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Freedom Mobile Review: Why I Chose Freedom As My First Mobile Carrier

Canadian Wireless Prices Are Too High For Consumers

I did my research and Freedom Mobile the fourth biggest carrier in Canada got my service as a first-time mobile user and I’ll explain why.

Freedom Mobile Review

Canadian Mobile Pricing Vs. UK Mobile Pricing

As many of you know I moved to Canada from the UK just over 12 years ago and back home I had a mobile phone but without data.

Data was something that came after I left the UK  however the costs to run my mobile phone were far cheaper than Mrs.CBB’s.

Back then I was paying something silly like 5 pounds a month for my mobile flip phone. (I still have it too)

She has been with Rogers Mobile for twenty years and it was the first provider she bought a mobile flip phone through.

Over the years she’s continued to stay with Rogers as she’d call the retentions department yearly to ask for a customer deal.

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The need for mobile data has never warranted her spending money on a data plan so her plan was all the bells and whistles minus data.

Right now she is paying a promo price of $20 a month without data for one year but it wasn’t always this cheap.

The most she’s ever paid was $50 a month for a basic Rogers phone plan in the early 2000s.

Rogers Basic Plan vs. Freedom Pre-Paid Basic Yearly Plan

What’s even worse is that Freedom Mobile offers a pre-paid plan for only $99/year for the same services.

That means she pays $20 plus taxes = $23 month with Rogers which is $276 a year.

If she signs up with Freedom she will pay $99 plus taxes $111.87 for the year and the same services.

The only perk is that Rogers coverage area is one of the best in Canada.

This is where she gets jealous of my new Freedom Mobile Pre-paid plan since it fits me perfectly. 

I get 1.5GB of data and all the bells and whistles for only $19.99 a month plus taxes for 12 months.

Needless to say, she’s considering a move from Rogers wireless to Freedom Mobile to save money and get data.

Who Is Freedom Mobile?

Freedom mobile logo

In 2008 Freedom Mobile in Toronto was founded by Globaliv, Anthony Lacavera, and as of 2016 employed 1250 employees.

Freedom Mobile Inc. is a Canadian wireless telecommunications provider owned by Shaw Communications. With 1,767,155 active subscribers (as of the end of February 29, 2020) in urban areas of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, it is Canada’s fourth largest mobile network operator with 5% market share.

Freedom Mobile is a Canadian company that believes in giving their customers the best prices and freedom of price gouging.

You’ll also find that Freedom Mobile stays ahead of or in-line with the big mobile phone companies.

Offering Freedom 5G for their customers allows more network sensors, stronger connectivity, and deeper communication.

Canadian wireless still costs way too much

We believe that needs to change, because talking and sharing shouldn’t break the bank.

With Freedom Mobile, you get 4 fixes to the overwhelming mobile phone problems that Canadians face.

  1. Giving Canadians Freedom From Data Overages (Fees for this are huge with many big mobile carriers)
  2. Freedom From Price Gouging for Canadians– The main reason I did not get a mobile phone in Canada for 12 years is the pricing scams.
  3. Supporting Canadians with Flat Monthly Fees– I like the ability to pay one monthly fee for the entire year
  4. Affordable Everything with Freedom Mobile– For many people doing research they may find some of the best mobile prices with Freedom.

With locations all over Canada, Freedom Mobile has you covered.

You’ll find that Freedom Data Plans are far superior to many other network providers in Canada.

For instance, Rogers has a 20GB phone plan with sharable data on sale for $80 a month.

Rogers also offers 50GB with unlimited data so when you reach 50GB you still get data but it’s slower and limited without overage fees.

With Freedom Mobile you get 20GB for $65 a month with 1GB data, free text, and talk plus incoming calls.

The biggest mobile plan Freedom has is 35GB Freedom Nationwide US. with 5GB of data for $115 a month.

Rogers offers many Pay as You Go Plans with or without data but the pricing is still far too expensive.

The plan that Mrs. CBB is on at $20 a month is a promo bundle plan plus her grandfathered pricing.

Freedom World Saver Add-On

Just to get international text messages unlimited the cost is an additional $20 a month with Rogers.

With Freedom Mobile, they have a Freedom Savers Program for an additional $5 a month.

You can enter any destination into their search bar and it will bring up the costs.

I plugged in the UK since my family all lives there just to see if it was worth me adding the $5.

The United Kingdom & Northern Ireland Calling Rates

On Big Gig Data plans (where unlimited talk is not included in the plan), all international calls made are an additional $0.05/min

  • Standard Rate $0.75/min
  • World Saver Rate $0.06/min

Our World Saver add-on lets you stay connected with friends and family around the globe.

Get unlimited international texting and reduced international calling rates starting at 2¢/min to 200+ destinations.

Since I only talk to my parents on the phone once a month if that and my siblings online I’ll stick with my $5 phone card.

For those of you who do talk often to family out of the country and like to text this plan is excellent.

Freedom Mobile Plan I Chose

Freedom phone plan

I was fortunate to hop on with Freedom Mobile to get their current promotion which is a Prepaid Plan.

The pre-paid plan comes with no contract and I’ve set it up so it is paid automatically on our credit card.

By doing this I also received a $5 a month discount which seemed like fabulous savings considering I was only paying $19.99 a month.

The regular price of my pre-paid plan is $24/month but with a digital discount for 12 months, I’ll get it for $19.99 a month.

For this Freedom Mobile promo, I receive 1.5GB of Fast LTE data with unlimited Canada-wide calling and global text for 12 months.

After 12 months the regular price of $24.99 kicks in minus the $5 pre-authorized discount of $5 which makes it $19.99 a month until I stop or change the plan.

The best part for those of you who are worried about other big cell phone carriers who may decline you based on your credit score this won’t happen with Freedom.

  • No Credit Check
  • No Contract
  • Fast LTE Data (LTE stands for Long Term Evolution which is a faster transmission for downloading)
  • No Overage Fees

I’m a huge fan of the no-contract since that allows me as a customer to make choices based on my budget needs.

Some mobile carriers offer a promo with a contract that you have to pay a fee to get out of early.

There is a one-time connection fee of $10 for pre-paid Freedom Mobile plans which I was fine with.


Freedom Mobile promo plan

Why I Chose A Pre-Paid Freedom Mobile Plan

Freedom Mobile Ontario

The reason was simple, I don’t use a mobile phone enough to justify a larger data plan.

However, the price points with Freedom are far better than any other I’ve researched.

I could have gone with the pre-paid $99 a year plan however I opted for the data for my business, this blog.

The network coverage wasn’t too much of a bother either as I don’t travel too much outside of the area.

I also liked that I didn’t have to worry about overage fees.

For the most part, while I’m at home and work I’ll be using the free wi-fi instead of my data.

If after one year I find that the data wasn’t used as much as I thought I’ll probably swap over to the $99 a year plan.

Porting Your Mobile Number

Can you port your current mobile number when signing up with Freedom Mobile?

The answer is yes provided your mobile number is current and in the Freedom Mobile coverage area.

I didn’t have a mobile phone number when I signed up as it was my first Canadian mobile phone.

The customer service rep brought up a variety of Freedom Mobile phone number options I could choose from.

I picked the easiest one to remember since I’m horrible with phone numbers and still struggle to remember my social insurance number.

Having the ability to choose a phone number was a great option for me although for some of you this may not be a perk.

Freedom Mobile Coverage

Freedom Network Coverage

I was a bit skeptical of Freedom Mobile at first because I was told that their mobile coverage wasn’t that great.

After researching the Freedom network I was satisfied with the area coverage they offered and the price point I was being given.

The Freedom Mobile coverage area is extensive from Windsor to London to Ingersoll, Woodstock, Brantford, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, Niagara, Welland, Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, Whitby, Barrie, Peterborough, Brockville, Cornwall, and Quebec so it’s quite an extensive area around Ontario.

Freedom mobile has continuously extended its mobile network across Canada.

We’re continuing to grow, giving Canadians more choice for more affordable LTE data.

In fact, more than 1.3 million additional Canadians will get access to wireless from Freedom in 2019.

There is also Freedom Mobile availability in;

  • Cranbrook, British Columbia
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Nanaimo, British Columbia
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Prince George, British Columbia
  • Prince Rupert, British Columbia
  • Vernon, British Columbia
  • Courtenay-Comox, British Columbia
  • Kamloops, British Columbia
  • Campbell River, British Columbia
  • Penticton, British Columbia

There are far more in Ontario that I have not listed above but just to give you an idea of how wide-spread the Freedom Mobile coverage is for anyone interested in signing up with them.

The Freedom network provides access to the data, talk, text, and features included with the Freedom portion of your plan.

Your phone will display the network name ‘Freedom‘ when in this area.

You may be connected to 3G, LTE, or Extended Range LTE networks depending on your location and device capabilities.

In other words, depending on if you are in a covered Freedom area or not your device will display the services you are using.

Outside of the Freedom network, they partner with Bell, Rogers, and Telus to bring customers their services.

Group or Family Discounts With Freedom Mobile

Since Mrs. CBB has been with Rogers Mobile for twenty years and excited about the Freedom Mobile plans I had asked if they had a family discount.

Unfortunately, Freedom does not have a family discount however if you look at all of the Freedom plans they offer you can see why.

From all of the research that I completed before making my decision to go with Freedom Mobile as my carrier I found they had the best pricing.

Mobile Plan Add-Ons At Freedom

prepaid Freedom Mobile Plan

Freedom Mobile also has an add-on program where for a small monthly fee you can have international calling added to your phone.

I get a mobile phone card for $5 to call my family back in the UK and that works perfectly fine for me.

If you’re not interested in getting a phone card you can apply an add-on instantly from the app or website to your phone that fits your budget.

Tethering Your Mobile Phone

If you want to tether your mobile phone to your laptop you can do so provided your laptop and phone allow it.

This simply means you can use your laptop as your phone using the data plan that you pay for with your phone.

Personally, most places that I go to have free wi-fi so I’m not too concerned about this as well we have unlimited internet access at home.

Freedom Mobile Support System

I love how Freedom Mobile has its customer support system set up using What’s App, iMessage, or an online agent.

With the What’s App and iMessage all you do is scan the available QR code and away you go.

Their customer care centre is open Monday to Friday from 8 am until 1 am which is pretty decent if you ask me.

The phone call to Freedom Mobile is free when dialed from your mobile phone.

Another cool feature is that you can message them via Facebook messenger and Twitter direct message social media from 9 am to 1 am Monday to Friday.

Now, I have not tried to contact support through social media however I have done this in the past with Rogers with success.

The only downfall with this is how long it takes for someone to respond to you which could be instant or take 10 minutes.

To be honest it’s no different from waiting on the telephone talking to support for Rogers or Cogeco both of which we’ve done.

If you find it’s taking too long opt for their live message operator Monday to Friday from 8 am to 1 am.

Final Thoughts On Freedom Mobile

In my opinion, have more market carriers in Canada for mobile will give the competition a run for their money.

The Freedom Big Gig plans add value for the money their customers get compared to other phone companies.

We’ll start to see pricing differences once the big guys start to realize customers just can’t afford their ridiculous pricing.

Overall, I think going with Freedom Mobile was a smart financial move for me and an excellent choice for someone looking to save money on their mobile plan.

This review was of my own opinion and not a paid review.

However, if you sign up with this Freedom Mobile affiliate link you and I both get a $25 Bonus Credit.

Discussion: What mobile provider do you use and are you happy with your payment plan?


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  1. Freedom mobile is the most retarded network carrier you can choose. I understand it is tempting price wise (but you cannot imagine what kind of garbage you ar choosing)

  2. The person who wrote this is clearly paid by freedom, If i could give negative reviews this is the only time it would be worth it, NEVER GO WITH FREEDOM MOBILE. i had been with freedom mobile for over 8 years and i had the same phone i bought from them in the beginning, i broke my phone recently and i lost my job due to Covid-19, i called in to wind to put my phone number on hold until i can get the money to start paying for a new one. NOW THIS I WHERE I FIND OUT THAT WIND/FREEDOM HAS ZERO CUSTOMER LOYALTY, i have never once called in to try to lower my rate or change anything because i was happy with the price, but since the beginning I HAVE HAD THE WORST CELL SERVICE/RECEPTION OUT OF ANYONE I HAVE EVER MET but i had never once called in to complain about anything. When i get on the phone with Freedom i explain my situation and they explain that i can put my phone on vacation mode for the two months i need and its 15$ per month, now i’ve worked for another phone provider in the past so i know that i have been the most loyal customer possible, never once missed a payment. I ask the gentleman for the 30$ to be waived due to Covid and the fact that i have never once received a credit from them for anything despite the bad cell service messing up alot of my days. The man on the line refuses outright and says that no one could waive that no matter what. I get the agent to transfer my to loyalty department and they refuse also and are fine with letting me go for the 30$, i speak to his manager to explain the situation because i thought maybe he didn’t understand how much money i have made for the company, the manager is rude and short with me as if i have bugged him or something (I was actually being extremely polite because i used to work in a competitor’s collection call center) but he also refuses to do even a lowering of the 30$. At this point i just cancel the account because i guess they don’t care about me and the person who cancelled it never explained that my phone number would be gone after, i know Telus gives 3 months to hold onto your number out of curtesy so i assumed it was the same, I quickly check the CRTC website and they say your number is gone if you cancel an account so i quickly call back to give in and pay the 30$, it had only been 5 minutes but when i got through to someone to make sure the account stays active i was advised there would be a 30$ reactivation fee, no one along the entirety of my phone calls with them had told me about this when i was asking about my options, but now this person tells me she has already done this without my permission, now this agent is mad at me i guess because then she re cancels my account, again without my permission and explains that there will still be a 30$ activation fee, at this point the agent is talking to me as if i’m someone they hate and they want the conversation over with, i just give up and hang up. NEVER USE FREEDOM MOBILE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT IT IS THE WORST BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. I’m 100% sure they changed their name from Wind because the bad reviews piled up and i bet they will change their name again to avoid the new bad reviews.

    1. Hi,
      I’m sorry you’re having struggles with Freedom as I am not experiencing this.
      This post is also NOT sponsored by Freedom and is MY opinion on the new service that I just started with.
      This is my FIRST cell phone since moving to Canada and my review of the product.
      I hope you find a provider that works with what you need the most.
      Let me know how it turns out for your.

  3. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that the pre-paid plan that you have for $19.99 includes the digital discount, and you will not get the additional $5 savings for pre-authorizing your monthly payment via credit card, like you wrote because the “digital discount” is for pre-authorization of your credit card.

    Thank you,


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