Quntis Fairy Tree Christmas Lights Review

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Today, I’d like to share Quntis Fairy Tree Christmas Lights, which were gifted to me for an honest review.

The holidays must be family, food, laughter, and Christmas lights.

Our son loves helping me decorate the Christmas decorations, but I’m in charge of the lights.

Imagine an eight-year-old with 82ft of Christmas lights wrapped around him trying to extend a helping hand.

However, this year was slightly different for him and me, and I’ll explain further.

White Christmas Lights LED
White Fairy Christmas Lights Indoor/Outdoor Product Review

Christmas Tree Lights

I’m that homeowner with white Christmas lights outside the house year-round, although they are only on for the holiday season.

Decorating our house for the holidays is an essential tradition we began after our son was born.

Before then, our Christmas decorations were slim as we’d always head home to the inlaws.

Our Christmas tree was gifted to us by my father-in-law, who just happened to have a spare.

I’m just like him and tend to have a spare of products I know I might need more in the future.

Over the years, we’ve collected many Christmas decorations from second-hand shops, garage sales, or end-of-season sales.

The Christmas lights are the only Christmas decorations I won’t be looking to be cheap.

Like most people, I only like to hang lights once and not have to go out in the snow to replace them.

Spending a reasonable amount on premium quality lights is worth every dollar.

When asked to review the Quatis Fairy Tree Christmas Lights, I agreed to give them a fair shot.

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

On the weekend, I brought our 6ft Christmas tree into the living room and set it up.

Typically, I always have white indoor led lights on the tree and a string of cardinals.

Our holiday color scheme is silver and blue, which we’ve had for years.

Decorations around our tree are from the Dollar Store, and we buy one custom-made ornament for our son from a shop in the mall.

We’ve added candy canes in the past, but no one eats them, so we opt for fake canes.

Unboxing The Fairy Tree Christmas Lights

White Fairy Tree Christmas Lights
White Fairy Tree Christmas Lights

When the Fairy Tree lights arrived, I was shocked to discover they were 82ft long led lights.

I first noticed that the lights came on a compact reel instead of rolled in a bag.

Our son likes to help me decorate the Christmas lights without getting tangled.

I felt safe knowing he wouldn’t trip over the lights or have them wrapped around his body.

That was a significant bonus for me, but I needed to see what the Christmas lights looked like and how they worked.

At first, I wanted to put them around our Christmas tree, but we already had a string that fits perfectly.

Fairy Tree Christmas Lights Wreath

Large Wreath White Fairy Tree Christmas Lights
Large Holiday Wreath With 1000 white Christmas Fairy Lights.

When I plugged the Fairy Tree Christmas lights into the electrical outlet, I was shocked to see how bright they were.

I knew I would wrap all 1000 waterproof white lights around our outdoor wreathe.

Years ago, we bought a massive Christmas wreath meant to be hung indoors over a fireplace or outdoors over the garage.

You could hang the wreathe anywhere it fits, but we wanted it to stand out.

Once I wrapped the 82ft of white led Christmas lights around the wreath, it lit up the room.

When lit, the lights are warm and romantic, perfect for Christmas, weddings, or other holiday functions.

I thought the ability to choose from various lighting patterns was pretty cool.

  • Waves
  • Sequential
  • Slo-Glo
  • Chasing/Flash
  • Slow Fade
  • Twinkle/Flash
  • Steady On

The memory function remembers the last lighting pattern when the lights go off.

Bright LED Fairy Christmas Lights

LED White Fairy Lights
LED White Fairy Christmas Lights

The next day I hung the wreath over the garage; it was shining so bright that night.

Our friends told us they were walking their dog and said our wreath blinded them with the lights.

They were joking, but the fact they noticed the wreath goes to show you how gorgeous they are at night.

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for a light-emitting diode. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.

How do they work? An electrical current passes through a microchip, illuminating the tiny light sources we call LEDs, resulting in visible light.

Overall Pros and Cons Of Fairy Tree Lights

  • Long 82ft string of 1000 Christmas lights + 10 feet power cord
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • LED Christmas Lights
  • Waterproof
  • Eight modes with a memory function
  • Use lights for any part, not just for Christmas.
  • Price is excellent
  • Come wrapped on a reel for easy installation
  • Warm white or white (I went with the white lights
  • Output Voltage: 30V/9W
  • Bulb Spacing: 2.5cm/0.98inch


  • I wish I had more than one box to review, so now I’ll have to buy two more boxes to hang outside our house. Ha!

There’s nothing wrong with these stunning lights; I highly recommend this product.

I appreciate the opportunity to review this product and offer my opinion.

For any of my readers who would like to order a set, they are currently $39.99 on Amazon plus a $6 coupon, and I have a 5% discount code for you to use.

Quntis Fairy Tree Christmas Lights White and Warm White Indoor/Outdoor Premium Quality LED, and don’t forget to add the 10%off code 7IZDUE49 expiry date: 2023-11-24.

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