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Mom Dresses Child in Designer Baby Clothes to Show Wealth : The Saturday Weekend Review #132

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The Designer baby clothes industry is booming because a high price-tag won’t deter some parents from dressing Baby Johnny or Baby Christine in the best money can buy.

Baby Clothes

Buying Kids Clothes On A Budget Is The Smarter Way To Shop

Sure, we all want our children to look presentable BUT does that mean as parents we need to focus on clothing ‘Labels’ and ‘Price tags‘ to give our children a designer “look“.

There are parents who will say, YES my child needs to look prestigious, presentable, and pricey all at the same time and if that’s the way the wallet rolls in your house, then so be it.

I’ll tell you one thing, not many people care.

Do babies really need a fashionable look at such a young age?

Not really but if you think so you might be like this mom we know and a couple we don’t but overheard at a recent play-date at our neighbourhood park.

Before we had our son last year we had the opportunity to meet a mom who would only dress her child in designer baby clothes.

The reason was that she had a good-paying job in the government and she didn’t want her son to look like a slob or that she didn’t have the money to put nice clothes on him.

Our first thought was, what a waste of money.

That’s not the way she thinks and that’s fair it’s her child after all but the question still stands, does it really matter what your child wears?

Boys like to get dirty they don’t want to be clean all the time.

At least when I was a boy all I did was play, get cuts and bruises not to mention the filth on me when I came in from a day of exploring in the back garden.

Some girls are the same way too, I know I have sisters who didn’t care for Barbie dolls.

This mom though was always so critical of how much fun he could have so we would rarely ever see him with dirty hands.

Once she left him at our house for the afternoon so we could babysit and he was having a blast helping me water the lawn, sweep the grass clippings off the drive-way, and bagging them.

He was getting messy and loving every minute of it. He was being a kid!

He is a different child when his mother is around.

I feel sad for him in a way but there’s not much you can do because those are her parenting skills and what she wants for her boy.

Most times he plays indoors or goes on trips with the family to the zoo, library, pool, or other children’s sites.

To this day she only dresses him in the best clothes she can afford with designer labels.

He’s a polite boy, always clean, hair combed, and dressed like he’s ready to go to a business meeting.

As well, he is very cautious not to get messy or drip anything on himself.

Sometimes I think he’s afraid to be himself or he’s just learned to be so proper that he doesn’t want to let anyone down.

Joking aside you just want to mess his hair and let the kid live a little.

This situation reminds me of what Baby Prince George looks like when he’s in the public eye.

He may wear pricey baby clothes but that designer baby clothes look he has for the world to see is likely dressed down behind closed doors.


So, he can live a normal life and be a kid because he deserves that much.

We thought we had heard it all and then this happened…

Overheard: I wasn’t being nosey

My wife and I took our son to the park the other day and while my wife was off with our son I was shocked to overhear the conversation 2 moms were having sitting on the bench in front of me.

I caught them in the middle of their conversation but this is what I overheard with what I can only guess was why one mom chooses to dress her child in designer baby clothes.

I don’t want people to think we are on welfare or can’t afford to put nice-looking clothes on our baby so I buy him only the best clothes I can even though we’re in debt. I don’t want other kids to pick on him either.

I don’t know if they knew I was in listening distance but what I heard makes me happy to know that we are NOT like these parents.

It led me to question whether we were dressing our child like a slob and what other parents were saying about him and us.

Then I had to give my head a shake and say, Who the hell cares what they think, he’s a kid for crying out loud.

That’s the way we parent and just because our son might not be wearing designer baby clothes all the time that doesn’t make him any less of an amazing boy.

It’s true that kids get bullied by other kids depending on where they live and what their parents do for a living.

There are parents who choose to homeschool their kids for this reason.

If your child doesn’t look a certain way, act a certain way, or have what other kids have then they may get labelled.

It happens no matter how much parenting we give to our kids. You want to believe your kid is not being the bully but it happens.

Sometimes it’s all a part of “fitting in” and not wanting to be the “good person” even though a child was brought up to be polite, kind and treat everyone with respect.

Kids can get shy when it comes to peer pressure especially when there are kids who are outspoken in a group.

The life of a child is hard most times because they are on a journey about life just at a different stage from an adult who has already been there done it however generations change.

Not everything is what it seems or used to be but there are similarities.

The good thing is bullying has been brought to the forefront and the school system, parents and kids are aware of why they shouldn’t bully and how to recognize it.

The sour part about dressing your child in designer baby clothes from a young age is having that child believe that “labels” are important.

Labels are nothing in my opinion but if your child believes that prestige is attached to a label that’s not a good way to start teaching your child about money management.

I’m sure there are tonnes of students out there that can say they blew tonnes of their college fund on designer clothes at the mall just to look good and regret it.

Give me this, I want that, I deserve it

It also does not mean we are poor or on welfare, if we don’t buy our son designer baby clothes and even if we were who cares?

I mean really, this is why we have the “entitled generation” of kids and with this type of mindset, it’s not going to fluff away soon enough.

If you don’t want your child playing with my child because his clothes aren’t up to par that’s fine with us.

Your child is the one who will be missing out because there are plenty of kids who want new friends in this world.

What constitutes designer baby clothes? The price tag for one and where you buy it.

Anything that is not Joe Fresh, Second-hand, Old Navy, Cherokee, Walmart, Target or No-Name brand just to name a few.

If your kid is dressed in anything from those shops then you must be too poor to clothe your child because they are not designer baby names. Whatever.

We shop at those stores. I’m not even going to talk about knock-off baby clothing either, really??

What those names signify for many parents is budget-friendly.

The clothes are not as bad as some people make them out to be.

Most kids hardly get a chance to wear baby outfits because they outgrow them so quickly so why spend more money than you have to?

We have so many baby outfits with tags on them that we didn’t get a chance to dress our son in.

He’s coming up for a year in a month and a bit and is already wearing 12-month clothing sometimes 18 months.

What do some parents consider high-end baby clothing and accessories?

Some very high-end designer baby clothes can be found at

  • Gap Kids
  • Armani Junior
  • Juicy Couture
  • DKNY
  • Dior
  • Diesel
  • Burberry
  • Young Versace
  • Stella
  • Simonetta
  • Marni
  • Wildfox
  • Junior Gaultier
  • Stella
  • Michael Kors and more.

A pair of Junior Gaultier jeans will run you $119.00 a pair or a Paul Smith junior onsie $113.00.

Don’t spit out your coffee yet. These prices aren’t for the faint of heart but there are parents who charge it all to credit cards just to show off those designer labels.

In the mall, you may find higher-end stores but somewhat affordable with sales such as Mexx, The Bay, Children’s Place, Sears, Roots, Justice, H&M kids clothes, Carter’s kids clothing, Oshkosh, Ralph Lauren just to name a few.

You can also check Kids World for great clothes of babies.

Where does it end?

These are babies after all and most people don’t have a care in the world what they are wearing because they are too busy admiring how fresh and new they are.

They want to see smiles, big eyes, and new life. Some parents might argue they are only young once so they should only get the best.

Maybe, but at what cost?

Getting caught up in the designer baby clothes look every day can and will cost you a fortune if you are buying new.

Some moms don’t hesitate to frequent a kid’s clothing boutique to source unique high-end clothing which will also send your budget flying.

They don’t want to see other babies wearing the same outfit as their child.

Other moms will scour the mall where you can find some deals on baby clothes that are seasonal sales or by using coupons. Trust me when I say you will pay out the nose for kids’ outfits even at the mall.

We do go to H&M Kids Clothes section at the H&M store to buy the odd thing like suspenders (braces) we needed for an upcoming photo-shoot for $6.99 but the clothing is still very pricey. A pair of jeans will run you $21.99.

That’s more than what I pay for a pair sometimes.

Ultimately it’s up to you what you want to spend on baby clothes but there are ways to save even further if you don’t have the money in your budget.

Even if you do have the money but don’t want to blow your budget you can save and put the money into their Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

If your reasoning for buying designer baby clothes is purely to show-off and make others think you have money in the bank or to make your child wildly popular that’s a sad reason.

You are NOT winning.

You can find designer baby clothes for less, without buying new if it’s a MUST on your list or you have to spend more for certain clothing fabrics if your child is allergic.

If you are like us and don’t mind any label as long as our child looks good and is comfortable there are plenty of ways to save money.

With the tips I’m sharing below you won’t have to cringe when your child only wears a $100 pair of jeans twice before he or she can’t fit in them any longer.

Lastly, if you are handy on the sewing machine and have that designer flair you could easily cut costs and make your own clothes for less.

How to save money on designer baby clothes

If you MUST dress your child in designer baby clothes you can save some money buying second-hand.

If you can’t because it disgusts you then your other option is to pay full price or wait for a sale.

If you’re lucky you might even score a coupon. Registering online for clothing stores typically will land you a discount e-coupon you can print for your first visit.

How we save money on baby clothes

  • We get free baby clothes- Either we use our PC points to buy clothes at Joe Fresh or we get Free baby clothes from moms on Facebook or Kijiji who just want to give them away. Our last score got us 10 garbage bags full of baby clothes ranging in size from newborn to 3T.
  • Second-hand baby clothes- Whether we get the baby clothes from the second-hand shops, hand-me-downs or garage sales they have all been previously loved but have plenty of life still left in them.
  • Coupons and Sales- Lastly if we have to buy baby clothes at the mall because we are looking for something specific or just browsing around we always print baby coupons and shop the sales. We’ve managed to find some great baby clothes this way for less. Like I mentioned above sign up with your email at select children’s clothing store websites and you may receive a printable coupon.

There’s no secret when it comes to saving money buying baby clothes so if you want to buy designer baby clothes be prepared for the steep price tag.

If it’s a popularity wealth game then you may want to re-think your strategy for your child’s sake. It’s just not a healthy thing to be doing for you or your child.

Remember that your friends likely don’t care as much as you do about what your kid wears and if they do then you should consider finding new friends.


CBB Week At A Glance

This week was filled with renovations because I’m running out of time.

Next week I hope to buy the materials for the heated floors and finish up the stonework on the outside of the shower.

I did manage to purchase 2 mirrors from Kijiji this week for both bathrooms for $20 and $15.

Some of the free stuff we picked up this week were formula coupons which always come in handy. My wife was also able to get a bag of socks for our son for free which is great.

Other than that we made a trip to the park with our son as you read above (oh the adventures) and a quick trip over to the grocery store.

I also managed to screw up a recipe I was creating which turned into condensed milk biscotti which were pretty good but not what I was making.

How was your week?


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No longer spring chickens, we were looking at retirement within ten years, and we felt an urgency to get our act together. But blind to our own flawed financial practices, we were floundering.

I listened to my friend’s CD book in the car on my way to work one day in May 2012, and the lights went on. Debt! Debt was our problem. And our willingness to use debt as a normal means to buy things had always been our problem – even when “everything was fine” before the high-tech bust.

I listened to the Ramsey CD again that evening with my husband, and he got it too. We were both psyched!

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3 ingredient cheesecake recipe

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Not only will you save money but you will be proud of what you accomplished and you’ll see that from the smiles on those you feed.

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This week our Top Recipe Pick goes to a recipe I found for a 3-ingredient cheesecake by The Weekend Magazine on Facebook.

There is no link to a recipe or blog just this recipe below and the photo.

Apparently, it’s making its way around the web pretty fast. I can see why with only 3 ingredients. I’m sure I will try making this and I hope you do too.

Please send me a photo and review if you do!

The three-ingredient cheesecake that’s taking over the internet…


  • 3 eggs
  • 120g white chocolate
  • 120g cream cheese
  1. Preheat the oven to 170C.
  2. Separate the eggs and place the whites in a mixing bowl. Place egg whites in the fridge to keep them cold (you’ll need them later).
  3. Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and place in a large bowl. Place the bowl over hot water (60C) to melt the chocolate.
  4. Once it’s melted, mix in cream cheese. Remove bowl from heat and mix in egg yolks.
  5. In a separate bowl, whip up egg whites with an electric mixer until firm. You should be able to turn the bowl upside down without the mixture falling out.
  6. Add 1/3 of the whites to the cream cheese mixture, and mix well with a spatula. Continue adding in egg whites bit by bit, and mix well.
  7. Line a cake tin with wax paper. Pour the batter into the tin and drop the tin gently on the counter to raise the air bubbles out of the batter.
  8. Place the cake tin on a shallow baking tray, and pour hot water into the tray. Bake at 170C for 15 minutes, 160C for 15 minutes, then stop the heat and bake with the remaining heat for 15 minutes.

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A great read with scenarios about why being financially independent opens up options and allows you to say yes or no because you can.

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kermit the frog

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  1. Great article Mr. CBB. I honestly cannot understand, why parents must buy their kids designer clothes at full price as kids tend to grow out of these clothes very quickly. As you have rightly said, if you must buy these designer outfits, then wait until they are sale to justify the purchase at the very least..

  2. The designer clothes pressure is just the beginning. It’s amazing how much stuff people buy for their kids too. 8-yr olds with iPhones? Craziness!

  3. Thank you Mr.. CBB for the mention. Baby and little kids do not need designer clothes. In fact I would say nobody needs designer clothes. Over 90% of Baby T’s clothes are 2nd hand and none of them are designer clothes.

    That recipe looks delicious, will have to try it out one of these days. Making food at home is a great way to make sure you stay on budget. It’s amazing how much restaurants charge charge for some of these simple dishes. You can make them for fraction of the cost.

  4. I have a 4-year-old child and I have bought her some branded clothes for special occasions, though this happens so rarely. I think kids wouldn’t mind if they’re wearing branded or not as long they feel comfortable with what they wear and they look cute, which are really important.

  5. Like your choice of name for the girl there Mr CBB!!!! Lol!!! There are folks out there that care more about the label for their own clothes and it carries down to the kids. I remember being at a 50th anniversary do for my aunt and uncle at their daughter’s house. My kids were playing with her girls, having fun and her daughter got dirt on her dress. My cousin gave the girl bloody hell as the dress had to be dry cleaned!! I was stunned that anyone in their right mind would buy something for a child that couldn’t be tossed in the washer!!! My boys were in jeans and t-shirts and my daughter was wearing a sweat shirt with Tweety on the front and a denim skirt she punked from my closet. But this was the same cousin that refused to shop Zellers because the kids clothes there were ‘cheap’……so go figure.
    Between my two sisters-in-law and I. we had 7 kids in as many years so we had a pretty good hand me down train going there for a while. Toss in a cousin or two on hubby’s side and there were some very nice kids clothes floating around the family. My younger boy got a pair of Osh Gosh overalls that looked brand new… still looked brand new after he wore them crawling around for a few months!! I don’t recognise any of those high end names you listed….. I have bought the grandson a couple of things at Carters when he was little. On sale…..
    I was one of those Mom’s that made my kids clothes back in the day. They had no problem with it but one of my daughter’s ‘friends’ had an issue….”Gee, it’s too bad you guys are so poor your Mom has to make your clothes…” My daughter was fit to be tied.
    That recipe looks so good!!!! Have a wonderful long weekend……

    1. Oh, haha I bet you do. Maybe I was just reading one of your comments and your name was stuck in my head. Oh ya some parents go mad for labels. Lots of moms still do make clothes. I recognized many of them but there are tonnes more believe it or not. So you went through the same thing with your daughter then. WOW, I can’t believe they said that. To be honest I never quite thought about that plot twist. I want to try that cheesecake. I told Collen to test it out too she loves cheesecake she says. Have a great long weekend. Mr.CBB

      1. Oh I know a lot of people still make their own clothes as well as kids clothes. There is a Fabricland store in Stratford. I have never been in there that there wasn’t at least 4-6 people working and, if not busy, but super steady business going on… If you have one near you, have a look, the business is always steady there. Go on a special sale day and it is pretty packed!!
        I am waiting for cooler weather to fire up the oven but hubby loves cheesecake and that does look very easy, have to see there.

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