology Will Change Grocery Shopping

Almost everyone except for me has a smartphone, and you know just as well as me that the use of mobile apps is only going to grow.

Let me imagine the grocery store app will tell you what aisle the product is in and how much the product is currently on offer.

It may already be available for all I know, but if it’s not, it’s my idea, so stick with me if you want more brain food.

I may sound ahead of my time, but you wait and see what will happen as technology grows.

Another option is setting up a computer station like at Canadian Tire.

A customer can complete a product search by typing in an online query without having to find staff for assistance.

I enjoy this customized service that Canadian Tire offers, and I’m sure we will seeI’mre and more of this as time passes.

Ease Of Grocery Shopping

Some people enjoy grocery shopping for hours, and although I follow my grocery list and if something catches my eye, I will stop to look.

I remember watching extreme couponing years ago and noticed that some women had a grocery store aisle list to plan their massive shops.

The list would detail every product located down each grocery store aisle.

Consider the time it took to produce such a document. It was worth it for them.

Regular shoppers know where to look for products, although, through merchandising and product placement, items are always moved.

International Groceries Are Cheaper

More stores are growing, and it’s to try to keep up with big box stores.

You can get international groceries online to prepare gourmet meals from around the world and find what you need at the grocery store.

The Indian and Japanese grocery stores or any other Asian grocery store are the best when looking for specific items that you might not find in a typical food store.

If your city doesn’t have international grocery shops keep an eye out for Sunday markets, as you might find vendors who sell products from various countries.

We visit various international grocery stores since we live in a diverse city and find all sorts of food.

The best part is that buying certain groceries is much cheaper than going to the supermarket.

When we talked about shopping in small grocery stores, some of our friends weren’t even aware you can find it if you go right to the source.

I couldn’t believe how many products the international grocery store carried to attract shoppers.

These shops were designed to cater to the market where it sells its product and other people interested in its cuisine.

Cheaper International Groceries To Look For

When you walk into an international food store, you get this overwhelming feeling as if you are in another country.

The sights automatically take you away, and the smells and the people who are native to the country are all speaking their language.

Depending on which stores you go into, here are some of the products we’ve found cheaper.

For Canadian grocery stores that have International sections always shop there first for cheaper groceries.

  • Bulk Spices
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olives
  • Pickled products
  • Hummus
  • Bouillon Cubes
  • Pasta and Noodles
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Rice
  • Fresh Fish
  • Unique products specific to each country
  • Baking Ingredients

Travelling And Trying New Foods

I’ve travelled to many places worldwide, and international cuisine is amazing.

My traveling taught me never to dismiss food because you don’t like the look and never know what it might taste like.

Since then, I’ve tried creating international food recipes at home to remind me that not all cuisines are the same.

Because of these travelling experiences and talking to the locals, I enjoyed visiting local international grocery stores to see what they have and what I can make.

There are also many British shops that I have visited to look around as I can’t justify the prices of some of the products in the stores.

Since I know the ballpark figure of prices, it’s hard for me to pay the prices they want in Canada as they are over the top.

Who in their right mind would pay $3.00 for a can of Heinz beans?

Even Walmart and the Bulk Barn both have a UK section, but it’s mainly junk food I don’t care for.

I was shocked at the product they stocked and wondered why they didn’t offer more snack food like crisps and chocolate bars.

International grocery store shopping means you may save a few bucks, but it also means exploring new flavours and recipes for your meal planning.

Discussion: Do you shop at any local international grocery stores where you live?

Please comment below and share any tips for shopping at International grocery stores.

Free Budget Binder Downloads

Click, Save, and Print. It’s that easy!

Free Saving Downloads are awesome lists created to get us on track to reach our budgeting goals, and now we are sharing them with you.

Yearly Grocery Budget For Two: $2819.38

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $235.00 or $78.33 per week with one no-shop week or $58.75 for 4 weeks per month. (During the months with five weeks, we make it work)
  • Total Budget For November $235.00
  • Total Coupons Used this Week : 0
  • Total Discounts this Week: $0
  • Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0
  • Total Rewards Points Used: $0
  • Stockpile Budget: $0 Used $0
  • Total Spent This Week: $0
  • Total Spent So Far for November $81.05
  • Total Over/Under spent on this shop: $0
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of (November): $0
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $153.95
  • Total Coupons Used This Month: $2.00
  • Total to Carry Over Next Month: $0
  • Total Spent To Date This Year: $206.95 (Jan)+ $160.77 (Feb) + (March)$169.62 + (April) $397.74+(May) $155.68 + (June) $216.01+ (July) $235.83 + (August) $182.35 + (September) $255.69 + (October) $196.64=  $2177.28 (does not include stockpile budget)
  • Rendezvous Account: $65.38+$17.24 =$82.62<> This is money saved if there is any leftover at the end of a month of grocery shopping for a date night for us.
  • Weekly Overview: There’s not much to There’sce it was a no-shop week for us except how good it feels to stay out of the grocery store when you don’t need anything.

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  1. Well this week was simple enough….a little late in posting…we spent most the week working and at family for the weekend so we didnt have time or need anything to go shopping for. So this week was a no shop week!

    November 11-17
    Budget for the month 700$
    Total spent so far this month=228.01
    Left for the month=471.99

  2. I shop for 2 adults and an almost 3 year old boy. Our budget is $90/week or $450 for this month and includes laundry, health/beauty, etc.

    Gum (3 pack) $3.27 – 50% pink sticker ( – $1.64)
    M&M’s toys filled with candy 2 x $1.34 – 2 x 50% pink stickers (– 2 x $.67)
    Almond milk (PM Metro) 2 x $3.50 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Buns $2.20
    Janes chicken strips (PM GT) 2 x $4.99 – 2 x $2.00 coupons
    Heinz fruit pouch $1.29 – 50% pink sticker (-$.65)
    Coupons $6.00
    OOP $17.18

    PC ranch dressing $1.88
    NN coating mix $1.59
    Nestle water (24) (PM FC) $1.97
    Smuckers jam (PM FC) 2 x $2.97 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Palmolive dish soap (PM NF) 2 x $1.88
    Almond milk (PM) 6 x $1.67 – 2 x $1.00 coupons – 4 x $.50 coupons
    Rice milk boxes 2 x $3.79 – 2 x 50% pink stickers (- $3.80)
    Coconut yogurt $4.59
    Highliner haddock (PM FC) $5.97 – $1.00 coupon
    PC white mac & cheese 2 x $.88
    Tostitos (PM FB) $2.49
    Tostito cheese dip $3.00 – $2.00 coupon
    Ruffles chips $2.50
    Goldfish (PM Metro) 2 x $1.99
    Oreo cookies (PM Target) $1.77 – $1.50 CO51
    Fudgeo cookies (PM Target) $1.77 – $1.50 CO51
    Onion crackers (PM GT) $1.44
    Triscuit crackers (PM GT) $1.44
    PC juice boxes $1.28
    BD cheese bar (PM Target) 2 x $3.77 – 2 x $.75 coupons
    BD cheese slices (PM FB) 2 x $1.88 – $1.50 coupon
    Vitality bread (PM) 2 /$5.00 + 1 x $3.08 – 50% pink sticker (-$1.54)
    Cucumber $.99
    Broccoli $.97
    Romaine $1.99
    Oranges (PM WM) $2.27
    Potatoes $1.88
    Bananas $2.74
    Magazine $3.49
    Tampax radiant (PM WM) 3 x $3.92 – 3 x $1.00 coupons
    Simple face cleansing cloths (PM WM) 2 x $6.77 – BOGO free coupon (- $6.77)
    Vaseline lotion $6.99 – FPC
    Degree deodorant (PM Rexall) 3 x $1.49 – 3 x $1.00 coupons
    Coupons $32.76
    Tax free day $5.51
    CO51 $3.00
    OOP $94.10

    Food Basics
    Hummus 2 x $3.00 – 2 x $1.00 coupons – 2 x $1.00 CO51
    Philadelphia cream cheese 2 x $2.97
    Coupons $2.00
    CO51 $2.00
    OOP $7.94

    Bulk Barn
    Pepper $2.53
    Chocolate chips $3.62
    Cinnamon $.48
    Nuts in shell $2.94
    OOP $9.57

    Froot Loops $4.97 – $1.00 CO51
    OOP $3.97

    Total Grocery Amount Budgeted For the Year : $4,680 ($90/week)
    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $450 (5 shopping weeks this month) – $28.73 (over last month)=$421.27
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $40.76
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $169.04
    • Total Coupons Used this Year: $1743.54
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this week: $5.00
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this month: $13.00
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this year: $146.00
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this week: $0
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this month:$0
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this year: $394.31 (Unfortunately September was the end of using the card for us as we are no longer allowed to use it)
    • Total SCOP this week: $0
    • Total SCOP this month: $0
    • Total SCOP this year: $7.63
    •Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: BAH! I forgot AGAIN!
    •Total Spent This Week: $132.76
    •Total Spent So Far for November: $273.02
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop: N/A
    •Total Over/Under spent for the month of November: N/A
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $148.25
    •Total to Carry over Next Month: I do not carry over to the next month.
    •Total Spent To Date This Year: $3726.06
    •Weekly overview: I can’t believe I keep forgetting to use those gift cards! I’m pretty sure it’s because I collect PC points so I always pay with my PC MasterCard and it is habit lol (I currently have $110 worth of free groceries in points and now with PC plus I am earning a ton more!). This week I bought a bunch of stuff on sale for Adam ‘s bday party that most people would otherwise pay a ton for when they entertain. Cheese, crackers, cookies, chips and dip, all super cheap! I also proved it pays to check over your bill before you leave the store this week. I was accidentally charged $23.50 for a loaf of bread (when she was PMing she hit an extra button) and charged for 8 almond milk when I only bought 6. I ended up with a $26 refund!!! I was over this week but I expected a more expensive week for stocking up on Adam’s birthday.

    1. Hey Jen,
      Wow what a great shop and I can’t get over how many coupons you use each month. You sure do keep organized when it comes to the grocery budget. I would have loved to have seen that receipt and I bet it happens all the time to people who are not watching or reading their receipts. Good Catch!!! I use PC as well and collect points and have the PC Plus but I’m still learning my way around it. Keep up the good work.. wow! You get ballot 7

  3. Here are my shops for last week, all were at Foodland. Oh, before I forget I saw a coupon and thought of you right off….it’s for Baker’s chocolate, only $.30 but there was a recipe with it for Chocolate Caramel Brownies. I know how you like your brownies!!! Lol!!!

    Nov. 8
    6 cans tomato soup @.44- 2.64
    1 tomato paste- .65
    bananas -.34
    1 can tomato sauce- 1.77
    1 jar pickles- 1.79
    1 can pasta sauce- 1.79
    2 W/W bread @ 2.50- 5.00
    2 packages turkey sausage @2.99- 5.98
    3 cases pop @3/9.99- 9.99
    1 raisin bread- 3.49
    1 greek yogurt- 3.99
    1 package unsweetened chocolate- 3.99
    1 grated parmesan cheese- 4.08
    1 Iogo yogurt- 4.29, 1.00 coupon
    1 4l milk- 4.79
    1 box Cheerios- 4.99
    1 Dove body wash- 5.49, 2.00 coupon
    1 Gain fabric softener- 7.99
    1 package chicken thighs- 8.88
    1 10K flour- 9.99
    Tax- 3.05
    Total- $91.97, 3.00 coupons, 3 turkey bucks

    Nov. 10
    6 cans tomato soup @.44- 2.64
    2 mac and cheese box dinner @.69- 1.38
    bananas- .55
    1 icing sugar- 1.99
    1 doz eggs- 2.99
    3 caes pop @3/9.99- 9.99
    1 raisin bread- 3.49
    1 10 lb bag potatoes- 3.99
    2 4l milk@ 4.79- 9.58
    1 jug water- 5.49
    Tax- 1.30
    Total- $43.39, 1 turkey buck

    Nov. 14
    bananas- .84
    1 case ginger ale- 3.33
    1 raisin bread- 3.49
    1 bagels- 3.89
    1 pack sausage- 5.24, 50% sticker- 2.62 discount
    1 cranberry cocktail- 5.48
    1 jug water- 5.49
    1 honey- 5.79
    Tax- .43
    Total- $31.36, 2.62 discount, 1 turkey buck

    Total budget for month- $600.00
    Total budget for year- $7800.00
    Total coupons/discounts this week- $5.62
    Total spent this week- $166.72
    Total spent for month- $159.49+$166.72= $326.21
    Total over/under for week- Over $16.72
    Total over/under for month-N/A
    Left for the month- $273.79
    Total coupons/discounts for month- $10.75+$5.62=$16.37
    Total carry over to next month- $567.90
    Total YTD- J$818.08+F$598.07+M$770.12+A$938.07+M$650.13+J$876.78+J$734.75+A$625.95+S$800.56+O$637.38+N$326.21=$7775.58

    So I went over slightly for the week, but there were some good deals. The pop being the best one so I did a small stock up to keep us going for a bit. The tomato soup was a three day sale and I know I could make my own on occasion but the oldest boy can be fussy about textures and hubby can be fussy too. The sausage and chicken was a nice price, $2.99 a pack or a pound. I was glad to see the flour too, not the best price but better than the regular. I’ve started to pick up things for the Christmas baking, the flour, chocolate, and the icing sugar. I think if I grab one or two things for that as the sales hit I should be able to manage the baking without killing the budget!!! The candied fruit for the fruitcakes will be the tough part. I make two batches of the dark and at least one of the cherry almond cake every year……not that any of it lasts!!! But so worth it!!!!

  4. Our weekly budget is $100 a week making this month $400.
    $1black forest parfiat cup
    $9.99 pampers mega size – clearance
    $7 orchid – it is worth $50!!! but was poor quality so the store couldn’t sell it so I splurged 🙂
    $2.49×3-.75Cx3 butter
    $1 sour cream
    $7.99 frozen chicken strips
    $13.21 gift card($20 gc given to me by my boss for us winning 3rd place in a contest)
    $19.89 total oop
    $2.25 total coupons
    $5.98 1kg no name honey
    $1-.50C barilla macaroni
    $2.11-.75Cx2 coffee creamer
    $4.88 20lb russet potatoes
    $1.23 bananas
    $15.30 total oop
    $2 total coupons
    $3.28×2-$1C 6pk pop
    $4.44-.75C cheese brick
    $7.49-$3C from target till reciepts & $2CO51 scott paper towel
    should have been $6.99 so I’ll get my .50 back since they don’t scop and hopefully get the $1 black diamond cheese coupon that prints off at the tills this week and use and buy the cheese with that coupon and the .75 manufacture coupon
    $14.75 total oop
    $4.75 total coupons
    Canadian tire
    $1.78 veg thins
    $2.39 garbage bags-had to buy since all the glad bags don’t fit our can
    $4.30 total oop
    Save on foods
    $4.99×2-$1Cx2 cb cheese slices
    $3.99-fpcwub2cheese slices dempsters ww bread
    $9.95 total oop
    $5.99 total coupons
    $3.99×2-$1Cx2 boursin cheese
    $6.99×2-instore coupon 3lb maragrine
    $2.70 bagels-6
    $1.89-instore coupon french bread
    $14.55 total oop
    $12 total coupons

    $78.74 total weekly oop
    $26.99 total weekly coupons

    $190.80 total monthly oop
    $154.73 total monthly coupons

    Had a good week with a few splurges!! Hope to try and keep on track this next week but with the cheese on sale I maybe really stocking up at such a good price.

  5. what a brilliant idea of a store map app!!! i know the stores i go to very well that i don’t need a map, say the walmart, food basics and zehrs i go to, i know where i can find what i am looking for. probably blind folded lol. but the other day we went to a no frills and next to it was another walmart that we seldom go to. once i got in, i had to look at their aisle signs to look for what i was looking for. so for those that dont know the store well, the app is totally a plus!! you should sell this idea to walmart!!! 😀

    as for the international grocery store or section, i find almost every store has that section anymore. food basics, zehrs, superstore, wlamart, they all have at least an aisle for international food! being an immigrant from china, i always look for that aisle trying to see what they have and how much they sell them for. because the chinese store i go to their prices are quite high to be honest. however, these little specialty store carries so many “home” products that amazes me all the time. last month my neighbor who is from Poland took me to her Polish store. it was smaller than my chinese store, but the variety and stock they had was more than mine! and they are busy all the time! we had to line up for the deli Polish meat! but once again the price was pretty much like 30% higher than local stores, say the broth cubes you can get from grocery stores here, my neighbor wanted to buy some from the polish store, but they are selling them for 1.39 a pack, while in food basics it is 0.69. i told my neighbor how much food basics sells them for and she was surprised too!!

    here’s what i did with my grocery budget this week:

    November 11-17, 2013
    Budget for 2 people + 3 pets: $250-45.2(over-budget from Sept)=$204.80
    November’s spending: 143.28+18.54+
    November’s budget left: 204.80-143.28-18.54-
    November’s coupon used: 23.49+0+
    November’s giftcard used: 10+2.68+12.32+

    My shops for the last week: 7.88+3.80

    Walmart total $7.88
    Delissio pizzas 4×3.97-4×2.00=1.97 each

    NoFrills total $3.80
    Cabbage sale 2.77
    Classico pasta sauce sale 2×2.00=4.00
    Kitty Litter sale 7.97
    Ginger root 0.38
    HST 1.04
    Giftcard used -12.32
    Rounded down -0.04

  6. NOVEMBER – Week #2 of 4 – November 11-17th, 2013


    •Total Grocery Budgeted For Year: $142.50 x 12 = $1,710.00 for 2 adults
    •Total Stockpile Budgeted For Year: $47.50 x 12 = $570.00 for 2 adults
    •Combined Grocery Budget for 2013: $190.00 x 12 = $2,280.00



    We have lots of food in the house and we are cooking up soups, beans pots and stews with all the various ingredients that we have on hand. Food is certainly wonderful, tasty and healthy when you cook at home!

    Next week I plan a run to the US mid-week. Our only purchase this week was when hubby went to the European bakery and picked up a loaf of gluten free bread for me to try ($5.00) using his spending money and then leaving it in the car for me to find … as a little present on our anniversary. What a sweetie he is!



    “NO SHOP WEEK” this week in Canada



    “NO SHOP WEEK” for the USA as well



    •Total Loyalty Card Price Reductions This Year:
    J$40.04+F$44.48+M$98.35+A$50.00+M$3.00+J$0.00+Jy$55.55+Au$36.66+S$52.74+O$71.36+N($4.98)= $457.16

    •Total Coupons Used This Year:
    J$60.46+F$0.00+M$11.79+A$12.48+M$1.50+J$54.54+Jy$ 42.16+ +Au$3.80+S$38.57+O$$21.98+N($14.99)= $262.27

    •Total More Points Earned This Year:
    J265+F248+M151+A26+M0+J59+Jy7+Au26+S0+O141+N(15)= 938 Points

    •Total Air Miles Earned This Year:
    J57+F10+M30+A83+M0+J161+Jy20+Au1+S208+O80+N(0)= 650 Air Miles

    •Total Thrifty’s Points Earned This Year: << Starting to track
    Jan-Sept 988+ O297+N(321)= 1606 Points



    •Total Grocery OOP Spent So Far This Year:
    J$217.50+F$198.39+M$72.90+A$215.04+M$70.12+J$49.97+Jy$114.23 +Au$100.49+S$130.85+O$111.97+N($32.50 to borscht+$3.99+$30.27+23.85=$90.61)= $1,372.07

    •Total YTD Grocery Budget So Far:
    J$190.00+F$190.00+M$108.79+A$142.50+M$142.50+J$50.00+Jy$114.36+Au$99.62+S$110.00+O$133.69 +N$142.50 = $1,423.96

    •Total Over/Under on the YTD Grocery Budget: $51.89 AVAILABLE



    •Total Stockpile OOP Spent So Far This Year:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$81.21+A$77.55+M$17.45+J$82.86+Jy$79.24+Au$0.00+S$20.00+O$47.50+N(27.50 to restocking)= $433.31

    •Total YTD Stockpile Budget:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$81.21+A$47.50+M$47.50+J$82.86+Jy$35.64+Au$43.60+S$20.00+O$47.50+N($47.50) = $453.31

    •Total Over/Under YTD Stockpile Budget: $20.00 AVAILABLE



    •Total 2014 Re-Stocking Budget:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$0.00+A$0.00+M$0.00+J$0.00+Jy$17.50+Au $17.50 +S$27.50+O$27.50+N$20.00= $110.00 AVAILABLE



    •Total 2014 Borscht Stockpile Budget:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$0.00+A$0.00+M$0.00+J$120.00+Jy$32.50+Au$30.50+S$32.50+O$12.50+N$32.50= $260.50 AVAILABLE


    • TOTAL FUNDS SPENT IN 2013: $1,805.38

    $2,090 is budgeted for JAN-NOV '2013 INCL. but with cash additions from a gift, recycled bottles, cash hiding spot money and repayments of funds owed to us…we increased our reserves to also have:

    $110.00 Freezer Re-Stocking Fund
    $260.50 Borscht Fund

    Total $370.50



    CANADIAN $’s

    Groceries: $51.89
    Stockpile: $20.00
    Cash Hiding Spot: $9.06
    2014 BORSCHT: $260.50
    Re-Stocking Funds: $110.00

    US $’s

    Our Reserve: $148.73
    US Cash Hiding Spot: $17.25


    The valid rain checks I hold are as follows:

    Thrifty Foods:

    4 China Lily Soya Sauce Refill bottles @$2.99 ea (Good until Nov 13th) << May let this go next week as we still have lots


    4 Safeway Select Boneless Honey Hams @ $8.99 (Good until Nov 29th)
    4 Pantry Essentials 500g bacon @ $2.99 (Good until Dec 2nd)
    3 dozen Lucerne Large Eggs @ $1.33 (Good until Feb 7th)


    1. Hi Mary,
      We have quite a bit of food as well and are only topping up the fruits and vegetables. I can’t wait to hear how your US trip goes as I’m always thrilled to hear what you find and what you get for free. You get ballot 9 this week… for your no shop week. Cheers Mary… Mr.CBB

  7. I love that you guys take your leftover grocery cash and go on a date night – how cool! Funny that you mention the big stores: we have two Walmart stores semi-close to us, and we go to both. I’m always asking the kids when we shop “Now, which store are we at, and in what aisle is the ______?” 🙂

  8. I like your idea of a store map as you walk in the store!!! I know my way around the one across the street but then I’ve been shopping there for around 26 years. Basically since it was built and even before we moved here. I’m still learning my way around the No Frills in town. Don’t feel bad about not having a smart phone…I don’t have one either… Lol!! There’s not much of an international section but you can find the odd thing here and there. For anything else I go out of town. Even Walmart is out of town for me.
    My guess on why places like Walmart have the snack foods from the UK in the international section would be that, that is what sells. Maybe if they sold the better foods it might sell but I don’t see them taking the chance when they likely do quite well with the snacks. Money does talk and they listen very closely….
    Foodland across the street is running the turkey bucks again this year, started last week. This year you get one turkey buck for every $30.00 you spend, down from past years when it was $50.00 you had to spend. I gained $4.00 last week and I will try to let you know for this week when I post my shops how many I get during the promotion….

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