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10 Foolproof Tips To Get Your House Sold Fast For Megabucks

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house sold fast megabucks


If you are getting ready to join the real estate game and want your house sold fast for megabucks you’re not alone.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want their house sold fast and for top dollar.

Here’s the thing folks, if you don’t invest time and money you may find yourself at the bottom of the earnings barrel.

Real estate prices across Canada have gone through the roof in recent years but there will always be competition on the market when you go to sell.

Just recently houses sold on my street over asking price but when we went to their open house we noticed how they were able to grab buyer’s attention.

From Listing To Sold Fast

What the buyer will see even if you don’t.

Just about any realty company will tell you that you must spend some time and money on your home if you want it sold fast.

You don’t have to spend megabucks to earn megabucks, but why wouldn’t you put a bit of effort into profitability?

When we were looking for a property for sale we ended up buying a house where the owner did not get megabucks from us.

Upon the arrival of the open house, we noticed that the landscaping was no bed of roses. 

There were weeds everywhere and the back garden was no better with a make-shift garden made from bricks that was leaning over.

The moment a buyer sees anything like this they see dollar signs which means they can negotiate with the seller.

Although her house sold fast we benefited from her lack of effort to make the home ready for the real estate market.

Buying Our Home

The homeowner was a senior who lived alone and smoked inside so everything was yellow in the house.

From the light fixtures to the walls even the toilets were all yellow because she smokes in every room.

You could also smell the smoke in the air the moment you stepping in the front door. 

That was easily a huge loss for her because no one wants to pay megabucks for a house that reaks like smoke.

However, if you live in areas like Toronto or Vancouver where the real estate market is HOT some home buyers may suffer with disasters just to win an offer.

I guess that’s the perks of being a home seller in the big market but a downfall for the buyers who have to spend money to clean it all up.

Aside from the cigarette smoke, there were burn marks in her living-room carpets that were recently professionally shampooed.

Sadly, that $50 cleaning doesn’t hide the bigger problem of the burns in the carpet.

Easy Fixes To Get Your House Sold Fast

One thing you need to do is change your mindset when you plan to sell your house.

Although it may be hard to forget all the memories made in your home it is now a business venture.

You are now selling your asset and if you want megabucks for it market it the way you’d want to see it as a buyer.

The presentation can add or subtract around 20% of your value according to local home builders FC Developments.

Paint Your House

This is probably the second thing any real estate agent would tell you to do before they list your house for sale.

Depending on the size of your home paint costs will vary however if house painting isn’t your thing hiring professional painters is an option.

You will pay more but the increase in your profits from the sale of your home is worth every dollar you spend.

Clean Everything

No buyer likes to step into a listed property to find it full of filth but if they do you can bet they will negotiate with the buyer high and hard for a price reduction.

Cleaning is super easy to do unless you have health concerns such as mold, rodents or, other heavy cleaning problems where professionals should be hired.

Again, hiring someone or cleaning a house can get your house sold fast and for more money than you would get for a dirty home.

Update Lighting and Wall Fixtures

Old lighting fixtures or broken outlets on the inside of your home are easy fixes and will set the mood in your home.

Have you ever noticed when you visit an open house that all of the lights are turned on?

Well, buyers will and they will look at your light fixtures so make them sparkle and update them to fit the style of your home.

Also, consider walking around the outside of your home to replace any broken or sun-damaged outlets.

A few bucks goes a long way.

Professionally landscape

Curb appeal is huge!

Next to a clean home and fresh paint buyers looking at house listings in your area will see the outside of your home first.

Having a professionally looking landscaped yard will make all the difference in whether a buyer will want to view your home.

A property for sale with landscaping that is full of weeds, high grass and just not maintained is just waiting for negotiation tactics from a buyer.

Simple tasks such as cleaning up the weeds, mowing the lawn, adding mulch, plants and flowers along with a general power-wash will improve your landscaping by 100%.

Don’t forget to clean the windows and add a fresh coat of paint to your front door and garage.

Huge Profits await you.

Remove Stuff

Decluttering your house before you sell it is not an option if you want your house sold fast and for top dollar.

If you’re not sure where to start sometimes the best way to look at it is to pack up or sell anything that collects dust or is personal in nature.

A clean, minimalist look to your house that sparkles will yield you better results when you host an open house.

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Create A Fancy Dinner Table Setting

When potential buyers come in your home you want to work your marketing magic which sometimes involves lots of creativity.

Whether you have a dining room or just a kitchen area with a table and chairs take the liberty of setting the table professionally.

When potential buyers walkthrough for viewing this will help them to envision eating dinner in your kitchen or dining room.

If you haven’t updated your kitchen which can be a huge expense apart from adding new handles, fixtures or professionally painting the kitchen cupboards will be a nice distraction.

Simple home decor may mean the difference between a competitor’s house so if you want your home sold fast do the little things.

Flowers and fruit baskets

When I go house hunting I love to see that homeowners take the time to add fresh flowers and fruit baskets to their home.

This type of homeowner adds value to the home in a different way because they show they care.

The addition of colourful fruits and flowers also adds an allure of a happy home and makes people smile.

It’s the simple things that matter if you want your home sold fast and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Besides, you still get to eat the fruit and smell the flowers when they are gone.

New Floor Rugs

For a few hundred dollars you can find some beautiful rugs online or a shop in your local community.

If you want to save even more money and have time to look you can visit second-hand shops or even online Facebook or Kijiji ads.

Most homeowners looking to list their property for sale do so quickly which doesn’t often leave much shopping time for bargains.

Welcoming buyers into your home with new rugs inside especially on your tiled and hardwood or laminate floors is inviting.

If you don’t already have a front porch mat, get one. It’s an inexpensive way to say welcome home.

Pack up your belongings

Another thing I would suggest before you put your house on the market or host an open house is to get other’s opinions.

Don’t be afraid to invite your real estate agent, friends or even co-workers over to have a look at your house.

Ask them to give you their honest opinion and any tips they have to help you get your house sold for megabucks.

Photos and Videos = Sold Fast For Megabucks

Finally, if you want to get the stress of living in a house that was once your home out of the way you need awesome photos.

Don’t mask the photos or fix them to look different from what buyers will see when they arrive because that will only upset them.

Instead, take professional photos that highlight the areas of your home inside and out to show the work you have done.

You want buyers to look at your photos or even high-quality real estate videos and think, “I can live there“.

That’s where the money is at.

Lastly, do a walk around before you give your real estate agent the go-ahead to list your house on the mls listings. 

You never know if something small that needs a repair jumps out at you.

Look high and low because your buyers will.

Discussion: What other proven ways helped you to get your home sold fast?

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Finance Read Of the Week

Since I’m in my 40’s now I think about early retirement quite a bit although I doubt I will retire early mainly because of my defined pension.

I read a story at A Retired Guy who talks about how he ended up in early retirement and there was something that stood out immediately.

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Garage Sale Finds

garage sale deals of the week

If you have some awesome deals you’d like to share from your garage sale outings this Spring and Summer email me your photo and tell us what you found and how much it cost you to be featured.

Here are today’s garage sale deals:

  • Noise machine $2
  • Travel size conditioners (2) $.50
  • Carpet cleaner $.50
  • Stainless steel bowls (dog dishes for at my parent’s house) two brand new play-doh containers and glad containers $3
  • 3 ladies tops, a dress and scarf $4

Total spent $10

Jen P

Frugal Recipe Find

rhubarb water

Many readers here might already know we have a giant rhubarb plant in our garden that gives us a tonne of the crop each year.

Most times we don’t even know what to do with it so we donate it to friends and family.

We have made a few rhubarb recipes over the years such as;

Growing up my mum had rhubarb in the garden but we only had rhubarb crisp so experimenting with rhubarb recipes has been fun.

This year our rhubarb is growing wild as usual and I wanted to find something different to do with it.

Well, I did!

I stumbled upon this Rhubarb Water recipe that I can’t wait to make although I will create a Keto version.

Rhubarb Water


  • 2 lbs of rhubarb, cut into pieces
  • 4 cups of water
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • juice of 1 lemon

The ingredients are simple and the sugar can be substituted for whatever you like although the measurements will differ.

What other rhubarb recipes can you suggest for us?

Leave me a comment below please and thanks.

Mr. CBB’s Motivational Corner

motivational quote about growing up

Gardening 101

Herb Wall Pallet Garden

We love to grow herbs as you know and don’t have space in our garden so we use planter pots.

I’m a huge fan of saving space where I can and when I stumbled upon this photo of a standing pallet herb garden I just had to share.

Next year this is what I plan on building for our herb garden and I can’t wait to show everyone what it looks like.

Have you created a pallet herb garden before? I’d love to see your photos and hear any tips.

Leave me a comment below please and thanks.

Home and Blog Update

organic dill in a pot
Our Organic Dill growing in a pot

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a busy bee the last two weeks mainly outside finishing off the front yard landscaping adding a few new plants.

The garden herbs are growing nicely in pots but that still works since we don’t have space.

This past week I finally made my way to the back yard since all of the rain and swamp kept me away.

The grass looks fabulous although I’ve already given it two haircuts since.

Most of the work that I’ve done has been digging the border, laying a new weed barrier and topping it up with Scott’s Premium Mulch.

I’m not a fan of getting the big load of mulch dumped on our driveway even though it may be cheaper.

The only reason is that I don’t find that it lasts as long as Scott’s brand however I did get it on sale for $3.99/bag reg $6.99.

In the midst of all this, the city contacted me because they wanted to know how I made out with our basement renovations over the past year.

I picked up a permit and was told it was open-ended however that’s not the case.

I called the building inspector for the city and he came around to have a  look.

As usual, I am nowhere near finishing the basement however I did re-insulate and frame the basement which he said was perfect.

While he was here I also took the liberty of picking his brain to ask any questions I was unsure of which was helpful.

Other than that sports season is starting up so our little guy will be on the soccer and baseball field every Saturday and once during the week.

That means my time will be scooped up a bit more but I’ll still try to make my way on to social media to drop in and say hello to you all.

So far we have no plans for the summer but if you have any cool suggestions of where to visit in Ontario we’d love to hear about it.

We haven’t done much in the way of road trips so perhaps something is in order for us since we aren’t jetting away this year.

Blog Update

Sara (my designer/developer) and I have been working hard behind the scenes to optimize the blog and change a few things around.

You will see a new subscriber freebie being added soon that I think everyone will love plus we’ve moved our ads to Mediavine.

I know you might not be a fan of ads however the blog costs lots of money to run each year and I need to bring in an income to keep doing this for everyone.

I’ve kept them as simple as possible and every time you read or click an ad it helps to keep CBB online so thank-you.

Besides, you may find some awesome deals from Canadian retailers who bid to get in front of your eyes on my blog.

That’s all for now friends. Have a lovely sunny week and we will see you again soon.


Saturday Search Term Giggles

Every week I get tens of thousands of people who visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog.

Yes, I can see your search terms, and sometimes they are funny.

If you see the acronym (SIC) next to a word that means I’ve copied the text exactly as it was typed in Google and it has spelling errors.

  • Cream of Celery Soupanadian – Haha, I believe that should read, Cream of Celery Soup Canadian
  • Newmaril numbers – Numeral numbers
  • Low-Carb Cookies Toronto – Why just Toronto?
  • Best deal on a 3-year car lease Canada – There’s never a deal when you lease a car
  • Parmassan cheese – Haha, love it! Parmesan Cheese

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  1. Lots of good reading here, today.
    I’ve been working on my home to get ready to move. Clearing out the 19 yrs of accumulated stuff has been the most satisfying. I’ve painted the whole house & had new neutral carpet up and down (finally put trim in basement to complete the finishings. Currently have taken out my kitchen to prep for new (from H Depot, now 2 wks delayed til June 24th) I have resigned to taking my time and hitting the market in fall. I was very disappointed last Spring putting my house on the market with a poor Realtor who said it all looked fine, when it was not. The most important thing I learned is younger people are stretched to the limit with a mortgage & have zero money left to come into a home & have to do any work. I would have sold for less so they could have the kitchen they wanted, but financing was always the issue. It’s testing my natural instincts to do what’s best for a market & NOT what I would want (when choosing kitchen design & appliances, etc)

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