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5 Secrets your millionaire neighbour isn’t telling you

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You never know who is a millionaire these days, or do we?

A record-breaking 12 million people were millionaires in 2013 and researchers predict that people with net worth of at least a million dollars would continue to increase for the coming years.

Their survey also showed that most of these millionaires reside in North America, specifically in the United States; the land of opportunity, while its close friend, Canada, isn’t far behind with almost 500,000 millionaires living there.

Now, if we are going to look closely into those numbers, we can conclude that the chances of you knowing a millionaire have increased over the years and so has your chances of being neighbors with a millionaire.

You may not know it yet, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith may be millionaires but they just don’t want you and their other neighbours to find out because they don’t like the attention and prefer to live a simple life.

That’s right. Most millionaires are not fond of bragging about their net worth to others, neither do they want to show off to residents in their neighbourhood.

Actually, there are a number of things that millionaires do that their friends or neighbours may not know. Here are some secrets that millionaires like to keep for themselves that their non-millionaire neighbors should know too:

5 Millionaire Secrets That You Need To Know


You need more than one source of income


Most millionaires these days didn’t get rich because they inherited a huge amount of money. Those days are long gone.

The truth is several millionaires today are self-made millionaires who worked hard and took advantage of every opportunity that was given to them.

They didn’t settle with the salary that they were receiving from their job; millionaires don’t like to live on only one source of income.

They want to have lots of them and that’s one of the reasons why they’ve been able to get where they are now.

They know that it would be hard for them to accumulate wealth relying on just a single income and that it would be much easier for them to save for their future if they are going to have multiple sources of income that they can use to provide for themselves.


Start ASAP


If you’re going to ask a millionaire the thing that they regret the most?

One of the common answers that you’ll hear from them is not being able to start as early as possible.

If you’ve tried to ask for advice from a millionaire, the most common advice that they would give you is that you should NOT wait until you do something to achieve your life goals. You should pursue your dreams now, not tomorrow.


It’s because being able to start young enough means you can take advantage of the time that you have in your hands. Something others who started late cannot take advantage of.

If you’re going to ask me, time is indeed more important than money, and this quote right here says it all:

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn


Always live below your means


Millionaires already know that living way above what your salary can get you is not the formula to accumulating wealth.

They all know that. You should too.

I’ve read a book before called The Millionaire Next Door, and the authors of that book wrote in there that living below your means will never get you in trouble.

I can’t help but agree with them on that because what can possibly go wrong living below your means, right?

You can’t get in debt spending only what you can afford to lose, neither can you run out of money.

If you’re interested in reading the book, feel free to check out my book review of The Millionaire Next Door first.


Investing is a nice hobby to have


Do you know why the wealthy don’t have to work too much for too long?

Well, it’s all because those smart wealthy people are investors. They have investments that can give them passive income.

What is passive income?

According to Wikipedia, passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

If you want to get this type of income now, then sorry to disappoint you, but it’s going to take you some time.

They didn’t set those up last year. It took them years to be able to get some income out of their investments and a lot of planning.

Another not-so-good thing about this one is that investing isn’t really for everyone, so before you make it as one of your hobby or participate in it, you better assess yourself first if you have what it takes to be a good investor.

Tip: Find yourself an investing mentor that can guide you along the way


You should only get married once


We often see rich people get divorced, right?

Of course, that’s what the media want us to think, that rich people are more likely to get divorced than regular people. The thing is that’s not really true.

Most millionaires are able to build up their wealth and maintain it because they’ve been lucky enough to find the right partner to help them do those tasks.

They know that finding the right person to marry and be with is important for them to be happy in their life and that divorce can not only ruin their life, but also take away their wealth.

With the help of a great attorney, your ex-wife or ex-husband can take everything you have worked for and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Maybe that’s why your “millionaire” neighbors have been married for years now. Why don’t you ask him or her and find out yourself.

We all have secrets and those are just some of the secrets that your millionaire neighbour may be hiding from you.

I hope you learned something here and that this article may serve as a reminder for you that wealth will only come to those who are deserving of it and that hanging out with millionaires can be a very cool thing.

Now, do you know other secrets that your millionaire neighbor have told you before?

Post Contribution by : Mark Ross is the founder of the Money Saving Dude, a personal finance blog that aims to help its readers save more money and grow their wealth by sharing them different money-saving tips and advice weekly. You can get in touch with him through Twitter or by adding Mark on one of your circles in Google+.

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  1. Working on the multiple streams of income one right now. 1 rental property in the works, hopefully with more to come, and after that, who knows what? Also, I love the only get married once part. So good for your happiness, family, as well as your bottom line. Great tips!

  2. I used to work for a self-made millionaire. He’d bought a business (off a family member) for far more than I thought it was really worth. However he managed to quickly add value and grow the company. Despite many more frugal years paying off the sizable loan he took out to buy the company, by expanding slowly over time he’s now sitting pretty and taking home 6 figures a month.

    I suppose the moral of the story here is that if you’re focused on building wealth, don’t be afraid to use debt as a tool to achieve your dreams.

    Another lesson could be that the value of a business can be far higher than the asking price *if* you know the industry and can see easy ways to rapidly add value and increase profits.

  3. Yes, most people if they looked at my husband and myself, they would never know we are millionaires. Always dressed very casual, drive second hand vehicles, live in modest accommodations, and are very frugal.
    We were never on a high income and accomplished it by buying rental properties. Not for the ‘faint of heart’.
    My advice would be very similar to your post.
    When we need to clean up after tenants..usually when we evict them…we are always finding coins strewn all over the place, and several dollars worth of money back bottles. I guess it is an attitude towards money..or what it represents. (for me money is freedom)

    1. Yes. Millionaires are good at blending into the environment they live in whether it’s in a high class neighborhood or in the middle- or low-class neighborhoods, aren’t they Kathryn?

  4. I’ve read that book a couple of times thanks to the library and found it quite interesting. I keep watching to see if it shows up on the tables at the book sales but it hasn’t yet. I don’t think I would be doing much investing as I currently don’t understand it enough to do so. All in all a very good article…Thanks Mark and Mr CBB!!!!

    1. It was a well written piece,thanks to my good friend Mark at Money Saving Dude…. Thanks for dropping by Frank!! MR.CBB

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