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Hardbacon The All-In-One Canadian Finance Mobile App Review

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Hardbacon Mobile App Review

Manage Your Finances In One Place With Hardbacon

Note: This is a review of the Canadian Hardbacon app that I have on my smartphone. There are no affiliate links as it’s my opinion.

Hardbacon is a mobile app that I’ve been using so I could understand how the app works and what value it would bring to my readers.

When it comes to mobile apps if I don’t find them user-friendly and easy to navigate I don’t bother.

With the Hardbacon you’ll find that it’s simple to use which is important to Canadians who don’t want to muck around with an app.

As technology evolves in many Canadians lives I’ve taken the opportunity to start reviewing some of the best finance apps.

Mobile and app-based banking continues its ascent, led by Millennial uptake. More than one-third (36 per cent) of Millennials are mainly using banking apps, as opposed to 23 per cent for all demographics groups.- Canadian Bankers Association

If you’re someone who enjoys budgeting, planning, and organizing your investments with a mobile app, this is a great tool for you.

What Is Hardbacon?

Hardbacon review

Crispy bacon sounds delicious with a side of eggs, toast and butter, home fries, and a coffee. Haha!

Bringing home the bacon is literally what the Hardbacon mobile app is about.

Helping Canadians take control of managing their money and investments with cool tools and comparison options.

The corporate name of the company is Bacon Financial Technologies and it’s one of the top Canadian Apps.

Hardbacon was launched in 2018 in Canada and was initially aimed strictly at stock investors. It wasn’t until spring 2020 that the app offered planning and budgeting functionality.

With the Hard Bacon app, you get;

  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Investing

Hardbacon offers a free app for iPhone and Android users which helps you budget and plan.

Determine what your financial goals will be so you can work towards reaching them and this is part of planning.

Budgeting is important because it helps you understand how much money is coming in and where it’s going on the way out.

Whether you’re an independent advisor or work with a financial advisor as we do the app allows you to make better investing decisions.

Hardbacon Premium

Hardbacon Premium

There is also a premium app that has a small monthly fee which allows you all the add-ons related to investing.

What I liked about the investment add-on was the ability to create practice accounts by creating virtual accounts.

For someone like me who does not do his own investing, I found that tool pretty cool.

You can obtain a portfolio score, an analysis of your investments’ strengths and weaknesses, stock market alerts.

Premium financial data about companies and funds is also included in the premium version of Hardbacon.

Try Hardbacon Premium for FREE

Hardbacon offers a free 3 month trial for anyone who wants to dabble in the premium add-ons.

Any company that allows you to check out their product for free before committing to it is worth your time.

After the 3 month trial if you want to stay with Hardbacon Premium the cost is $12.99 a month of $99.99/yr

The basic Hardbacon will always be free to help with planning and budgeting.

Convenient Financial Bundle For Canadians

Canadians are so busy these days that having a mobile app like Hardbacon which is an all-in-one finance app is convenient.

When you upload the Hardbacon app and sign up I absolutely love how they educate their customers about finance.

You’ll find the Hardbacon News which is filled with blog posts about Canadian credit cards, credit scores, calculating your net worth, etc.

Setting goals has always been something I’ve communicated to my readers because without a goal you’ll lack the challenge.

Financial Goals Are Critical

Hardbacon goals

The Hardbacon app almost forces you to be mindful of your present and future goals.

Whether you want to buy a home, get a new car retirement goals, and a custom tab where you can set up almost like a projected expense.

The goal under custom the start date of the goal and when would like to buy the item you’re saving for.

With projected expenses, we do the same by projecting when we need to buy an item and save for it all year.

I think they made a great move by adding this because so many people who do budget forget about future expenses.

You don’t get these kinds of features with mobile apps which I think is a great tool because not everyone understands finance.

Savings Plan With Hardbacon

The Savings Plan includes the following which is based on your Profile which is under the ‘Modify‘ tab.

You’ll be asked:

  • Pay Frequency
  • Net Weekly Income (After taxes)
  • Your bank account balance
  • Your TFSA balance
  • Your RRSP balance
  • Unsecured debt amounts
  • Monthly Savings Capacity
  • Monthly rent or mortgage payment
  • Projected return on your investments
  • The interest rate on your savings excluding your registered accounts
  • The projected rate of salary increase

You can update this information at any time because you may get a raise, invest more and the numbers will change over time.

No Need For Any Other Finance Mobile App

Plan, budget, and invest with the Hardbacon Mobile App

  • Your priorities for saving: Why do you want to save and what are the priorities that you need to save money for in your life?
  • Retirement savings goals that include what you plan and recommendations to help the user reach their goals faster.
  • Future income

Compare Credit Cards

Whenever I choose to apply for a credit card I always compare credit cards online because I want to read the fine print.

Hardbacon has this built into their app so the user can browse and compare so you pick the credit card that is right for you or your family.

Track Expenses With A Budget

Hardbacon budget

One of my favourite parts of the Hard Bacon app is the budget where you can choose your budget categories.

As a business owner, with this blog, I was thrilled to see they have a business services budget category.

This would allow a business to budget for advertising, legal, office supplies, printing, and shipping.

Hardbacon put 110% into the budget as you will notice once you download the app. 

The cool part is for every budget category you choose to add into your budget it’s broken down even further.

Hardbacon Is Perfect For Students

I absolutely love how they chose to do this so each category is just not generic and perfect for students who want to budget.

With the education category, you can budget for books and supplies, student loans, and tuition.

Every student should use a budget, in fact, everyone should use a budget.

Document Your Recurring Expenses

The addition of recurring payments is brilliant because this is the area that Canadians forget about when budgeting.

A recurring or expense is one that is fixed and you know you must pay for each month.

Examples would be:

  • Rent
  • Mortgage
  • Car Payment
  • Subscriptions
  • Utilities

A non-recurring cost would be something you pay for ONCE.

Do you know where you spend your money?

Most people don’t unless they keep a detailed budget as we do however with the Hardbacon app it will tell you.

You’ll also drool over the simplicity of the budget in which you can input your expenses, income, set financial alerts, and recurring expenses.

Compare Before You Commit

I believe one of the earlier posts I wrote on CBB was about comparison websites which I used in the UK for just about anything I bought.

If you go online to the Hardbacon website and click on the compare tab you’ll find all of these cool comparison widgets.

YES! This is what I’m talking about because Canadians love the convenience of having everything they need in one spot.

If you want to buy a house and compare Candian mortgage rates they have you covered.

The same goes for any of the following however while doing your homework make sure that you first document your goals.

By doing so you aren’t being pushed or pulled in another direction based on rates only.

When you know what you want to accomplish it makes it easier to compare and base your choice on need rather than want.

  • Compare Mortgage Rates
  • Chequing Account Comparison
  • Find A Robo-Advisor That Fits
  • Locate The Best Online Brokers
  • Need A Personal Loan? Compare Before You Sign

Invest and Educate Through Hardbacon

With the premium Hardbacon app, you can also track your investing by getting a full report on your investments.

What you get is the opportunity to manage your investments and wealth all in one spot.

Do you know what fees you pay on your investments or returns? You will now with Hardbacon.

It’s an easy to understand report which is great because most Canadians have no idea what they are investing in.

You can also watch your trades and favourite stocks as well add them to your watchlist to keep up to date with their progress.

  • View your portfolio’s asset allocation
  • Add investments manually
  • Create stock market alerts
  • Watch your favourite stocks
  • View all your trades
  • Identify your investment’s strengths and weaknesses by analyzing your portfolio with personalized feedback.

Most importantly with this investment part, you can connect any investment account.

Advisors in Canada are always affiliated with financial institutions, and the client can consult their account through a portal.

Final Thoughts For Hardbacon Mobile App

The Hardbacon App is definitely an app I would use and suggest to Canadians who want the all-in-one finance app.

One pitfall of the app is that it’s not available online for those who do not have a mobile phone and only use a desktop/laptop.

When you download the Hardbacon app set aside time where you won’t be distracted and fill it out completely for best results.

I was surprised by how in-depth they went and how easy it was to understand which is critical to new investors or those who budget.

Check out Hardbacon and see for yourself. (not affiliate)


Discussion: Have a look at the Hardbacon app and tell me what you think of it below.

Do you currently use a mobile app to manage your finances?

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