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How To Get A Deal With Rogers Communications


Rogers Communications Promotion Deals Will Make Or Break Whether We Stay With The Company

Our Rogers Communications monthly bill has gone up and down over the past two years. Normal right? Pretty much for everyone.

Today I wanted to discuss how we get a Rogers communications deal and what things you should look out for.

First of all, don’t get all fluffy with me because we are with Rogers or because of the services we choose to have.

I understand there are better deals out there but we also haven’t had any major issues with Rogers.

With that in mind, we are always open to hearing feedback and tips from everyone about their experiences.

Bundle Up For Rogers Communications Savings

Rogers Bill

It’s true if you order 3 services they will give you a Rogers bundle deal price of 10-15% off your bill.

As customers of Rogers communications, they wanted to know how our telecommunications bill was so low.

We’ve been with Rogers ever since I moved to Canada and Mrs. CBB has been with them since she was 18 years old.

This was one of those monthly bills that we ended up transferring into my name just so I could obtain a credit history in Canada.

The good thing was that Rogers still recognized Mrs. CBB as a long-standing customer with just over 20 years of commitment. (Ha, did I give her age away?)

To be honest there hasn’t been a time that we had to throw in the towel and walk away from Rogers communications but we’ve had some tough negotiations.

It wasn’t until I noticed the price of our monthly bill when our notification came in that I jumped into action.

Our negotiated promotion with Rogers saw us paying $182.92 however the monthly bill was now $210.01.

That’s an increase of $27.09 and right away I knew I’d missed the deadline of the promotion. Ugh!

On our bill we had the following services with Rogers communications bill for $182.92:

  • Rogers Home Phone unlimited everything
  • Rogers Wireless (No Data Samsung 7) unlimited everything no data
  • Rogers Infinite 500-unlimited Internet Rogers 5g
  • Rogers Cable Television Basic Cable with a Specialty Pack

Rogers Communications Retentions Department

The Rogers member care team also known as the Rogers retention department are the people you will want to talk to when your promotions are coming to an end.

Now, we’ve been rubbish at tracking the end dates of our Rogers deals so I’d suggest making sure you read your bill every month.

We slacked off the past 12 months with everything going on in our lives which almost had us paying the regular price on ended promotions.

The information in the notes at the bottom of your Rogers communications bill will tell you if your promotions are ending and the date.

Of course, that’s the fine print that hardly anyone reads and I’m guilty of it just the same.

Do as you preach Mrs. CBB and I’m committed to reading all of the fine print moving forward and not slacking off.

My Rogers App and Website

My Rogers App

All Rogers communications customers have access to the My Rogers online website where they can do just about anything.

  • Talk to a Live Agent
  • Make Account Changes
  • View Bundle Deals
  • Read Your Monthly Bill
  • Save and Read Previous Bills
  • Upgrade Your Smart Phone
  • Increase or Decrease Packages (Home Phone, Cable and Internet)
  • Find A Store
  • Roam Like Home For Travellers
  • Home Monitoring

Rogers has come a long way since I moved to Canada in terms of updating the website and offering online assistance.

Sometimes waiting on the phone for an agent can be long depending on where you are in the queue.

The good part is you can let them call you back if waiting is not an option.

Typically we just put them on speakerphone if we are working in the area if the wait isn’t too long.

Otherwise, you can achieve just about anything online however you won’t get the same deals as you would talking to the retention department on the phone.

Rogers Communications Home Phone

Rogers Home phone deals are a priority for us only because I don’t own a smartphone, just my wife does.

I’m always getting laughed at by my colleagues because I don’t have a phone and they claim it’s so hard to find me.

I work in a fairly large facility so tracking me down has to come over a P. A system because no phone, no find me.

Our home phone promotion was for unlimited everything and cost us $14.68 a month.

The new price once the promo ended went to $15.58 a month.

It was a huge jump but more money means higher bills.

Buy a New Phone or Rogers Phone Contract?

S10 Galaxy Phone

Perhaps it’s a good thing but eventually, I may have to get a smartphone if I can score the same deal as Mrs. CBB just got.

The idea is that Mrs. CBB will buy a brand new phone and give me her Samsung 7 which she paid $500 cash for.

It was not a back-alley deal but we did buy it from Kijiji although the person owned a popular local restaurant.

It was a brand new phone that he won at a Stag and Do but didn’t need it as he already had one.

Having the cash was more important to him so instead of us paying $1000 plus dollars for a new phone we got it for 50% off.

Sure there is a risk when you buy any smartphone online but since it was sealed we felt the risk was lower.

The down-side is there is no availability for cell phone insurance on the phone like you could opt for with Rogers.

I think the cost is around $12 a month for cell phone insurance which may be worth it.

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So, If she finds a new phone S10 plus for a decent deal brand new we can get rid of our home phone and be done with it.

All we ever get on our home phone is calls from family and threats of being arrested because we owe money to the government or our computer is infected with a virus.

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We used to get numerous air duct cleaning calls but they have slowed down over the winter months.

I’m hoping they have bit the dust (no pun intended, ok maybe a little) and are gone for good.

Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless Bill

f you opt for the Rogers phone contract up to 2 years you’ll end up spreading that payment out and pay full price and more for your phone.

By the time you are done paying it a new smartphone will be out and time for you to upgrade for free so they can keep you in the revolving system.

We weren’t interested in that because we like our freedom to walk away at any time.

Previous 12 months Home Phone Bill  $35/month plus taxes

New 12 months Home Phone Bill 2020 $20/month plus taxes

Not too shabby of a deal for Mrs. CBB.

No Data Rogers

Rogers Internet

We have the Rogers Ignite 500-unlimited with Rogers 5g capability and this is was where the money is at.

The good thing is that having a small blogging business at home I’m able to write a portion of the costs off for my income tax return.

I use the internet for just about everything as does the rest of the family so this is important to us.

We wanted fast speed and unlimited for all the right reasons which most people want.

This was one of the services that jumped $27 in price as well as cable because the yearly promotion had ended.

Currently, the bill above shows $109.65 where we were paying $96.04 and cable was $31.63

Rogers Television

Cable Bill Rogers Communications

Our television price was pretty good for what we were getting at  $31.63 then it jumped to $45.23.

The cable bill included the BBC which I like to watch at night after the news but did we need it? 


To be honest we didn’t watch much television however at the time it was cheaper for us to get the bundle deal instead of getting rid of cable.

Figure that out. 

Anyways, this was the deciding factor when we re-negotiated a deal with Rogers last week.

I went through all of the possible product scenarios with retention prices and finally said good-bye to cable.

We have an alternate source for cable that we stream from the internet so it didn’t bother me one bit.

Back last year I wanted to get rid of it because we didn’t need it but that made the bundle more expensive.

New Rogers Communications Retentions Deal

After concluding that we no longer wanted cable television we made a deal.

The first one was to backtrack on the current bill so I didn’t have to pay the extra costs.

It was my fault I missed the deadline by 1 day but since we are good customers and never late paying the bill I thought it was worth a negotiation.

He had no issue with doing this. Fair enough, I was happy.

Our current services:

  • S7 Wireless Phone unlimited everything, Roam Like Home, No Data $20 plus tax a month
  • Home Phone Unlimited everything
  • Internet Ignite 500

I forget the other two as I’ve managed to toss out the paper I wrote them on for this blog post.

However, as soon as we get our first bill I will update with the exact numbers for the home phone and internet.

The total with taxes comes to $138.xx so you do have a bit of an idea given that price.

Total Monthly Bill comes to $138.xx (I’m not 100% of the change as we haven’t gotten the first bill but the estimate was $138).

$210.01- $138= $72.00 Savings every month or $864 whopping dollars a year.

We are all ok with this savings and get every channel that we had on cable streaming it through the internet.

No loss for us.

How To Negotiate With Rogers Communications Retentions

First off, when you call Rogers at 1-888-ROGERS-1 click on the billing department or cancellations.

You can ask from there to speak with the retention department about your bill and promotions.

When I negotiate with Rogers I don’t lie or tell them stories about being broke and can’t afford it.

I do say that we are on a budget and trying to keep our telecommunications bill the same or lower.

Most often they work with me to make this happen however this time I couldn’t so I nixed the cable.

So, there are deals out there but you have to ask the retention department for them.

If you’re not happy with the negotiation just tell them whether you want to stick around or not.

I’d suggest doing a price comparison before you call Rogers retentions so you know who has the best bundle deals.

This may give you negotiation powers and the ability to say you want to cancel if you don’t get the discounted price that fits your budget.

That’s all my friends, simple phone call to the right department, budgeting and negotiations helped us to lower our Rogers communications bill for 2020.

Visit Rogers.com to see if they are right for you.

Discussion: What other ways have you been able to get deals from Rogers communications?

Please share your tips below.



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  1. In the middle of navigation with Rogers. It’s being moved to office of the president. I hope something gets worked out. We got new cell phones. Because the man told me it was going to cost me less each month. I was paying $400 for 4 phones and 2 tablets. I now have three tablets at no cost. However my bill came and it was $700. I’m a single mom with 3 kids. I can’t pay 700 a month. I was squeezing $400. What do I give up? Rent? Food in my kids bellies?

  2. Thanks for the information. I found out that my bundle, with rogers, was expiring on the day before. I had internet 300 unlimited, basic cable, and home security. I was paying, with taxes, $110 or so a month. A great deal to be sure. I got that deal after spending hours on the phone with the rogers retention department, that wasn’t willing to do anything for me to keep my bill at the current rate. When I told them to cancel my account, they gladly did. I arranged a bundle with Bell. Bell promised to initiate cancellation of my current Rogers service. I received a call the next day from Rogers, offering me the great deal that I indicated above, for one year. I contacted Rogers the other day, was put through the retention department, and was told that if I cancel for a certain date that I might experience an interruption in my services. Sounded like a bogus tactic to me. It simply affirmed my vigor to cancel my bundle with them. The best they could do, with a 500 ignite unlimited internet bundle and tv package was 138 dollars, not including taxes. I was put off by their threats. On top of this, I was on the phone for over an hour and a half and got nowhere with the retention department. I was polite and patient with them. They informed me that they would have to put the cancellation through as an “I was moving” reason, as they had no other option to choose from.
    I called Bell the next day and ordered a 500 fibe internet unlimited package bundled with basic tv for $94 dollars a month. Rogers has not called and I am sure won’t. I fear I will have to deal with Bell the same way next year when my contract is up. What a terrible business model for residential internet customers that they have to go through this dog and pony show regularly. There is no loyalty to the existing customer base. These companies are monopolies and they know that we depend on them. Any other tips would be much appreciated.

  3. My husband and I are in the midst of deciding whether or not to stay with Rogers. We will use your tips in the negotiation process. Last year I contacted our cable/internet provider (not Rogers). Our new bill with taxes was going to be around $167/month. After contacting the Retention Dept. our current bill with taxes is 75.60. We did have to do a 2 year contract but we wanted to stay with them anyway. Our internet and cable availability did not change. It was worth waiting 45 minutes to talk to a very nice gentleman.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Wow what a great deal you negotiated and if you know you want to stay with them that’s even better. It always pays to talk to retention especially if you’ve been with a company for a long time. Often times people are too shy to do this but the savings are large as you’ve found out. I have to activate my new phone this month and I’m not sure what provider I will go with however I’m going to make a few calls to see who has the best pricing short-term and long-term.

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