PF Weekly Grab A Brew #25:The Box by No Frills a smaller discount-store experience

Loblaws Ready To Help Canadians Save More  A few weeks ago Calgary got its first taste of a smaller discount-store experience with the opening of The Box a No Frills store. From reading the CBC article the new store stands at 10,000 sq ft compared to the big daddy No Frills stores at 25,000 sq ft. My understanding is that Loblaws which is Canada’s biggest grocer is testing out a smaller version of the larger No Frills stores to see if it meets the consumers needs in urban areas. I’m betting consumers will put this new store to the test wanting discounts and low prices just like they do any other store. It’s not going to be any different for those who want to save money so if the prices aren’t right they might just head else-where. What is an Urban area in Canada?  According to Statistics Canada, an urban area in Canada is an area with a population of at least 1,000 people where the density is no fewer than 400 persons per square km.- Wikipedia Loblaws already has over 1000 grocery stores from coast to coast but changing up the retail space and paring down what they sell might make a difference […]

PF Weekly, Grab A Brew #24: Who Has The $23,000 Box

Two people are on the hunt for the $23,000 box and you might be the winner. I thought since it’s Friday this would be a great post about silly things people do since Saturday is typical a garage sale day around Canada and the USA. Today I’m sharing what I read about Eric and Racquel Cloutier from California just because I enjoy reading stories about things that make you go, hmm. This poor guy really did have the best of intentions for his wife and children but now he hopes that honesty will bring back his mistake and make it right.  Keep reading to find out what happened. I’ve talked about what you can and can’t sell at a garage sale  in Canada and for good reason, a potential safety hazard and protecting those from harm, mainly children. Then there was the post where I share garage sale tips and another on how to price items at a garage sale. Now I’m thinking I might need to write another post on what Not to sell at a garage sale and why you should always ask other occupants of the home if it’s OK to sell something. You don’t want to end up on […]

PF Weekly Reading Line-Up #22~Grab A Brew-Making Someone’s Day

Every Friday will be Grab a Brew (tea or a beer if you fancy) day because as I bring you the best personal finance post from around the web I want you to take some time from your day to learn something new. We don’t often realize that a simple smile might make someone’s day because we get so caught up in every day business that for some people life seems to be stuck in a hole. It’s not until the weekend arrives that many come back to life and want to get the party started. Have you ever thought about when the last time was that you did something that made someone’s day? I hadn’t until I met up with someone who taught me to just step back from life and enjoy it before it passes me by. I’ve done just that lately and it’s been an eye opener for me. Sometimes we let the best of life catch up with us and we don’t know that what consumes our lives may also allow us to miss out on opportunities even the smallest of them. The Old Happy Guy The other day while out walking our dog we stopped […]

PF Weekly Reading List # 19 And ‘Tough Titsday’ Class Win or Loss For Business!

When a business is looking to take risks like Cross-Fit in South, Brooklyn by naming one of their exercise classes “Tough Titsday” it was inevitable that they would at some point upset someone. Problem is, the name really wasn’t a risk in their eyes because the meaning behind it really is different from what we apparently perceive it to be. Should business owners really watch what they say and how they say it for fear of offending potential clients or is it simply common sense? These days it seems everything is posted online and nothing is private any more not even an email or a delinquent account. I touched briefly on this topic back a couple of weeks ago about business suicide and social media and now another case of what’s right and what’s wrong and who really cares has surfaced. Sometimes it almost seems as if you can’t please everyone and the reality is, you can’t. The owner David Osorio of the gym went on to ban a complaining member who questioned the professional judgement and the name of the class which was named by female coach, Margie Lempert. So where one female saw this as no big deal another chose to speak up because she took […]

PF Weekly Reading List #16- I Give Up……………

What? I give up… it’s probably one of the hardest things I would have to decide to do or anyone for that matter. A part of us shatters when we are forced to make the decision to give something up in order to get out of a financial mess that we created or for reasons beyond our control. When times are tough and it’s hard to make ends meet or we simply are drowning in debt we have to give something up. Sure we may NOT have to give something up and could keep juggling money from credit card to credit card or consolidating debt in order to ease the pain but is that enough? If you answered “that’s all we have left to do” the you need to find a way because you can’t live your life like that. It won’t last forever, the walls will crumble down on you eventually. For some credit cards and consolidating debt over and over seems like the right thing to do but for others its way out in left field. For those that would do just about anything to get out of debt they would rather ‘give up’ something than to incur more debt […]

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