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Black Friday Deals With Rakuten Cash Back

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Find the best cash-back holiday deals at online retailers using Rakuten and Black Friday deals.

I admit that I shop online more than I go shopping because it’s convenient and often comes with financial perks.

You’re not alone if your inbox notifications are chiming with Black Friday deals.

Although tempting, I don’t delete retailer emails, especially when holiday discounts are at their highest.

With how the Canadian economy has been going, I’m sure you’ll find fantastic deals on everything this holiday season.

Retailers have excess inventory and are working hard to sell it to consumers for ridiculous prices.

Over the years, I’ve written many reviews about various websites offering cash back from shopping online.

One of our favourites is Rakuten, especially when there are Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday, and everything in between.

The first tip for Black Friday deals is to sign up for Rakuten and get cash back on your online spending.

Don’t leave money on the table, especially when you’re already looking for Black Friday deals.

Today, I want to share the best Black Friday deals with my blog readers using Rakuten and Amazon Canada.

Black Friday Deals Using Rakuten Canada
Best Black Friday Deals Using Rakuten Canada

Although we all have different needs, sourcing the best online shopping deals is essential.

Sign-Up For Email Subscriptions

As I hope you’ll sign up for Canadian Budget Binder to read my weekly blog posts, other businesses want the same.

If you’re an avid fan of Sport Chek and often find that you buy sporting goods or clothing with them online, subscribe.

The number one reason is so that you get discount codes, VIP codes, and deals that other online shoppers might not get.

Another tip to get the most from Black Friday deals would be to look through your inbox and spam to see what your favorite stores are offering.

From there, open Rakuten, click on the store you want to shop from, and then shop to get the Cashback.

For example, Rakuten savings will show the website if you want to shop at Sport Chek and have the Rakuten toolbar button. Click on it, so you get the cashback.

If you don’t have the extension or are on mobile, go to the Rakuten App and find the store you plan to shop from online.

Best Black Friday Deals Online

Finding Black Friday deals online will be personal since we are all looking for something unique.

Below I will share our favourite Black Friday websites and what we purchased.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Not To Miss

We’ve been Amazon Prime members for many years and have not regretted our decision.

Not everyone enjoys online shopping, but even little shops have online websites and delivery.

Any business that doesn’t transition to online shopping is missing the mark.

Since Covid-19 happened two years ago, Canadians have leaned towards online shopping.

We admit to shopping daily, looking for deals on items we needed because going shopping was out of the question.

Regarding Amazon Canada, we typically buy grocery items and other bits and bobs, including clothing, shoes, electronic gadgets, pet food, furnace filters, etc.

Although we still shop at Costco for bulk purchases, we often find deals on Amazon that beat Costco prices.

For our family, it’s not about dedication to a brand or a particular store; it’s about quality and pricing.

Saving money as a Canadian family is essential because we’ve experienced how Covid-19 can turn finances upside down.

Emergency savings for up to one year should be the norm and a focus for all Canadians, even saving a few dollars at a time.

It may seem like it would take forever to come up with 12 months of funds, but something is always better than nothing.

I bought these awesome Amazon deals!

For that reason, we shop where the savings are, and for Black Friday deals, we started with Amazon.

Bobs Sketchers Ice Angel Shoes Black Friday Deals
Bobs Sketchers Ice Angel Shoes Black Friday Deals

Sport Chek Black Friday Deals

Use Rakuten to get Cash Back first.

Just so all of my readers sign up for Rakuten, I’ve linked it throughout this post many times. Why? Because it’s free money back on qualifying orders.

Get up to 1% back on your orders from Sport Chek using Rakuten for Black Friday Deals.

Plus, if you spend $150 online or in-store, Sport Chek will give you a $30 promo card for your next purchase.

Get Free Shipping on orders over $90.

There are loads more deals for the entire family, so check Sport Chek out!

Canadian Tire Black Friday Deals

If you go through Rakuten, you will get up to 1% back on qualifying items purchased at Canadian Tire.

Stanley Professional Grade Black Chrome Socket Set, 183-pc
Stanley Professional Grade Black Chrome Socket Set, 183- Sale $99.99 reg $499.99

Don’t forget to use Rakuten first before you shop, so you get Cash Back.

Take Advantage Of Black Friday Deals

During Black Friday, Rakuten has advertised 10% Cash Back Black Friday deals from many Canadian retailers.

Below, retailers offer 10% cash back on Rakuten unless otherwise stated.

The retailers listed below are only a glimpse of the shops offering 10% cash back, as I can’t name them all in one post.

Be aware that the status could change anytime, so shop now to get cash back and retailer Black Friday deals.

  • Penningtons It’s Black Friday: 40% OFF* EVERYTHING!
  • Under Armour has a whopping 12% Cash Back and 30% off store-wide.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart has the BIGGEST BONUS REDEMPTION – Don’t miss this once-a-year redemption day. It’s massive.
  • Old Navy has 60% off Black Friday Deals!
  • Lego
  • Nike has 15% off site-wide.
  • The Body Shop
  • Joe Fresh has 25% off all Footwear, Apparel, and Accessories
  • Aldo Shoes
  • Hunter
  • Tim Hortons is 2% Cash Back.
  • Best Buy Canada has up to 1% Cash Back.
  • The Home Depot is 2% Cash Back.
  • Mastermind Toys is 6% Cash Back.
  • Indigo is 5% Cash Back.

There are lots of other online stores that offer fantastic cashback Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Deals On Gift Cards

Buy your gift cards through Rakuten and earn between 1 and 5% cash back from some of your favorite stores.

  • No Frills Gift Cards
  • Indigo
  • Walmart Canada
  • Esso Canada
  • Toys R Us
  • The Home Depot

I’d love to hear what Black Friday deals you found in the comments below.

Tell me how you decided to find the best price and whether you used Rakuten to get cash back.


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