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Check out the top payment options at online casinos

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credit card payment options online casinos


Having a payment method that is fast, reliable and secure is a top priority for any gambler, and being able to make quick and easy deposits at online casinos goes a long way in making your online gambling experience wholesome and fulfilling.

While there are a number of payment options available out there, it’s important that you pick a trusted option that keeps your money safe, while simultaneously being fast and easy to operate. Here we’ve compiled a list of the top payment methods at online casinos that are recommended Casino Payment Methods in the industry.


Visa is one of the most popular means of making payments since when the first casinos started popping up on the internet. On account of its popularity Visa has become a globally accepted payment method, and offers users a safe and reliable payment ecosystem through its extensive fraud protection policies.

In addition, Visa users have the option of choosing from the several online casinos that accept Visa for online payments, and can deposit large amounts in a single go. With Visa you can Sail through online gambling with ease, with its close to zero failure rate for transactions. On top of all this, you also have the option of checking out several attractive travel reward programs that are offered by credit card companies.


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Launched in 1998 through a partnership with the online marketplace giant eBay, PayPal boasts of being widely accepted at most online gambling websites. It offers a safe and secure means of making payments at the touch of a button, through transactions that take place almost instantly.

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Apart from its easy to use interface and cutting-edge security features, PayPal provides incredible accessibility to one’s account through the PayPal app. In addition, several casinos also offer bonuses to users who pay using PayPal.


Ukash is a payment system catering to the needs of people who are more comfortable with using cash rather than a card or a bank account when playing at online casinos. To use Ukash, you simply need to purchase a prepaid Ukash voucher from any of the 420,000 outlets across the world and voila, you’re ready to use voucher amount at online casinos.

There is no registration formality, and no requirement of disclosure of personal information, which minimizes your risk of identity theft. Further, by being restricted by the amount in your voucher, your spending is controlled and restricted as per your wishes. Ukash cards can also make interesting gifts, but beware, they might be considered useless by some.


Instadebit offers an electronic payment system which operates in a manner akin to debit cards and cheques, which allows players to use online gambling sites through funds in their bank accounts.

This service also allows players to play at online casinos without disclosing any financial information with the casino itself, and without having a credit card or e-wallet account.

It offers advantages over pre-paid vouchers, as it is a fast and convenient alternative that does not involve purchasing a voucher in advance. Further, all transactions with Instadebt are secured with 128 bit encryption technology regulated by security experts TRUSTe and VeriSign.

With these payment options, you can be sure to conduct all your transactions at online casinos in a seamless and effortless fashion. So go on out there and try your luck at your favorite casino today!

Discussion Question: If you gamble online what are some of the top payment options you’ve used or suggest?

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