Homeless Care Package Ideas To Spread Christmas Cheer : The Saturday Weekend Review #243

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As the weather in Canada gets colder the need for more shelters, beds and warm clothing is dire for the homeless in every community. Creating a homeless care package is not only simple and relatively inexpensive but life-changing for someone who has no one to turn or talk to when their cries for help are silent.

I know that many of you reading Canadian Budget Binder love to save money using coupons and other means to stockpile family product essentials so I’m reaching out to you. Even if you’ve never seen a homeless person I can guarantee you there are many living on the streets where you live. I’ve only lived in Canada for 11 years and I’ve seen my fair share of homeless hovering in corners around the streets of Toronto.

Just this past week we had an old friend of ours pass away from cancer only to find out that two years ago she was homeless and living on the street. She did not reach out to anyone and no one knew the status of her world. Although that troubles us and in ways we feel guilty we know that we can’t change what she was thinking but we can reach out to help others who so desperately need it.

It’s not only the big cities battling homelessness every little city, town, village in between has someone in need. Can we end homelessness alone? No, but what we can do is give back even if that means sitting down and having a conversation with someone who is lonely because the world keeps on walking by.

If you say that you can’t afford to help but have a roof over your head and any food on the table-you can. You have far more than someone who sleeps on cold cement and nowhere to go apart from a shelter IF there is room.

It’s easy to say get up and get a job BUT you don’t know what events occurred to bring someone to life on the streets.

What’s the answer to homelessness in Canada?

I don’t know as a whole but I feel that it’s important that all Canadians find it in their hearts to give back especially around the holidays. Perhaps the government can offer more affordable housing, create more jobs and opportunities and put the people in need FIRST.

If you’re able to give back throughout the year, even better. A little goes a long way when someone is in need.

Thirty-five thousand people in Canada experience some form of homelessness every day, 235,000 a year! Another 1.5 million people pay more than they can really afford – more than 30 per cent of their income – on housing. Canada emergency shelters are getting fuller – occupancy is up more than 10 per cent since 2004, and those trapped in shelters are staying longer. For seniors and families, the average stay has increased to more than 20 days.- Globe and Mail Canada


Tis The Season for Giving Back All Year Long


Spread Christmas cheer to those in need were the only words that kept playing over and over in my mind the other day while sitting in front of my laptop. I never gave much thought to those who are homeless and living on the streets until this video of Jackson O’Doherty popped up on my Facebook timeline.

All year shelters and community centres are in need of food, money and supplies to stock-up on the essentials for those in need. This Christmas keep in mind those who are living on the streets or in a shelter as well as those families who are struggling to make ends meet.


As you can see Jackson made his way to the shopping center and loaded up on pillows, toiletries, snacks, drinks and other homeless care package essentials. He proceeds to wrap them in Christmas gift wrap and distribute them to those living on the streets.

I can’t tell you how happy my heart felt to see this video and it was a stark reminder just how lucky my family is to sleep in a warm bed at night and have the essentials of life at our finger-tips. Some of the nicest people I know have little to nothing and that’s because they know what it’s like on the other side of the fence. They live it or have lived it.


Homeless Care Package Ideas


homeless care package Canada winter Christmas .png FB MAINI’ve seen some homeless care package ideas that include wrapping paper and Ziploc Bags filled with many items from the list above. Another idea is to fill a pillowcase and add a bow wrapped around the top or fill a large Christmas stocking and pass them around. Ideally a bag of sorts would help which makes travelling easier with their belongings.

Make one or make ten, whatever you can afford to help give back. If money is not an option perhaps a fundraiser to collect money for a homeless care package holiday event would work. Think outside the box and remember you go to bed at night and close your eyes but the homeless sleep with one eye open.

Lastly, please remember that sometimes all a homeless person wants is a hug, hand-shake and someone to talk to. Make someone smile even if that’s all you have to give.

Discussion Question: What else could we add to this Homeless Care Package list for the holidays?


A Week In My Life


I was sick for a week and that’s all you need to know! It sucked. I’ll be working on the basement insulation now that I’m feeling a bit better. Hopefully that’s the only illness I get this winter, fingers crossed.

Apart from being under the weather we put our Christmas decorations up including our Christmas Tree. The little guy puts the star on top every year and helps with the ornaments. He just loves Christmas but what kid doesn’t?

This year the way we do Christmas has changed again. We’re back to spending $25 on each person in the family. That’s not too bad although we didn’t mind just buying for the kids.

I’ve been requested to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls to bring home for the holidays. I wasn’t going to do any Christmas baking but since I’ve been asked I’ll comply. I feel like the Christmas baking King!

Have a great week,



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Doing something you love is the ticket to a happier retirement is what Zach over at Four Pillar Freedom wants everyone to know. I like his concept about working part-time doing something you love to bring in some spare cash, even during the retirement years.

Incorporating some type of work into your life can dramatically alter your financial plans for the future.

An excellent 4 minute read that may inspire you to think about your financial plans moving forward. He’s right, working one day a week could be worth $100,000.

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Budget Recipe Pick



Haley over at If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen She Will Bake makes these delicious festive Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles. What I like about them is that they are white and the coloured sprinkles add that holiday look to any table or cookie gift box. Our son loves sprinkles so he would be our sprinkle boy.


Budget DIY Weekly


no cook cinnamon Christmas tree ornaments 21

Over at Growing A Jeweled Rose I found this cool DIY recipe for No Cook Cinnamon Ornaments made from a homemade clay. Our son loves PlayDoh so I know he will love to make these ornaments. The other day we made Popsicle stick snowflakes and he had so much fun. Ornaments are a tradition for our family tree.


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