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Why The Customer Satisfaction Survey Is Important – The Saturday Weekend Review #327

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A customer satisfaction survey is important for both the customer and business for many reasons.

The customer’s perception or experience with a brand or business creates either trust or dissatisfaction.

Have you noticed an influx of customer satisfaction survey emails, texts, and back of receipt surveys?

The product industry is working extra hard at trying to persuade customers to tell them about their customer satisfaction experience.

It’s all a game of who can get in front of the customer faster whether it be through print media, online ads, website promos, and promises of money back guaranteed.

Pleasing customers is the reason why the phrase “The customer is always right” has been openly used worldwide.

Are the customers always right?

Well, no but a company will do just about anything to make it right if they can.

I’m not sure about anyone else but since Covid-19 began with lockdown orders things have changed, including shopping experiences.

Today I want to talk about the customer satisfaction survey and how it can benefit consumers and companies reaching out for feedback.

Why the customer satisfaction survey is important for business owners and consumers.
Importance of a Customer Satisfaction Survey Review

What Is Customer Satisfaction?

Measuring customer satisfaction comes in many forms based on the type of business strategy.

Simply put customer satisfaction is a way that a company can measure the product and customer experience.

For example, when you enter a business were you greeted by an associate? or Did you find everything you were looking for?

Those are two common questions you may be asked either by a cashier or on a customer satisfaction survey.

With businesses having to find alternate ways to sell their products during the Covid-19 lockdown there’s been a massive jump of online purchasing.

This has pushed the business industry to revamp, revise or start a website to get their products in front of the customers.

In order to increase customer satisfaction the business first needs to know the problem.

That’s where you and I come into the picture.

Truth Of A Customer Satisfaction Survey

Amazon Customer Satisfaction Survey and Reviews with star rating.
Amazon Customer Satisfaction Survey and Reviews

Have you ever noticed that after you make a purchase on Amazon Canada that you are sent an email to give your feedback on the product you purchased?

When a company or product has 4 to 5 stars it must be a place to shop, right?

Well, sort of as it depends on how many people were part of the results being measured.

How many customer reviews are real?

I do like that Amazon adds a purchase verified to comments which increases trust.

On the other hand, for a company such as, the reviews and customer feedback are nothing less than a disaster.

It’s obvious many are fake and placed under multiple products or mention a product different from what the customer is interested in.

In other words, you’re left with risk even if they do offer a money back guarantee.

Any time I am interested in a product I read the customer reviews and then compare prices.

As a customer I’m after, lowest price, quality product and excellent customer service.

If you think about it those 3 words are either survival or death of a business or product.

Benefits Of A Customer Satisfaction Survey

I think it’s quite obvious that a customer satisfaction survey is to benefit a company in-turn the customer.

For example, if I was to send all of my subscribers a survey about what they like or dislike about Canadian Budget Binder I’d get varied results.

What should I do with the negative experience?

Often times a business can struggle to try and please everyone but a customer satisfaction survey brings awareness.

The business either can build upon the negativity to make things better only if it’s mutually beneficial.

Showing ads online while on social media or even a blog is a way that a business earns money.

It may seem like a pain in the butt, hey I hear ya but without it my blog bills can’t get paid.

I respect that now when I visit entrepreneurial websites or any business whether it’s a start-up or not.

No one will work for free, would you?

I need to generate income on this blog to pay for the array of services I get to run it.

My product is my readers and without them my blog wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

I work hard to research what people want from a frugal living blog and the impact it may have on my audience.


Am I providing quality content?

I hope so because it would be the death of me otherwise since I am passionate about paying debt, building wealth, and helping people on their way.

There are three things I provide to my readers;

  • Quality content that engages and informs and sometimes entertains while building trust.
  • Creating Real-life finance and frugal living content through personal experiences
  • Being present for my readers every day, assisting with questions the best I can, and motivating.

Customer service is a bit different as I don’t try to persuade you to buy something I’ve created.

Not yet at least, but if I did you know it will be the hardcore truth about Finance and Frugal Living.

I respect my audience and understand the impact of low-income living, debt, and debt freedom.

They are two different sides of the coin and I’ve visited both along my/our debt freedom journey.

For a business that wants to know if they are giving customers what they need a customer satisfaction survey will tell all.

I fall somewhere between wanting to hear your personal experiences so I can learn from you and hoping you’ll stick around.

Customer Satisfaction Survey With Benefits

Customer Satisfaction Survey On Receipts from Canadian Retailers and Restaurants
Customer Satisfaction Survey On Receipts from Canadian Retailers and Restaurants

Like you, If a company wants to know about my customer experience I can be persuaded with cash, freebies, discounts, and gift cards.

For example, yesterday we received a letter in the mail from a company we recently did business with.

When I opened the envelope the letter asked us if we could rate their service by filling out a customer satisfaction survey.

It took me the whole of 5 minutes to fill it out and add my comments to each question.

They provide a postage-paid envelope to return the survey which was a huge bonus.

The cool part was they also included a Tim Hortons gift card for $2 to persuade me to complete it.

I guess in a way there was a bit of guilt if I didn’t fill it out but I did because their service is important.

Just Be Honest

However, with or without perks I always speak the truth about my experience.

How else can a business improve without customer feedback?

Also, it’s nice to hear positive feedback from people who are happy as a motivator to continue.

Whereas if I get an email from Amazon to answer a product question or offer a review I’ll still do it.

The reason is because as an Amazon customer I rely on customer satisfaction survey reviews.

It’s not just Amazon either, many stores have a marketing tool such as I’ve described above.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Marketing

Where might you find a customer satisfaction survey?

  • Back of a receipt
  • Receipt print-out with a code for an online survey (Value Village is a good example and by finishing the survey you get a coupon or discount)
  • Email from a company seeking feedback giving you an entry into a monthly contest
  • Social media persuasions through ads and content
  • Reader reviews for social media business pages – Facebook reviews section for readers
  • Text message
  • Online Comment sections
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey through the mail or a door hanger with an email address
  • A Customer Satisfaction Survey card at the place of business
  • Direct marketing from the business such as a cashier asking if you’ve found everything you were looking for.

As you can see these are the common ways that businesses seek feedback from their customers.

Oh, there are plenty more but you can appreciate the fact that a business wants to know how you felt about your visit and purchase.

At the end of the day, a customer satisfaction survey is like your first lick of an ice-cream cone and the last bite.

Discussion: Have you filled out a customer satisfaction survey before? Were you compensated? Would you complete a customer satisfaction survey without compensation? Leave me your comments below.


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Frugal Recipe Of The Week

Saskatoon Berry Pie
Saskatoon Berry Pie

When I stumbled on this Saskatoon Berry Pie on Pinterest I was immediately drawn to it.

Outside of our house, we have a Service Berry tree and I made Saskatoon Berry (service berry) Jam with the berries last year.

Guess what I’m making? A Keto Saskatoon Berry Bar similar to the pie version that Kristin from Shifting Roots has created.

Saskatoon berries (Amelanchier alnifolia) look much like blueberries, though they are more closely related to the apple family.

Many would describe the taste of saskatoon as having a sweet, nutty almond flavor. They are also high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Berries ripen in late June or early July.

Saskatoon Berry Institute

Saskatoon Pie Ingredients

  • Filling:
  • 10 cups Saskatoon Berries
  • 1 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • Crust:
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  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 1/3 cup shortening
  • 8 to 10 tbsp cold water


kermit the frog
Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog. I get quite a few of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Can I have my money back? – I’ll have to think about it. Haha!
  • Why am I so broke? – Good Question to start with.
  • Boobberry – Boob-berry? Booberry like robbery or Booberry cereal. What do you think?
  • How CBB did it – Did what?

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Have a great week.


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