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Spring Cleaning Tips To Start Your Check-list

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Canadian Spring Cleaning

Put Away The Cozy Blankets And Gear Up For Spring Cleaning

If you’re looking for Spring Cleaning Tips and motivation to create your annual checklist expect to find our cleaning hacks and agenda.

In the dark Tuesday evening while trying to fall asleep all of a sudden I hear a voice, “I can’t wait to smell the flowers, fresh-cut grass, peppery basil and feel the sunshine on my face.”

It was Mrs. CBB and I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or engaging in conversation with herself.

Turns out I was who she was speaking to, darn.

Here it comes…say it… “We have so much to get done this Spring” and then she rolls over and goes to sleep.

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When the snow melts and gardens look like a bowl of muck it’s a sad sight to see but with early planning and these Spring cleaning tips you won’t have to stare at it for too long.

It’s not just the outside jobs that must be considered in the Spring there’s also the top to bottom clean and purge indoors.

First Day Of Spring

When is the first day of Spring?

Spring officially begins on Monday which means you’ve got some time to draw up a plan of action for this exciting seasonal change.

If you’re not a fan of the winter I’m sure you’ve had dreams of the day the snow melts as I have.

I’m definitely a Spring/Summer/Fall guy.

Breakfast Is Ready

I decided to finish the one-sided conversation in the morning with Mrs. CBB over eggs, bacon, and a huge mug of coffee.

Since I’ll be the main Jack of all Trades I might as well know what Spring cleaning tasks that I have to get done.

All joking aside I know there’s plenty to do since we’ve put the brakes on house-related renovations and tasks as soon as our son was born.

Keep in mind I’ve worked silly amounts of hours over the past 3 years which hasn’t helped either.

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With our upcoming holiday to the UK planned for July that doesn’t leave us much time to get through many of the Spring tasks that we talked about.

I’m sure I tuned out after the first 10 chores, shh!

Spring Cleaning Hacks

As overwhelming as it can be for any homeowner or renter Spring cleaning tips are always welcomed in our house.

The reason is that we all learn new home hacks of doing things faster, cheaper, and better than the next person, so why not share?

The goal, after all, is to provide quality workmanship and products for your home for the least amount of money.

Worst Spring Cleaning Tips

One of the worst Spring cleaning tips I ever received was at the grocery store while I was looking at Spring lawn care supplies.

The guy in the department stocking the garden products told me that if I hadn’t fertilized the lawn in the Fall that I better get it done right away and to water for a full 5 hours.

Fair enough, but there was still a foot of snow outside and dude, you don’t even know how big my lawn is.

Needless to say, this guy was talking out his ass and I just nodded thanks for the Spring cleaning tips and shook his hand.

As I turned around I hope no one noticed the massive eye-roll.

These days I just stick to the professionals who know what they’re doing.

Get Crackin’ With Your Spring Cleaning Chores

Typically a scheduled task in our house is always delayed by hours, days, and sometimes years.

After our conversation, Mrs. CBB decided she would get down to business once I had left for work.

She practically raided the walk-in closet of over 10 years of her clothes.


The mountain of clothes in the living room when I came home is hard to describe to anyone, yet she was always meticulous.

My wife is a neat person and can find a way to move, stack, stash, and find space for anything.

She believes living in an apartment building for many years helped her become a better organizer.

In a way I’m the same since my house in the UK was about the size of a 2 bedroom apartment but with an upper and lower level.

She spent a full afternoon sorting and bagging clothes to pass on to someone for free.

There were a few bits that she paid good money for that she is hoping to sell for a fraction of the price.

It didn’t end there.

Purging The Old

The next morning she decided that we would purge the upper level of our home of anything we no longer use or haven’t used in months or years.

This also meant we gave our son’s room a once-over to see if we missed anything that we could donate or sell.

Turns out we did.

Am I Shocked?

Not really.

The Dreaded Walk-In Closet And Home Decor

At the end of our week of pre-Spring cleaning camp, we managed to lighten our walk-in-closet (we can see it again) and purged the home decor we no longer want.

One of the worst and I mean disgusting culprits of dust in the house was the fake flowers in the decorative jugs, vases, etc. Garbage and never again!

Every Spring we give the house a complete clean-up and clean-down and part of the chores on our list is to wash all the fake stuff in the house that collects dust.

Ewe…no wonder it’s always dusty.

We’ve decided that less is more and we’re on our way to clearing out as much as possible.

Spring Cleaning Communication

So what can you do to get ahead of the Winter thaw?

Well, for starters sit down with a pen and paper and discuss with your partner (if you have one) or housemate to see what Spring chores need to be done.

You might even find that you both have Spring cleaning tips you can share with each other based on experience.

With only 2 days before Spring and many parts of Canada still holding snow on the ground that leaves you time to work on the inside of the house before you make your way outside.

No worries because before you know it there will be one more massive blast of winter and then the thaw will begin. Happens all the time.

This year we’re not waiting because we want to enjoy our Spring and Summer and not be up to our elbows in dirt.

I’d rather have my face planted into a BBQ burger and drinking cold beer while overlooking the blow-up family pool in our back garden.

Sometimes I even jump in…true story.

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Spring Cleaning Tips To Get Your Weekend Started

Don’t put off your Spring cleaning because you’ll only overwhelm yourself and miss things that need to be done or fixed which could cost you money in the long-run.

These days there’s not much spare cash running through many budgets so be on top of your duties as a homeowner or renter.

There are two basic areas you need to focus on when creating your Spring cleaning checklist Inside and Outside.

Let’s have a look at some of the tasks that we will be completing and perhaps some of our Spring Cleaning Tips might remind you of something you’ll need to do.

I specifically didn’t create a budget binder printable for this. The reason is that I felt we all had different homes or apartments with various needs.

If you’d like a generic Spring Cleaning Tips Checklist I’m more than happy to create one for your budget binder.

Let me know in the comments below.

Indoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Minimalism sure does sound like a plan when you find your home is overrun with stuff you’ve collected over the years.

Although we’ve only been in our house since 2009 we’ve managed to fill it up and we’ve finally decided enough is enough.

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Our Spring Cleaning includes :

  • Washing curtains
  • Rinsing blinds
  • Scrubbing any marks on the walls
  • Baseboards
  • Cleaning doors
  • See how many mice I caught in the attic (everyone will get them so catch them before they get inside the walls.
  • Inside windows
  • Cleaning ledges
  • Power steam clean the carpets
  • Re-installing window screens ( I remove them in the winter)
  • Clean the sunroom from top to bottom
  • Remove appliances where possible and clean underneath
  • Dissect what’s in the garage and get rid of garbage, donate, sell or bring to the landfill

It’s also a great time to rearrange your space and clean under furniture as you go.

Dust collects everywhere.

Like Mrs. CBB take this time to clear out your clothing especially if you’ve hung on to it in hopes of one day fitting into it.

We also packed up our winter gear and cleaned out the hall closet as it fills with salt and grit during the winter.

I don’t know how many times we’ve cleaned it more seems to appear.

Spring Cleaning Tips For A Garage Sale

This is the time you will want to prepare for an upcoming garage sale.

Outdoor Home Maintenance and Spring Cleaning Tips

What I prefer is to go for a walk around outside the house with a clipboard to inspect everything to see what needs to be repaired, re-finished, or replaced.

Most years I like to paint the trim of the house where needed and pull dead foliage and weeds from the property once the snow melts.

I’ll also be budgeting for a huge mulch drop as our gardens are looking thin.

I’m thinking about going with a different colour mulch though, possibly something that lasts a long time.

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Thankfully over the years, we completed our landscaping but I still seal the driveway once a year so it looks brand-new.

It’s not pricey nor time-consuming to make your property look pristine.

I know from spot inspections that I’ll be painting trim above the garage and adding some rocks to our rock garden.

By the way, we have yet to see a weed in years.

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One of the hardest-hit places outside to check is the door seal on the garage.

If it needs to be replaced do so as it lets in too much cold air which will find its way into the house.

This will obviously cost you money.

Make sure to take time to inspect your roof and gutters for any winter damage.

One year I found a damaged vent which caused a bit of a leak in our roof space.

Thankfully it was an easy fix and the damage was minimal but repaired.

Now is the time to store any Christmas decor that was outside and buried under the snow.

I hate to admit it but while we are on the topic of garages it’s a must for every homeowner who owns a garage to clean it after a winter thaw.

Unless you don’t mind a dusty, messy, yucky garage then leave it, but I don’t.

I take a couple of hours to clean the blinds, windows, and scrub the floors.

A clean garage is like having a vehicle with a clean interior.

They say your car is a sign of what your life is like indoors.

There might be some truth to that.

We’re just half and half regular kind of people who are over-organized at times without clear direction.

Once we no longer use the heating I’ll be sure to turn on the water taps, uncover the central air-conditioner, and Spring cleans the technical stuff.

I also clean and put away our humidifier which runs almost all winter in our basement.

It tends to be very dry and we get nose bleeds and headaches so I had to do something.

On my to-do list is finding a more permanent solution for this problem we’re having every year.

Spring cleaning tips from our house to yours!

Don’t forget that in between all of this planning to take a break and enjoy a cuppa tea.

Everyone deserves a Spring tea break but once the sun and heat arrive to break out the beer, cold drinks, and be ready for summertime fun!

Discussion Question:

What are some of the top Spring Cleaning Chores that you will be doing that maybe isn’t on our list that you’d like to share?

Leave me a comment below.


CBB Home Update

As you may have read above this week was all about purging and starting the Spring Cleaning Checklist.

On top of that we tried to get out to some playdates but since it was March Break for the kiddies most centers were closed.

A trip to Value Village and grocery shopping was about all the entertainment we had this week. Come on Spring

Our final decision on Amazon Prime is here…to Prime or not to Prime.

We have one day to decide. Ugh… decisions.

How was your week?


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Below is a photo of the free new to me reclining leather sofa which I was fortunate enough to get.

The light spot in the one pic is the reason I got this awesome $2000 leather reclining sofa for free.

It is only just over 3 years old.

Colleen. K.

leather recliner sofa open

P.S. I forgot to add that the reclining ends are motorized.

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An interesting post because he touches on worry and risk.

Most importantly why it’s fine to invest small amounts even $50 a month.

Something is always better than nothing. Great post. Enjoy.

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This week I made a pit-stop over at Inside Bru Crew Life where Food Blogger Jocelyn created these amazing M&M Blondie Brownies.

I’m sure you all know by now that I have a thing for brownies so when my eyes met these It was love at first sight. Great for Easter!

Frugal Do It Yourself (DIY)

Popsicle Stick Easter Crafts Kids

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These Popsicle Stick Easter FriendsP craft over at the blog Glued To My Crafts is simple and affordable and certainly an Easter craft we will do with our son.

Everything can be purchased at the Dollar store in the craft section.

Search Term Giggles

Always begin and end your day with a SMILE!


Every week I get tens of thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog.

Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

  • Canadian Budget Finder– Haha..I shouldn’t laugh maybe that is a legit site.
  • Chatrooms where I can ask rich men for money– Haha, I’m on a roll this weekend with the funnies.
  • How to grow money in Canada– First start with a good soil…. Haha!!
  • How much does it cost to make 12 muffins?– So many variables here without more data.
  • How to get excused from Jury Duty– Let a big smelly one rip when you show up

That’s all the fun for this week, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you all again next Saturday.


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