Amazon Canada Grocery Products We Buy To Save Money

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Like many people, I was skeptical regarding Amazon Canada and their Prime Membership, but I believe now.

Since the pandemic, we’ve ordered more grocery products from Amazon Canada.

Although we’ve used click-and-collect from Zehrs, we also utilized online shopping, focusing on our grocery budget.

Not only is price important for groceries so is quality, so we often look for organic and pure products.

As an Amazon Canada customer, I am confident we get the best grocery deals.

Amazon Canada also gets our business with a free one or two-day delivery service.

Besides, there’s some pretty cool stuff on Amazon that you won’t find in the stores.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday Sales, and Prime Day, all of which have bonus savings.

I know you’ll reach out and strangle me, but Amazon Canada also has daily lightning deals, warehouse deals, and daily deals.

Tell me more about why we love Amazon Canada and what we purchase.

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cheap Amazon Canada Keto Products
Why A Prime Membership can help you save money on grocery products on Amazon Canada.

Finding The Best Food Deals On Amazon Canada

I could talk for a LONG time about Amazon Canada, but today I want to focus on their memberships and grocery deals.

Everyone reading this won’t buy the same groceries, and prices are subject to change.

This post aims to alert Canadians about Amazon Canada and their Prime membership.

When you purchase your Prime membership, you can take advantage of all the awesome deals on Amazon, not just grocery deals.

In the past, I’ve always encouraged my readers to make price comparisons when grocery shopping and price match.

Although many stores no longer price match or carry specific products, you can likely find them on Amazon.

Grocery Coupons On Amazon Canada

At first, I had no idea that Amazon Canada had coupons you could clip to reduce your costs.

You’ll find everything from diapers to pet items and grocery products, which may offer coupons.

For example, Amazon Canada offers a $2 coupon off Lavazza Coffee beans.

List Price:$44.99
Price:$32.99 ($0.03 / gram)
You Save:$12.00 (27%)
Coupon$2.50 coupon applied.
Lavazza Coffee Amazon Canada Sale plus Coupon

There is also an Amazon Family and Amazon Baby that comes with coupons and deals.

You can even complete your wedding registry on Amazon to simplify shopping for your guests.

The best is when the product is already on sale, and then there is a coupon offer to go along with it.

That sweetens the deal even more.

You can also choose the Subscribe and Save option, saving up to 15% more on the products you love.

This means you will get the product delivered on a schedule that works for you because you set it.

Getting The Most Out Of A Prime Membership

Maximizing your Prime Membership or Student Membership as much as possible is the idea.

Earlier this year, we got rid of our cable television and Rogers home phone, saving us money.

Although I did get a Freedom Mobile Phone and Data plan for $21, it was still the best financial move.

If we watch movies, we check out Amazon Prime Movies, YouTube or surf the web.

We also had an android tv box and ditched that too last month as it was always having issues.

That was another $15 savings each month.

Prime and Prime Student Memberships

We’ve been prime membership holders for years because it’s been worth it.

Even the skeptic in me gave Amazon Prime a to see if the program were something we’d use.

You can test Amazon Canada Prime Free for 30 days If you’ve never participated in Amazon.

I’m certain 30 days will be more than enough to motivate you to join Amazon Canada Prime.

  • You get fast, free delivery on millions of products.
  • Stream popular movies and television shows
  • On any device, you can stream over 2 million songs
  • Unlimited Reading on any device
  • Returns are super easy
  • Automatic Prime Membership Renewal

We recently renewed our Amazon Canada Prime Membership for $89.27 or $7.43 monthly.

Is it worth it? You bet, especially with one family vehicle and Mrs. CBB, who has a life-long illness.

She’s the saver in the family, always looking for deals, and since I work so often, delivery is a blessing.

Amazon Canada Rewards Mastercard

We don’t have an Amazon Canada rewards Mastercard; however, Amazon offers a free $35 gift card instantly plus up to 5% back.

With this credit card, you get ;

  • 2.5% back at and Whole Foods Market Stores
  • 2.5% back on eligible foreign currency transactions
  • 1% back everywhere else Mastercard is accepted
  • You get purchase insurance, extended warranty benefits, $0% fraud liability, and more.
  • Paperless billing

There is also no annual fee for those who own the Amazon Canada Rewards Mastercard.

You can save at Whole Foods Market Stores, Grocery Stores, and restaurants for 6 months after approval on the first $3000 in eligible purchases.

Before applying, make sure you can say yes to the following:
1. You are a Canadian Resident
2. You are the age of majority in the province or territory where you live

Amazon Canada Returns Are Easy

If you want to contact Amazon Canada for a return, it’s easy, as we’ve done this many times.

You can even track your package, make Prime membership purchases, gift refunds and manage your Amazon account on one page.

Last week, for example, Mrs. CBB ordered 2 bottles of hand soap, and one leaked in the box.

She called Amazon Canada Customer Service at 1-877-586-3230, who took down the information.

The next day a box was delivered free of charge with two brand new bottles of hand soap.

How cool is that? That’s customer service.

After your free trial is over, you only pay $7.99 a month plus applicable taxes.

In Quebec, you receive a two-month membership trial for only $7.99 instead of the free trial.

If you’re a student, you can grab an awesome Amazon Canada six-month free trial.

You get all of the same benefits as a Prime member.

After the trial, you only pay $3.99 monthly to continue with the same great access.

Grocery Products We Buy On Amazon Canada

Since Mrs. CBB started living a keto lifestyle, we’ve searched for grocery deals.

This was when we started to check prices on Amazon compared to the grocery store and pharmacy.

We had to factor in the prime membership cost and rewards points we would earn or not earn.

If you haven’t signed up for Rakuten yet, it’s free and includes cashback when you shop at Amazon.

When we completed a price comparison, there were products definitely worth buying.

As I mentioned, what we use will differ from your grocery needs, and prices are subject to change.

You’ll also notice many products are keto products, and that’s because some are difficult to find.

These are only some of the products we buy, along with health and beauty, bed sheets, towels, hand towels, mobile device accessories, educational materials, etc.

Sorry, the pictures aren’t the best, but that’s the best I could do.

Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money
Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money
Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money
Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money
Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money
Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money
Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money
Amazon Canada Grocery Items We Buy To Save Money

If you follow a keto diet and want more grocery deals check out our Keto Pantry.

Final Thoughts: Saving Money With Amazon Grocery

Amazon Canada is not for everyone, but for those reading this who find it would fit your budget and expenses, check it out.

Always check your Amazon App or online to see if prices have changed before you buy.

You can create wish lists of products you’d like and then go back and see how much they are.

We’ve found savings for our family and convenience since it’s delivered to our door.

Lastly, we take advantage of all the Amazon Canada Prime Membership services.

Discussion: What do you order from Amazon Canada grocery, and does it save you money? Share your comments below.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and order something, CBB gets a small profit from your purchase. It costs you nothing.

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  1. Amazon in the U.S. does grocery shopping much better. I don’t know why it sucks in Canada, I mean Amazon has warehouses all over the country – so get a decent grocery section going including refrigerated and frozen. Some things I can find on Amazon that aren’t in the stores and sometimes cheaper than in the stores. It never fails that when I find something I like, it’ll go out of stock at Amazon. Or price increases. Specifically thinking about the Nature’s Charm coconut condensed milk that has been out of stock for months. I managed to score a couple of Carnation Breakfast Essentials when they went on sale to $9.99 last year. Regular price $14.99, same price as Walmart. Occasionally I’ll buy grocery items mostly because I’m tired of trying to find them in the stores. And sometimes I’ll notice a good price and throw it in the cart, but can’t say as I really think of Amazon for grocery shopping. Maybe that’ll change one day!

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      You’re right; the US Amazon is better for groceries and lots of other items. We find deals all the time on Amazon, and we price check before we buy something. I think Amazon is more for pantry-type items that change often. We find lots of keto, sugar-free and gluten-free products on Amazon as well. Cleaning supplies, although we don’t add that in our grocery shopping budget, some people do. Thanks for sharing your experience, Cheryl!! Mr. CBB

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