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10 Garage Sale Food and Drink Ideas To Earn Extra Cash : The Saturday Weekend Review #279

How to host a successful garage sale?  Sell Food and Drinks for starters.

Hosting a yard sale, boot sale, tag sale or rummage sale with kids is a great opportunity for them to earn some extra money by selling garage sale food and refreshments.

Garage Sale Food and Drink Ideas To Earn Extra Cash!

It’s the best opportunity to get your kids set up to learn the value of buying and selling with their own little business while you’re off doing your thing.

When there is food and drinks people will come and only say this because I watch people who go to Costco shopping and how they dive into the free samples. 

People LOVE food and if you have something good to sell and it’s in demand there is money to be made so why not offer garage sale food the next time you host a sale?

Even if you don’t have kids who are eager entrepreneurs there are benefits to having garage sale food and drinks at your next sale.

  1. Extra Cash
  2. Draws in the crowds

Essentially you want to sell everything you put outside for your garage sale because no one wants to haul it back in.

The idea around having garage sale food and drinks is that it draws in the customers and adds that extra edge to your garage sale advertising.

I’d rather visit a garage sale early if it has items I’m on the hunt for AND coffee and muffins and other sweet treats.

Most people who go to garage sales are up very early including the hosts and often it’s a mad rush out the front door.

There have been plenty of times Mrs. CBB and I have went out looking for weekend bargains and found garage sale food and drink available for purchase.

If for example if it’s a Spring garage sale you are hosting perhaps offering some hot coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, bottled water or juice boxes along with homemade muffins and squares for breakfast.

If you’re talented in the kitchen you can make savoury breakfast muffins with eggs, ham and cheese.

I’ve also been to a yard sale that hosted garage sale food that included a BBQ with hotdogs and burgers run by the husband and the wife was doing the selling.

It was quite amazing because they had fun music playing in the background and people were hanging around eating, drinking and looking at what items were up for sale.

That’s the kind of garage sale that you will want to host or that people talk about and trust me they do.

I remember when Mrs. CBB and her friends would text each other garage sales to visit that were what they called, “worth it”.

The reason behind that is when someone hosts a garage sale without much thought they don’t sell as much because it’s evident that it’s a sale just thrown together.

When you host a vibrant garage sale with all the fixin’s you’ll have far more luck selling your stuff at reasonable prices, negotiations will come in from all angles and you can make a profit selling your favourite garage sale foods and beverages.

Last month we went to a Maple Syrup Festival where the streets in a small community were shut down for a parade and all the vendors.

Would you believe there were homeowners out hosting garage sales and selling beverages along the end of their driveways for a buck each?

I thought, what a brilliant idea. Here you have thousands of visitors to a small community for a huge event and even if you sell 300 bottles of water for a buck each that’s a huge profit.

The same goes with pop and juice although there were more than enough vendors selling food that it wouldn’t have been much unless you had something unique that went viral through the streets.

Making a profit from Garage Sale Food and Drinks

Let’s have a look at some garage sale food recipes and drinks that I think would be a hit with frugal customers.

Here’s the thing, frugal is the keyword here because even though shoppers don’t mind donating a bit more money when it’s kids or they are desperate for convenience, pricing matters. 

The last thing you want is for your garage sale food and drinks to sit and no one buys them because you’re asking too much money for them. Keep the prices simple and the goals for offering garage sale food and drinks.

For example, here’s a few questions you will want to consider if you decide to have garage sale food and drinks available.

  • How much did it cost you to bake or buy what you are selling?
  • Will there be a profit?
  • Are you just selling food and drinks to draw in the crowds to sell your stuff?

If you buy 2 cases of bottled water on sale for $1.99/24 plus 2 bags of ice $2.99 each that equals $11.28 with taxes. If you divide $11.30 (rounded) into 24 you will need to sell the bottled water for at least $0.50 each to break even.

That means to get your money back. If you sell the bottled water for $1.00 each you will make 100% profit and double your money. This is where you will want to be IF you are selling for profit or fundraising money to give to a charity.

You would do the same math with your garage sale food as well. If you bought a bag of chocolate chip cookies for $2.00 and there are 20 cookies in the package you would have to sell each cookie for $0.10 each to make back your money.

If you sell each cookie for $0.25 each you will earn back $5.00 which means you’ve made over 100% profit. Essentially you’d have enough to buy 2 more bags of cookies and still have $1 profit left.

Best Garage Sale Food and Drinks to Sell

I’m going to compile a simple list of garage sale foods and drinks that I believe would drive customers and bring in a profit for the seller.

Ideally buying all the products you are selling while they are on sale will yield even more profits from your garage sale food and drinks.

Garage sale drinks

  1. Cans of pop
  2. Bottled water
  3. Juice boxes
  4. Homemade Lemonade, Iced-Tea, other juices. Make a lemonade sale sign or whatever drink or drinks you are selling.
  5. Coffee and tea can be tricky because you have to also provide sugar, sweetener, milk, cream. You could buy a bucket from the coffee shop and sell it for more money but I don’t think you’ll see much profit if any. If you make coffee at home to sell you’d definitely need treats to see a profit.

Garage sale food

Below are some easy foods to sell and make money or you can buy them pre-made and still make a profit based on selling price as described above.

You may have customers who don’t trust what you make because they don’t know you but it’s no different than buying food from a bake sale at work or school in my opinion.

Offering a variety of store-bought and homemade might make a difference to your overall sales.

My one big tip- Keep the messy garage sale food to a minimum and offer treats that are simple to eat. I also suggest that you keep some paper towel or napkins handy for your customers. (another cost to add into your sales pricing).

  • Homemade cookies mainly chocolate chip, oatmeal or other simple cookies that include chocolate. Always label if there is nuts but I would put a beware nuts could be in these products sign to be safe for those with allergies.
  • Fruits such as bananas and apples or even watermelon slices
  • Homemade or store-bought muffins or squares (including brownies, ha)
  • Sweet or Savoury breads such as banana bread, chocolate chip banana bread, cheese bread, zucchini bread.
  • Hotdogs, Hamburgers with buns and basic condiments ketchup, mustard and relish.
  • International food from around the world- Sell foods or sweets that are popular with-in your culture. Samosa is always a hit.

indian chicken samosa

Chicken SamosaRecipe

the-easiest-banana-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies-ever-2Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

FUDGY BROWNIES CANVAChocolate Fudge Brownies


Homemade lemonade wmHomemade Lemonade

Orange marmalade breakfast muffinsOrange Carrot Breakfast Muffins

Alternatively you could offer iced-tea and lemonade for free to your customers just to put a smile on their faces and perhaps they might just buy something from your garage sale.

Discussion: What other garage sale food and drinks can you think of to sell at a sale?

Home and Blog Update

What a wonderful two weeks we’ve had since our last update. No one has been ill and nothing major has broke down around the house. I’ve been busy like most homeowners outside getting ready for Spring and lots of sunshine.

So far, I’ve got all our herbs planted for the summer, hanging baskets are up, fertilized the lawn, added mulch to our front yard flower beds and fixed up our rock garden (no weeds still).

The basil is already peaking out as is the dill and garlic so we are very excited. We even have a stray onion we are nurturing although Mrs. CBB thinks she planted it last season from a cut-off she had in the kitchen.

Oh, and the rhubarb is on it’s way to making magic again this summer. I swear we get so much rhubarb we are stuck with what to do with it.

I also went ahead and gave our big stainless BBQ away for free and bought a small Kamado charcoal grill which we  do not regret. The taste of the meat and vegetables far surpass that of any propane or gas grill. 

Plus, we love the extra space and we can bring it in out of the rain and winter without a hitch. So easy.

Other than that I managed to clean out part of the garage but I have more to get done as well the back-yard is next on my hit-list. I’ll update you on that for the next Saturday blog post.

On the blog I’ve been working with my amazing designer Sara to improve the look and layout again plus we became publishers with Mediavine in hopes of bringing in more revenue for CBB to help pay for what it needs to continue to run.

This blog doesn’t run on coal I’m afraid, hehe! You may see some changes as the weeks go on but they may be subtle.

Thank you again for your support, reading the blog, commenting and sharing our posts with your friends and family on social media. I started this blog for us and the people in 2012 and look at us all now.

Here we are 2019 and still helping people out of debt even if it’s only through experience and motivation. It all matters.

Have a great two weeks!!


CBB Posts You May Have Missed

These are the blog posts I’ve written the past two weeks that you can catch up on if you’ve missed them. If you don’t already please subscribe to the blog and you will get my posts come straight to your email. Ta-da…CBB in an Instant.

Finance Read Of the Week

This week I’d like to draw your attention to Million Dollar Journey where the Frugal Trader discusses what happens to your RRSP and TFSA after you die.

With all the important death blog posts I’ve been writing lately this is another great reason to understand everything you need to when it comes to your money and anything you may be leaving behind if you were to pass away.

In fact this topic came up for discussion last week when we met with our financial advisor from Mr. CBB who was curious to know. I’m sure she just wanted to know if she was better off if I was dead or alive, haha!

To start off with the good news, RRSPs can generally “rollover” tax-free to qualified beneficiaries such as: 

  • a spouse/spousal trust/common-law partner;

  • financially dependent children/grandchildren under 18;

  • or disabled children/grandchildren of any age.

So, yes if I were to die we’d roll over the investments into my wife’s name or vice-versa.

Excellent read.

Garage Sale Finds

If you have some awesome deals you’d like to share from your garage sale outings this Spring and Summer email me your photo and tell us what you found and how much it cost you to be featured.

jens garage sales 2019 MayHi Everyone,

Here are today’s amazing finds :

  • 2 packs swimming goggles and moisturizing lotion $5 (asking was $7)
  • Shave gel, skunk spray and chewing spray (for my new puppy) $1
  • Bath bombs $1

Total spent $7

Jen P.

Frugal Recipe Find

White chocolate Brownies

Fiona at Just SO Tasty has these White Chocolate Brownies that I could turn away from seeing once my eyes found the recipe. I just knew I had to share with all of you brownie lovers out there.

As you already know I have a sweet spot for brownies with thousands of Pins on my Brownie Pinterest board. This recipe is next on my list especially since I have a bag of white chocolate in our freezer to use up.

Mr. CBB’s Motivational Corner

When You Feel Like Giving Up Give MORE - Motivational Quote

Gardening 101

I always wondered how many seeds you should plant in each hole when getting ready for our Spring and Summer vegetable garden.

Honestly I would just play it by ear but there is an actual amount that you should use in order to avoid wasting and overcrowding.

For radishes you only need 4 seeds as do peppers but I had no idea, now I know. Oh, and look at squash only 1 seed needed.

How to avoid overplanting your vegetable garden

avoid overplanting vegetable garden seeds

Saturday Search Term Giggles

Every week I get tens of thousands of people who visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. (SIC) means I’ve copied the text exactly and it has spelling errors.

Most times funny, sometimes serious.

  • How much should I charge for new birthday cards at a garage sale?– Depends on what they are worth and how much someone is willing to pay for them.
  • Budget template for owning a dog– Hey, even Brian the dog gets his own budget template, haha!
  • When not to retire– When you’re broke
  • Maturnity Leave– I see this far too much. Maternity not Maturnity although being mature is a big part of being a parent.

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